Thursday, July 23, 2009

A little glimpse of our time in Guat.....

This picture makes me smile. The minute we drove into Antigua....I just felt like I was at home. We love this place!!

Every single day, the 600 students and staff loaded 12 charter buses and headed to over 70 different sights in the two weeks in many lives were changed!! Chris did an incredible job speaking to the teens....he is so gifted! We felt so privileged to be there.

There is a long story about the next few photos.....we jumped on one of the 12 buses and thought we were heading to an orphanage called Fundaninos. Instead, Chris and I ended up at Xiomara's orphanage without knowing it. Basically, we said we were ambushed by God. We needed closure....and we were able to find a lot there. There were a lot of tears, but it was BEYOND INCREDIBLE to see the kiddos again....they immediately said, "Lindsey...Chris!!!" This is Monica.....I have always called her "Monica es Comica." She is pure joy.

I cannot get enough of her smile!! I cried just seeing her precious face.

Adriana holds a really special place in our hearts! She has a heart of gold....and has gotten super funny. The last time we were with her, she had just had her little leg amputated. It was amazing to see her so happy....and she has a prosthetic leg now. Thank you Lord for healing this sweet girl!

I spent a lot of my time with my sweet Hannah and Jose'!! Oh, how I missed them....I can't even explain it. Precious Hannah said, "Lindsey, why did y'all not adopt Xiomara?" I could have burst out crying.....but the Lord gave me grace to make it through the conversation. Hannah and Jose' are just the most brilliant children....I love them so, so much. I am so proud of them.

Blanca is a SAINT!! She is so good with the children. It was so good to give her a huge hug again.

Letty is so beautiful....and has gone through so much!! It was the most priceless moment when we saw her....her smile was HUGE!!

This is a guy that we ended up getting to spend time with named Rolando...he has such a big heart for the kids of Guatemala! He said the most hilarious line to us...."Chris, let's all take a picture of you and your silly poster." Loved it!! going to the markets!

This is the view from Cookies, good.

We always have to get a picture of Chris in front of the volcano.

This is the coolest have to go to their web-site. They make dolls to help single mothers and work with kids in orphanages. Click here to read more about their ministry!

WE LOVE THIS was so good to spend time with Melissa, Scott (and Mary Margaret)!! We already miss them so much.


Love you all,


Rhonda said...

What awesome pictures Lindsey. I am so glad God gave you the opportunity for closure and to have this special time with the children. How much sweeter is that. Wow......Blessings and sure hope you are feeling better.

Missy said...

Hi Chris and Lindsey,

I have actually followed your blog for quite some time now but have only commented a few times. I have loved watching your "story" unfold. God has blessed you both! I have also adopted 2 beauties from Guatemala and Guatemala will always remain a part of me. I traveled back to Guatemala with my agency this past Christmas and we worked in several was Fundaninos. Do you have any pictures of the children there? If you do, I would love to see them so that I can see some of my precious "kids". Lindsey, you are one of my friends on FB so I keep up with you there also.

Glad you are feeling better.

Blessings to you all,

Missy, Molly & Mattie

Katie said...

Oh love the pictures !! I think Antigua is always a second home to all of us fostering moms :)) Oh and isn't Rolando the best !? I met him on my last trip down . R u feeling better ?

Amanda said...

WOW!!! How do I even turn the tears off?!?!? I am so glad that God blessed you with closure while spending time with the kiddos at Xio's orphanage. God is so good and I know that you will have so much more peace after having that time for closure.
Next time you go I wanna go with you. Guate holds such a special place in my heart and I cannot imagine what it would be like to actually walk the streets of that country after God gave my family the sweetest gift from there.

I love you guys so much!!!

The Heinrichs said...

Okay all I an say is WOW! We need to chat soon!

Love ya all!

Laurie said...

What a wonderful trip. I can't wait to go back one day real soon!

Vanessa said...

What a wonderful journey you were lead on!! God always leads us to where He knows we need to be!! HUGS!

Amanda said...

Lindsey, I am so happy to see pictures from your trip.. so jealous that you got to see my babies at ADN... and I'm really hoping you're feeling better!!!

Bill and Melodie said...

Can't believe you ended up at AdN! Miss all those little faces! Aren't their new facilities great? Hope you are feeing better soon!

Gina said...

Wow Lindsey, looking through your photos of the beauty that is Guatemala, both the buildings and the people, makes me want to go back. We brought our son home from Guatemala in 2007 and to this day, I think about the people and places that make Guatemala so very special in my heart. I have to admit, I began to tear up seeing those precious little faces of the children. I pray each day that something starts happening with adoptions so these little ones won't have to wait any longer for their families.

I clicked on the link for the adorable dolls. But I didn't see a place where you could purchase them. Do I need to click the 'contact us' on their site and ask them? There is a little boy doll named 'Lucas' and that's my son's name so I would like to get that for him. Could you e-mail me at hawgnpaws at yahoo dot com with the info? Thanks a million... oh, and do you know how much the dolls cost?

I hope you're feeling better. I pray you are as well as that Chris and Eliana don't get it. Have a blessed weekend.

Gina, mommy to Lucas

Bobbi said...

Great pics of your trip!! It took my breath away when I saw the pics w/you and the children. We were at that same orphanage while we were there as well. I wonder is we met Xiomara while we were there?? Our visit was short. I am so glad you got closure, or at least some.

My older daughter was so excited to see Hannah!! She and Hannah bonded during our visit. She really touched her.

Hope you feel better!!

Rachel said...

You look so beautiful. So at home. So in your element. Thanks for sharing...

Am said...

I've gone to Antigua three years in a row for different and, yet the same, reasons in a row. I love that place and I've volunteered at a special education school there and my heart remains there. that first picture brought me back. God Bless and thank you.

nikki said...

Looks like an amazing trip!!!
Hope you are feeling better!!

Grace said...

AWWWW! you just reminded me how much i miss those kids and their precious faces...did you see LuPita while you were there? I remember Letty's arm was broken when we went...I miss you guys! If you EVER EVER EVER need a babysitter call me! :)

love y'all!
grace m.

suzanne said...

Whoops I didn't mean Letty broke her arm...i meant leg.


Anonymous said...

So cool to see these pics! Miss you guys sooo much!!!

Jenifer said...

Totally Awesome. Glad he is safe and sound and it sounds like a wonderful opportunity...

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