Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She can say her middle name now!

Chris here...
If you say "Eliana...Hope...Wheeler" she will repeat each word after you.
When she says "Hope" it's without the "H" and it's super cute!

Every day with her feels like such a privilege. I keep thinking back to this time last year...desperately waiting and "hoping" for any news...any new picture....anything! It's crazy to think that was just last year! I feel like Eliana's always been with us!

I LOVE HER LAUGH! She is so much fun!
This girl loves animals...all of em! Cats, Dogs, Bunnies...even Alpaca! She hugged this Alpaca at the Franklin Main street Festival's petting zoo. ( She also climbed on it's back and grabbed it's ears!) Yeah, she loves animals...especially soft ones!
What can I say, I'm crazy bout this "Teeny Wheeler!"



Susie said...

How sweet! Isn't it crazy how much a year changes things? Eliana "Ope" is gorgeous--I love how you can almost see what she'll look like as an adult--again--gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing Katie's blog a few weeks ago--while I know that moving to Africa, or anywhere else for that matter, likely won't happen for me, I will keep her in my prayers as she does this amazing work to serve God and his people all over the world.

Hugs from Oklahoma!

The Heinrichs said...

You have to record her talking!!!! ...I just love to listen to them pronounce words!!! She is absolutely beautiful and so very glad our girls our home with us!

Love and hugs~Deanna

Kelly said...

Little Miss. Eliana is just BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm sure her sweet little voice and laughter keeps a constant smile on your face.
God Bless,

Rhonda said...

That is so cute and she is truly adorable. Love that picture with her and the bunny!

Momofsix said...

It is so refreshing and such a blessing how much you love that little one. Children are a gift from God only bestowed to us for a time to rear for His Glory!! So many miss that gift!
May the Lord bless you with more!

A sister In Christ

Lainie said...

Beautiful!! I need to see this gal (and her parents) again, SOON!

Love you guys,

Bobbi said...

She is so cute, and yes, teeny!! This is such a fun age.

Good luck on the 30 day shred. I know you will do great. I have done that workout a few times, and it killed me, but I did see results. I just HATE exercising. Glad Chris is doing it with you. Having a partner always helps

Jess said...

She does look so old and SO beautiful!! I am so glad she's yours too!

TNKerry said...

Just too cute!!!! Can not believe how adorable she is now and I so love listening to the way words come out of toddlers mouths. Cute as can be. :)