Sunday, December 7, 2008

Acoustic Christmas....Chris, Lindsey and the TWEENS!!

One thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE concerts....and I LOVE to win free tickets!! I am persistent....if there is a radio contest, I am that person that calls a thousand times. Chris makes fun of me until I win....then, he thanks me. This is us driving to Acoustic Christmas 2008 (I won tickets two days before the concert). Don't we look excited?! Oh, plus, I won backstage passes to meet Kevin Rudolph (didn't know who that was until we googled him)....enjoy our pics from the LONGEST NIGHT EVER!!!

Let me explain "longest night ever"....there were 8 acts: Lady Gaga (more on her later), Brandy, Metro Station, Saving Abel, Shontelle, Sara Bareilles, Kevin Rudolph, and Boys Like Girls. Don't stress if you don't have a clue who they are...we didn't either (we knew about one song from each performer).

We were both thrilled to have a "date" night....I have been suffering from extreme exhaustion for the past few it was good to just get out of the house!

We got to go in first because we were the "VIP's"!!

This is Chris watching "Metro Station".....all I can say is YIKES!!! The guys in this band were about 12 years old....and they kept swinging their "Chi'd" hair all over the place. I know Chris and I look very young for our age.....but we felt OLD...VERY OLD!!

This was by far the best performer of the night....Sarah Bareilles. Her voice was amazing!! Too bad she was the first act of about a six hour show.

I could go on and on about Lady Gaga....let's just say that her performance almost scared us to death. It was so freaky....beyond freaky.

This is us with Kevin Rudolph at our "meet and greet". We found out he was from Miami....and that's about it.

Sorry if I sound harsh. We really did have fun because we LOVE the experience....but we believe 8 bands is too many for one night....and a lot of them will probably be one-hit wonders. I can't wait to try to win again next year though.

Love you all,


Kelsey Lantz said...

hahahahaha you two crack me up! Eliana is going to have the COOLEST parents ever growing up! everyone is always going to want to come hang out at your house....

Bobbi said...

HA!! I got a good chuckle out of this one. Guess it was good for a night out--you'll never forget it!

Armstrong's said...

Ok, so I was also totally scared by Lady Gaga. I got free tickets to New Kids on the Block the week we got back from Guatemala and went with some girlfriends. We walked in to her opening act- lots of gyrating and scary backup dancers. Wow! Glad you had fun despite the scary performers :)!

Dan and Jen said...

Hi Lindsay,

You dont know me personally, but I have followed your blog since I learned about it through Emily Armstrong who also adopted. I am so happy to see your little family adjusting and Eliana is the sweetest girl. Wishing you happy holidays!

Jennifer Hague