Thursday, September 4, 2008

Highs and Lows.....

Highs.....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE!!!! We have a big room and our own bathroom. It feels so homey! The bed is bigger than a twin....we have a t.v.....and wireless internet. I feel like we are living in luxury. I spent most of tonight putting our room together and thanking God for this blessing. I love you Casa #5!

Lows......Eliana is SO SICK!! Her poor little body is just going through the ringer. We are heading to yet another doctor tomorrow. I am going to ask if she needs breathing treatments. Her cough is so bad, she can't keep anything in her without throwing up. Her fever was 103 this afternoon. Just pray for her!! I hate watching her be so sick. I am so ready for her to go to a pediatrician in Tennessee!!

UPDATE: I have been awake since 3 this morning monitoring sweet girl's is so rapid. Just pray that the Lord would give me and the doctor's wisdom. It is a little scary not knowing when I should be worried or not. So, I am just going to sit up all night and watch her.

Love you all,

P.S. I am trying not to stress about RENAP.....but please be praying for us tomorrow!! We will find out if we are finally out.


Rachel said...

I just prayed for Eliana!

The Huffs said...

Absolutely! I'm praying for Elaina to get better and for you both to get home! :)


Anna said...

Lindsey, will definitely be praying for poor Eliana. Hope that you can get some help at the Drs for her.

SO good to hear that your new house is so nice and also praying for good news about Renap!

Take care,


Hannah said...

We prayed for you and Eliana here in Indiana!

God Bless!


ashley said...

Praying for Eliana! Just found your blog. We are adopting a little girl from Guat. also and praying for a miracle to get her home. She also has breathing issues and we just got kicked out of pgn this week! I totally know what you are going through and will be praying for your family! I would love to talk with you. I have been wanting to come down for her birthday- which is the 17th! I think its awesome that you live in Antigua! Such a beautiful place to live!! May God give you peace and wisdom and heal Eliana.

Gina & Tommy said...

We are praying for you and Eliana.

Mary Ann said...

It sounds like Elaina needs a nebulzer (spelling?) I have 3 with asthma and when they were little it was worse. My youngest son had to use the neb. the most. But when all else fells you can turn on a hot shower for the steam and just stay in there with her for her to breath the steam in or but you a pot on the stove for her to breath that steam in. You can take her outside if it is a nice chilly night , but I know Guatemala does not have many of those. I am praying for her and for you all to that bc Today!!!!

Whitney said...

You are doing a great job as a mom! I am praying for you to have wisdom and peace, that God would provide the right doctor to help Eliana, and for you to be reunited as a family soon! You're amazing dear sister!

Ella Marie Boutique said...

I will be praying for you and sweet Eliana. Also praying that you are OUT of RENAP and that Eliana comes home VERY soon!

Madelyn's Mommy said...

I am praying for the healing of little Eliana and for you to get out of renap today!


begutierrez said...

Que bueno that you all have a beautiful house and full of blessings!!! I'm praying that little E Hope gets bien sanita again :)

ManyBlessings said...

Praying Lindsay, and hoping they can find someway to help your baby girl. Sounds like she's got something brewing.

Sarah said...

I am praying for your sweet baby girl here in KY!! And also praying that RENAP lets you OUT today!! Crazy how long all these added steps are taking!!

Big huge hugs! Glad you are comfy in your new house, I hope that makes snuggling your little bug a little bit better.

Holli said...

I'm so sorry. I've been here with our daughter since January and we've had a few "scares" too...I know how stressful and scary that is.

Our daughter's fever has gotten up there a few times too. 103 is pretty high. I know we were prescribed something called Cataflan. That normally will bring down a fever. One time that didn't work and I got suppositories. Those really work but are only used if nothing else takes the fever down. Cool baths help too. I would ask the doc for that if her fever isn't down. Also, make sure they test her blood for an infection. Just some thoughts (I'm not a nurse, just trying to give ideas from my own trials here). Keep us posted on sweet Eliana.

Amanda said...

I sit here this morning literally crying with you!!! I am so sorry that things have gotten bad again with Eliana being sick. I am praying for MIRACLES for you today! Lindsey...I am praying for you to have wisdom and strength and a Super-Natural Rest that is from GOD ALONE. He is carrying you through. Chris, I am also praying for you because I know it is hard being away from your girls and not being able to take care of them!!!

Love you guys!!!

Laurie said...

Keeping you in my prayers. I wonder if she has RSV? Been there twice.

The Heinrichs said...

So you are loving your new home...this makes me so happy!!! Life seemed so easy once I made it home to my hot shower, wireless internet, "good" cable and my big comfy bed!!!

We are praying for sweet Eliana...I hope she gets better soon and I am hoping RENAP approved your case!!!

Miss ya, Deanna

Katie said...

You poor things !!! Have they given her a steriod ? Arianna gets like this and I give her oral Albuterol and it works great ... other than making her hyper :)

Jerry and Stacie said...

It's Friday...COME ON RENAP!! PRAYING HARD!!! OH I pray both of you are feeling better and HOME VERY SOON!!


Stephanie said...

praying for you and your sick baby girl. so sorry she is not doing well. praying she gets better real soon and that you get good news from renap.
as far as visiting nathan, eagle's nest is in solola, which is at least (if the construction is not bad) a 3 hour rough ride up the mountain from antigua:) thanks for thinking of him though!
take care of yourself!

Mommy of Princess Tater Tot said...

Hello Wheelers!

Sorry to hear Eliana is sick. When my daughter Elianna came home I was a nervous wreck listening for her breathing. She was sick so many times. One thing I found that helped me relax a little was an Angel monitor. It does have sound but the best feature is it monitors movement and goes off if no movement (breathing) is detected after 20 seconds. It sure helped this crazy single momma and I could relax enough to sleep. I know this info may not help right now while you're in Guatemala but something that might help for future.

Prayers for sweet Eliana.

Ann and Elianna