Monday, April 6, 2009

Gibberish from a 21 month old!

I don't write often but I should because there is so much to tell!

This video is a little older but we thought it was still worth showing! When laying in her bed, she will just talk to herself and even make herself laugh. Eliana is truly hilarious to me. She makes me laugh every day. To say she's sassy is an understatement. Her personality is getting bigger and bigger.

She loves to transfer things from one location to another. Today she was way into helping me move clothes from the washer to the dryer. We moved them one at a one single sock at a time! She's learning how to help out !

I keep telling myself that this will all be gone so soon and I'm trying to be as intentional as I can to enjoy each day for what it is...everyone says it goes by so fast.
Happy Twenty-One Months Eliana, we love you so much!

Grace and Peace,

PS A big shout out and thank you from Linds for all the great ideas on money making possibilities! Keep those coming if you think of more!


Corby and Lauren said...

Sweet thing! I miss her!!!! That video was hilarious! Love y'all!!!

Bobbi said...

Where has the time gone? Yes, do enjoy it, it is gone in the blink of an eye

Kelsey Lantz said...

ooo I still miss waking up to her sweet voice..thanks for posting this. Miss you guys so much and happy 21 month Eliana!!! Te amo mucho mi muñeca
tu tia Kelsey

Amanda said...

Chris and Lindsey,
I am so glad that you guys are enjoying every moment with Eliana...there is no treasure like her!!!
I love you guys so much and hope to see you soon!!!

Mindy said...

I love it!! She is so adorable. Cameron is talking up a storm but I have to translate a lot. It is so cute when they finally start talking. Even when you hear Mama 50 million times a day.

Kirsten said...

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The Heinrichs said... sweet! I was watching the video on my laptop and Auri yells over, "Mommy I see"!!! She thought it was cute and said Eliana and laughed a few times!!! Miss ya guys!

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Greg Daniels said...

Love the video. What a sweetie. Love... PapaG

Rhonda said...

Ahhhh, that was absolutely adorable. Where or where does the time go by. I can't believe my one daughter will be 5 this November and she too loves to help with the laundry! I need her help now that I can't bend over so happy to have it!!!!