Monday, April 14, 2008

My New Ride

Well, here it is! Thank you to all who prayed we would find it! I am so excited...I love driving again! I'm a Jeep Man again! This photo is special... My Granddad Wheeler gave me my first Jeep (the green one the deer took) when I graduated High School. He and I took a photo together sitting on the back of it the day he gave it to me. He's gone to be with Jesus we took this shot in his honor!


Ferrick said...

The man and his car....The Lord ALWAYS provides. Susie

The Heinrichs said...

Your Granddad would be proud---JEEP drivers ROCK!!!

Love, Deanna

Bobbi said...

Glad that things have worked out. BUt, this isn't as good as Lindsey meeting Nicole Kidman:>)

JAG Family Photography said...

Congrats Chris! That is such a sweet memory to recreate in his honor.

jlo said...

I can't wait to get back into a Jeep again myself. I had a Wrangler for 12 years until a lady decided she wanted to pull out in front of me 2 years ago. I am waiting until the price of the 4 door Wranglers come down enough so I can pay cash (yeah, I a Dave Ramsey man too) for one. Enjoy your Jeep.

Amanda said...

Congrats on the new car Chris!!! I know you are so proud of it and I am sure you are glad to be a two car family will make life a little easier!!!

Now all you need is that sweet baby squealing from the backseat!!!

Laurie said...

Congrats on the CAR! That's awesome.

Lindsay e-mail me girlfriend! I have tried to e-mail you a couple times but must have the wrong e-mail.

Laurie from Little Rock :)
guate_mama05 at Yahoo . com

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Love the Car!!! So cool take a pix just like you did w/ the jeep your Granddad gave you!!! The only reason TayTay put that comment on my blog is b/c she is in LOVE w/ Keith Urban and wants him to marry her-lol- GO ALI!!! I am a little obsessed w/ that show!!

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

I love it!

I love YOU!


Mary Helen Wheeler said...

I'm so glad you have a Jeep again, and I love the picture. As I look at it, I can see your grand-dad sitting beside you that day back in 1997. He was so proud of you and he had such joy in giving you that Jeep.

Enjoy this one just like you did the first one.


Bill said...

sweet jeepage

Scott Moore said...

Just think of the places you will go.....the adventures that lie ahead....awesome!

Mamita J said...

Nice ride...You look just right sitting there...your Granddad would be proud.

I haven't checked out your blog for a few weeks...WOW... I need to come back more often!

I absolutely LOVE the video and letter to Eliana. She is one blessed little girl to have parents that love her so much. I do hope you get PA quickly and move on in to PGN.


amy stanfield said...

I'm happy for you. I know what its like for a guy to want to enjoy his vehicle...what a blessing. God does work things out in such amazing ways, doesn't He? He makes a way- we know exactly what that feels like and we rejoice with you!!!
Now don't let all that excitement make you crazy on the road...;)