Monday, August 25, 2008

Some more PINK for my roomies!!

After a long 21 months in this process.....Staci and Andrew are going HOME!!!! YEAH!!! I am so excited. They have walked a tough road the last few years....and they got their PINK slip today. We are going to miss them terribly. I will miss Staci saying "Mama don't play" and Andrew's crazy language. Congrats friends!!

Love y'all,


Armstrong's said...

Woohoo! Tell the Seller's congrats!! See you at the pool soon! :)

Tamara said...

Wow that's wonderful!!! I was wondering how they were progressing. I miss seeing you guys.. I would LOVE to be back at the Grand Tikal. Tell her that I said CONGRATS!!! (she survived the mild heart attack that I gave her).

I was OUT of PGN on 8/14 but there is an error on the PGN approval so I am waiting on it to be corrected. Then the dreaded Mixco wait but Dominic and Eliana will be home soon.

Again Congrats to you and Staci!


Tracey said...

Hooray! It is so nice to hear babies are coming home!!! You are next:)

JuJu - said...


PLEASE tell sweet beautiful Staci and that gorgeous boy I said CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LouLou said...

Didn't I meet her hubby at the USE yesterday???

Kay Daniels said...

I am so thrilled for Staci and Mark and Andrew!!! exciting. I know you'll miss her so much......but just know you will be next!!

Love, Kay-Kay

Bobbi said...

Hoping you are close behind.

Congratulations to them. It is well deserved.

Debbie said...

Congratulations to your Roommate!!
Hopefully you will be PINK soon too!!!