Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy 30th Bir-Day Lindsey!!!

We're so proud to have YOU as our Wife/Momma!
You are such an amazing woman. Your courage is stunning. Your faith leaves me speechless. You are one of a a class all your own. Everyone who meets you KNOWS that there's just something special about you...something magical. You are a gift from God to this world. You're an advocate for hope, a voice for the orphan and a champion for justice! I hope with all my heart that Eliana grows up to be just like you - a woman who loves Jesus more than life itself!

We love you madly! Happy 30th Birthday!
Chris & Eliana
This is Lindsey and I at the Blue Bird Cafe as we began to celebrate her Birthday weekend! We got to hear the song writers who wrote Garth Brooks' biggest hits play their songs first hand! It was a blast!

We ate Birthday Dinner at Cantina Loredo in The Gulch district of downtown Nashville. I would totally recommend it! Some of the best table side Guac and Salsa of our lives! (I'm pretty sure there will be Mexican food in Heaven by the way!)

Some of our dear friends allowed us to use their downtown Nashville high rise apartment as a getaway for the Birthday weekend! (Thanks SO much you guys!) We felt like we were in an entirely different city! Nashville is beautiful but it's breathtaking from the 26th floor!
Note the Sommet Center top right!

This is our view from the corner floor to ceiling windows!
During the afternoon on Lindsey's Birthday we all went up to the roof top pool on the 31st floor! Eliana was all about it!

Most of all Eliana LOVED the shower at the pool! She just danced in it over and over as if "I'm a maniac" was playing the background!

Ummm...can you say roof top Birthday Sunset?

"Nashvegas" at night baby! We just stared and stared. It really is amazing.

Some of our friends came up to celebrate with us! We played Scategories (what else?) and ate Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake! Thanks to Greg, Ellen, Emily, Savannah, Paige, Zack & Daniel! (from left to right)
By the way...Eliana is getting funnier by the moment! Look out world!!!


Vanessa said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

Rhonda said...

HOW beautiful. Those pictures are truly breathtaking. Happy birthday to the sweetest mommy and wife. Blessings Lindsey. Rhonda

Debbie said...

Hope Your birthday was very very happy!!


ManyBlessings said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey!! :)

Greg Daniels said...

Loved the pictures...Love Dad

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Chris, thank you for the great pictures! We are so glad our beautiful daughter in love had such a great 30th birthday!

Love to all 3 of you,
Mom, MH,GG

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey! I hope you had an awesome day!!!!

Lainie said...

Looks like such a memorable celebration for a special lady. Thanks for posting. We love you!

Reba said...

Looks like a very fun day! I still cannot believe you are are a very young 30. :) That sunset is gorgeous. And of course, I know your little "maniac" dancing gift was a highlight of the day!