Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eliana at the Waterpark de Guatemala!!!

She has the goggles on one arm and the straw in her hand! How many 9 month old babies do you know that wear goggles at the waterpark??!! I love it!

No floaties....YIKES!!! Good thing she has that safe float to hold on to. :-) She is thinking.....where am I??? Her foster mom and daughters are great....they sent me these pics!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GETTING SO EXCITED FOR US ABOUT THE PA!!!!! Y'all are the best blog friends EVER!!! Her room is finally coming together....I can't wait to do the big reveal.

Love y'all,


Debbie said...

Congrats on your PA!! I love seeing all the pictures of you all!!! Great ones!! She is gorgeous!!

God bless!

Kristy said...

Congratulations on Pre-Approval! I'll say a prayer for a speedy visit in PGN!!

Can't wait to see the nursery pictures! :)

Laurie said...

Toooo cute. I just love her smile. Can't wait to see pics of her room. When are you guys coming back to the Rock! :)

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

It's so reassuring when you have total faith in the foster families. I'm glad your darling girl has a good FF. It makes the pain of seperation dull a little.


Donna said...

Oh - those are some great pictures! What a cool foster family!

And congrats on the PA!! We're praying for a SPEEDY PGN tour for ya!

Lauren said...

"Waterpark de Guatemala"??? I hope you never change the fact that you insert spanish words into English sentences.

Carla said...

I just posted a comment on your blog and I meant to post it on this blog entry. I posted it on an old one.

I just wanted to say that your daughter is gorgeous. You are a blessed couple and I admire the work you are doing to help Guatemala. We just entered PGN on Monday. I'll save a spot for you, right next to me :)

Ferrick said...

Always here for you Lindsey...I know the journey, and every step is reason for MAJOR celebration and every day is a reason to give God the glory and praise! Blessings, Susie

Bobbi said...

How great that they shared that with you.

Can't wait to see her room.

Tracey said...

Adorable baby girl. Love babies in swimsuits!

Becca said...

Wow - PA!

Wow - Nicole Kidman!

Peace and Hugs,

ps - send me anotehr invite link - i don't know how, but i lost mine?!?!

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

We can hardly wait to meet our precious grandbaby! Her Grandad
Wheeler just took down her Dad's old slide and swingset to make room
for something fun for Eliana to play on when she is ready to come to Tulsa for a visit!

Our hearts are smiling!

Sandra Ney said...

Ok- I am finally figuring this myspace blog stuff- UGG I am soooooo old- lame-Hunter was helping me then he left then I pushed the wrong button and screamed-lost the page of your blog-said I hate computers!!!
Ok big breath here I am again-This is why I like the Tele!!!
Ok so all that to say WOW!!!!!!
God is so good!!!!!
All I can do is just sit here with a huge smile on my face I am so happy for you both!
I also long for the day to see her here in your arms!!!
I love watching the love of our Father care for his children!!!!!!
Big Hugs!!! Sandra

Heidi said...

She is so darling! Congrats on getting PA, that is wonderful.

Harris Family said...

Praise the Lord for the pre-approval! I can't wait to see pictures of the room!