Monday, April 20, 2009

How I want to live.....

If you haven't read Katie's story.....don't wait another minute.

Click HERE!!!

Love you all,


Amy said...

I love her blog. love it.

emily said...

She is such an inspiration!!

Ace said...

Just stumbled across your blog. I always think it's so funny being on the great big world wide web, and come across someone so close to me. Actually you're the closest. My husband works at Mercy Ministries!

Thanks for posting that link, it is something I would love to follow. We have compassion kids in Tanzania and Ethiopia. I want Uganda next. But the pictures gave me a small glance at what their lives might look like. I told my husband that one of these days we will have several more compassion kids and we will visit each country in Africa and get to meet them all!

Carrie S said...

Me too! Katie is God Inspiring!
Always praying for your precious family.

Ace said...

Hey again! We're in Nashville, or Antioch, but that's sometimes embarrassing to say if you know anything about Antioch. It's a nice part of Antioch at least! Hubby is the Director of Marketing at Mercy and we go to Christ Church right there next to it. Assuming you know the area.

Great to meet you!

Jerry and Stacie said...

Her ministry is SO AMAZING! The words from her heart absolutely take my breath away. She is a HUGE inspiration!!

Hope you, Chris, and sweet Eliana are all doing well! She is growing up so fast!

Have a great day!