Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Necklace from JUNK POSSE!!!

Her words:
This Organically shaped Heart I have added the words "I Chose You" over and over again. I added a special circle tag with the name of a Sweet one on it. The Heart measures just over 1 inch and hangs from a 20 inch Beautiful Sterling Silver chain & clasp.

I cannot thank you enough Tracy for all that you have done for us and our sweet Eliana!!! YOU are SO GIFTED!!! Every time I go onto your web-site, I am blown away by your talent. I really have to restrain myself....because I could literally buy every single necklace!!!!!

Go visit her site on Etsy if you haven't on the link on the right-hand side of our blog...called Junk Posse! You will be AMAZED!!!

Love y'all,


Carrie S said...

Love the necklaces and just received mine in the mail over the weekend.....hope it helps you out!
Praying for your precious family.
The Stamm's

Jess said...

I have my hopes up for a Junk Posse necklace for mother's day. . . .

terris213 said...

I LOVE my JP necklace. I bought the Mandado Del Cielo one with two tags, each with one of Guatemalan Princesa's name on the back. I have worn it every day since I received it last week.
I hate that your princesa has been losing weight, I'll pray for her health. They need to feed that girl some of that yummy Marriott b'fast buffet! :~)
I have to comment that Eliana looks a little like Chris. Doesn't God have a GREAT sense of humor?!?!?!?
take care,
terri in virginia
mommy to 2 Guatemalan Princesas

emily said...

I heart Tracy!! I also have to restrain myself. I want to order everything!!!

McMurrays said...

Love these necklaces. . someday!
Praying for Eliana to gain weight.

Kerri said...

Love her stuff too. I wear my "Heart for Guatemala" necklace every day and I'm going to get something special for both Guatemala and Ethiopia when Ruby's sister comes home.
Kerri and Ruby

Kim & Dave said...


How cool is that?!?

Amanda said...

I think that's one of my favorites! I hope one day when I have extra money I will be able to get one...

Amy said...

Thats my necklace and I love it!

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