Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy 21st B-day Leah!!!

Eliana's Tiah Leah turns 21 today!!! Sister, I hope you have the most incredible birthday.....we all wish we could be there to help celebrate. I am SO PROUD of who you are so strong in every way, so beautiful inside and out, and so dang fun!!! I am praying for your sis....that this year would be filled with so many unexpected blessings. We all miss you and love you so much!! Eliana can't wait to see you in a few short weeks.

Love you,
Lindsey (Chris & Eliana)

P.S. Leah got accepted into a fashion internship in BARCELONA for next summer!!!! SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!


grace mayernick said...

We will see y'all at the airpor tomorrow!!!!! I cannot wait to see y'all!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Feliz cumpleanos to Eliana's Tia Leah! We've heard a lot about you down here and hope you're having a good bday!

Lindsey- we are going to miss you guys much! Happy last night in Casa Bella!

The Heinrichs said...

Happy Birthday Tia Leah!!! Miss ya! Hope school is treating you well!

Bobbi said...

COngratulations, and happy birthday.

Save travels tomorrow!! WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Leah!!!

... you've got some Waco/Lorena, Texas girls in your new pledge class that I know. Hope y'all are having fun.
- erika w

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Leah!!!!! I am so excited for are going to do great with this internship!!!

Lindsey......YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY HOME!!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!

Erin said...

Ok, really -- your plane has been on the ground for about 2 hours now. It's time to blog, silly!!!! ;)

Hope it's been an amazing homecoming day.

Melissa Scott said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Trendy Mindy said...

OMG!! I just found your blog!! I LIVE IN NASH!! We are adopting from Ethiopia!!! YEAH!! I love finding people in my town that are adoptive parents!! We have to get together....I am sooo happy for you guys!

My email is

check out our blog as well - mindy

Trendy Mindy said...

try again - I was signed in with a different email - thanks MIndy