Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Guatemalan Zoo

Today we went to the Guatemala City Zoo! It's really super fun if you've got any extra time while in the city...and super cheap I might add!

Every time I visit Guatemala I get another machete as my souvenir. So, naturally I loved seeing these guys just working their machetes as they cleaned up the landscape!

Eliana slept through most of the Zoo...poor thing. She was just worn out!

When we took a break from walking both my girls shut down! Yeah, you could say they're tired.

At the end Eliana did wake up...here she's seeing a Giraffe for the first time! She kept reaching out wanting to hug it!

After the Zoo we had lunch at the nicest Pizza Hut you've ever seen! Then we hit the Embassy to PICK UP OUR VISA! Hip Hip Hooray! It's really done.

Now we're in Antigua to pack up Lindsey's house and say goodbye.

This whole trip still feels so surreal!



Farrah said...

YEAH you guys are really coming home!

CONGRATS.....See you in the USA

Guatemalan Journey... said...

oh my goodness! that last pic of her...no way! she is so big! and such a lil diva!

Amy Clemons said...

Even though I have never left home I feel like I've been on this journey with you. It has been amazing watching you go through the process and witnessing the miracles that God has bestowed upon you all. Your story has touched so many people. Now there is so much peace to know that your family will be home forever.

Best Regards and the uttmost congratulations to you all.

Suzanne and Jayme said...

Congratulations on making i through such an incredible journey. Enjoy your little girl, because they grow up so fast. Thank you for sharing your journey with us in blog land

My thoughts and prayers are with you

TNKerry said...

So excited for you guys. What a journey!!! Glad it is coming to a happy end :)

Ashley said...

I could not be happier for you guys. It has been a long journey filled with God's hand and your perserverance and love. I am so happy to have been able to share your journey (and the one still to come as parents).

Congrats Wheeler family!

Rebecca & Sam said...

I have been following your blog anonymously. I know Chris aka Wheels from ym time at K-7 many many years ago, but wouldn't expect you to remember me, but anyways what an exciting and an answer to prayer! So excited for you to bring that precious girl home!!!


Amanda said...

I know it is going to be hard for Lindsey to say good bye to some of the people in Guate. I will be praying for you guys during this transition period. You are going to have BOTH OF YOUR GIRLS HOME TOMORROW!!!! This is too exciting!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Congrats you guys! You are really coming home! I'm so excited for you all!

Bill and Melodie said...

so when does your flight get in?

Amanda said...

In 10 years in Guatemala I have not once been to the zoo!!! Can you believe that?!?

Bobbi said...

I bet the girls are tired. It has been quite a ride.

We didn't make it to the zoo, but it is on our list for next time!!

YEAH VISA!!! Happy packing. I know this time is bittersweet.

tardy said...

dude...i can't wait to see the new hardware :-)

Amber said...

Congrats! I am so excited for ya'll!! I have been following your blog since I emailed you a while ago and you, Chris and Eliana have been in my prayers!!
Congratulations again!

Amber (Grant) Bohannan

Terry said...

One journey is coming to an end and another one is just about to begin! Safe travels! Can't wait to hear that you're all back in the U.S. TOGETHER! :)

Stephanie (Maya's mommy) said...

Just thrilled beyond measure to know that you are on your way home!!! What a ride. Even through the difficulties and pain, I am sure that God has done amazing things through you and with you! But let them be done at home!!! Congratulations. Wishing you guys much happiness and rest in the days to come!

Amy said...

Congrats on being so close to coming home. I have been following your blog since hearing that your precious daughter was sick! So glad she is well and on her way home sooooo soon.

Looks like the zoo was a lot of fun...Looks like the ladies are going to do some major sleeping when everyone gets home!

God bless your family!

Tiffany said...

I've followed your journey for a long time and while I've only commented a few times you have been in my prayers many times.
All I can say is PRAISE THE LORD... I am so happy for you all that your little angel is coming home. Blessings to you all and prayers that your life as a family will be filled with much love and joy.