Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cupcake Party of a Lifetime!!

We had the best day yesterday.....we still have a hard time believing our baby is 2!!

Best cupcakes ever......and no, I did not make them!

Her first b-day in the USA!!

I got a little carried away with the pink tulle and number 2!!

This is Eliana dancing pre-party.....she dances with the most serious face. Also, please check out her shoes....CONVERSE!! I had a pink pair when I was little.

Eliana loves to share....and LOVES Levi!!

She became a little shy when everyone was singing to her....but at least she wasn't screaming her head off.

Two of her little friends from Guat.....and their momma Amelia!

What a beautiful face!!

She had a blast with the bubbles....who doesn't love bubbles?!

More of her friends....

The big reveal.....her 1st car!! I found this incredible Jeep at a garage sale.....thanks Marnice!! SHE LOVES IT!!!!

Milaya and Eliana had a blast in the jeep! Milaya would hold the pedal down while Eliana would drive.

This is one of her little baby items.....she so loves to be a little momma!! Her grandparents gave her this high chair and a precious baby doll cradle....there will be many hours of fun. She feeds her babies, rocks them, puts them to bed, kisses them and talks to them. It is pretty adorable. The party was so much fun. I realize that she probably won't remember it....but it was so special for us. We love our little girl so much!!

Love y'all,

P.S. Not sure if I have mentioned this yet......but Chris and I are heading to Guatemala tomorrow!! Chris has been asked to speak at Brio Magazine's Mission Trip. We are so excited!! The next post will be from Antigua. :-) Pray for our safety.....and for Eliana and my mom to be safe in Tennessee.


The Heinrichs said...

The party looks like it was a blast!!! ...and I love the party theme...guess what Auri's theme is this year...yes DORA...can a 2-3 year old ever get enough of her?!?!? I hope so!

Have a safe and memorable trip to Guatemala! I am sure your mom will have a blast with Eliana!

Love you all!

Bill and Melodie said...

Tell Kay-Kay to come to AL one day for a visit with us!

Mamita J said...

Wow! What a beautiful party for a beautiful little girl!

And Wow! Chris is speaking at a Brio Mission trip! How cool is that!?!

Have a great trip!

Praying for you guys.


ashley said...

So awesome that you are going to Antigua! My heart often longs to be there. We will be praying. Please share with us where you got Elianas dress!! I love it and our Guatemalan princess will be two in a couple months also:)
Blessings to you and Chris as you travel-Ashley

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Hey Ashley, We got her dress recently at Gap Kids....it was on sale....so you might want to go soon. It might be on their web-site too.

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Eliana!! Great pics!! And you know what's HYSTERICALLY funny?? Marnice is my sweet friend from high school!! She owns Sweet Dreams Cookie Company!!! ;-) Small world huh?

Love -

Amanda said...

I am so excited for you and Chris to get to go back to Guate. It is going to be so much fun for you guys to walk those roads again and to see those sweet faces and of course to see your sweet prego Melissa!!!
I haven't had a chance to go yet but Katie tells me "It is on Summer of 2010".
Kay Kay and Eliana will do great!!!

PS. Not only is Eliana so big but the "other" Elliot Moore is getting big and he is so cute!!!

I love you friend...let me know when you are in LR again!!!

nikki said...

Happy Belated Birthday Eliana!!!!
Looks like a great party!!!
Can't wait to read about your trip to Guat!!!

Darcy said...

IT looks like your beautiful girl had a wonderful birthday! I have been a lurker for some time with my daughter Luciana also from Guat. I just have to know where Eliana's name banner is from. I'd love to have one for Luciana! Thanks for sharing your family with all of us!


Deidre said...

Hey Lindsey!

I have been following your blog for a while now. We have a little girl born in Guate as well. Eliana is such a beautiful girl and looks like she had a blast at her party!

The reason for my comment though is your Brio trip. I went on the Brio mission trip 11 years ago to Costa Rica, and that is the trip that made me fall in love with Central America. If it wasn't for that trip I might wouldn't have the passion for orphans that I have now. I still remember so much about the speakers and leaders 11 years later! So I guess what I am is saying is that I am praying for you guys and the impact that this trip will have on the girls for years to come!

My email is kings4ua at gmail dot com if you want to contact me!

Hope you guys have a blast and cannot wait to hear about your trip!