Saturday, December 5, 2009

This has challenged me tonight....WHAT A MIRACLE!!

A recent blog post from an incredible family....check out the Hollis family!

I logged off my computer at 5:30pm and didn't check it again until 11pm. Here is the latest:

Most of you know by now, our family decided three years ago to forgo giving presents to one another during the holidays. Instead, we reach out and raise money for orphan ministries.

We just finished going through the book, "Crazy Love" by Frances Chan with our kids and decided this year, we wanted to be CRAZY for Jesus! He is so crazy about us, we wanted to share His love with everyone throughout the year, but especially during November and December.

Lydia (SHE IS 11 YEARS OLD!!) took "CRAZY" to a whole new level, however, when she approached me (while her dad was on a mission trip in Africa) and asked if she raised $20,000.00 before Thanksgiving, could we adopt a little orphan girl, Darya, who has Down Syndrome in Eastern Europe. (A friend of ours adopted a little boy from the same orphanage and reported that Darya gets no attention at one speaks to her or holds her.)

THAT WAS 8 DAYS AGO! Being a sensible 41 year old, I told Lydia she would never be able to raise $20,000.00 in 8 days.....she is only eleven. She didn't hear me. Instead, she asked again, "But if I do raise the money, will you adopt her?" I responded yes, if she raised that much money in 8 days, we would know God is in it and would travel to adopt Darya!

Tonight, I would like to report that Miss Lydia has raised $26,550.00 and the donations are still coming in. It just so happens, we have good friends who have been planning to adopt a little one with Down Syndrome through Reece's Rainbow, but lack of funds has delayed them. Not anymore, everything above $20,000.00 goes to them.

So, friends, you have been a part of a double Thanksgiving Miracle. Not only will Darya have a home ....but through your gifts, another little angel will be given hope for a family tomorrow too! God is so great, isn't He?

Lydia will be on the local Fox Morning Show tomorrow at 6:45am. I will try my very best to post it to the blog, because I know so many want to see it.

"Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say REJOICE!" Phil. 4:4


P.S. We are celebrating with our friends, the Hook family.....they are being given the remaining money to adopt another precious girl at the same orphanage!!! GIVE!! GIVE!!! GIVE!!!! Let's bring these babies HOME!!!

Love you all,


Kelsey Lantz said...

wow! are you kidding me right now?! God never ever ceases to amaze me....thanks for sharing
Miss you guys (am I really saying that only living 3 mins away? dang I need to settle my crazy life a little)

Amy Clemons said...

Lindsay- this made me cry. WOW!!!! the power of adetermined child with a heart for God's will. Thanks

Kim W said...

WOW! What an amazing child. Again, wow!

Rachael and Chanan said...

Lindsay....this is just SOOOO God! "THis is Got GOD stamped all over it!" He is still and always working miracles. I can only words feel few, but my joy is busting at the sight of GOD in this whole miracle.

Rhonda said...

Happy Belated birthday, Chris! Love y'all!

Rhonda said...

totally amazing, God is so incredibly good. Awesome news