Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Both me girls are sick...arrgh!

Please pray for both Lindsey and Eliana. They've both been throwing up...Lindsey was up all night feeling sick and now Eliana "don't feel too good." Eliana also had a bit of a temp.

My guess is they just both miss me so terribly they're bodies are revolting!

Seriously pray that they get over this.

They move into their new/next home tomorrow (Thursday)! I'm so glad for Lindsey to have roommates again!

Thanks for all your encouragement.
Grace and Peace


The Huffs said...

Praying for your girls to get better and praying they'll be home soon! :)


Amanda said...

I have been praying for them since Linds skyped me last night and told me they are sick.

ABBA Father-I ask you right now to touch Lindsey and Eliana with Your healing hand. Make them completely whole in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Be with them as they make the move to the new house today...give them strength Lord. Bring them home quickly. In the Name of Jesus - AMEN

I love you guys and can't wait for the day that you will be together FOREVER!!!

The gFamily said...

I am praying for your girlies to feel better soon! Oh, it is so difficult to be sick and take care of a sick kiddo! May the Lord give Lindsey strength and healing and Eliana too!

Anonymous said...

So much sickness!! Praying for health.

Miss you guys and love you.

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Bless their hearts! They are both way too precious to be so sick! We
are praying that getting all settled in to Casa 5 will turn things around and they will feel
strengthened and much better.

Mary Helen and John

Bobbi said...

Hope you feel better soon. Poor things, you have been sick so much.

Betsy said...

ohhhh, so sorry to hear this, I am praying for them to heal and feel better right away. I am so glad she'll be among friends again soon.
I know they miss home so much... also praying for quick end to this process for Eliana.


Amy Clemons said...

Hoping your girls are feeling better very soon. Hoping to hear good news from RENAP tomorrow.