Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NYC....and other news!

The last week or two have been crazy....do I always say that?! Last minute, we decided that I was going to join my mom and sister Leah (we missed you Lauren) for a weekend in NYC. We found a super cheap ticket....and I packed my bags. Leah was going to interview for an internship this summer. Chris really wanted me to go....and he kept Eliana (it was the first time I was away from her overnight)!! The weekend was unbelievable....so much fun. I am pretty sure we walked at least 20 miles (no joke). We used a lot of Tylenol during our trip. We got to see SO MUCH....we made the most of our short trip!! I will post some pics soon. We are all SO PROUD of Leah.....she walked into the Seventeen Magazine offices for her interview....and they HIRED HER ON THE SPOT!! My sister is going to be a Seventeen intern this summer. I felt like we were in an episode of "The City" (a show on MTV). Leah is going to have a blast....and we are so proud of who God is creating her to be....she has so many talents!!

I am back.....Eliana is sick (again)....Chris is recovering from a week-long flu!! A lot is happening in the next few weeks. Lauren (my other sis) is due to give birth in less than a week....YEAH!!!! We are so excited to meet little Harper Ann Pardue!!!!! We all can't wait to see Eliana with her new little cousin. Then, our friends Erika and Chris are getting married in two weekends......um, pretty much the most incredible couple EVER!! We love you guys so much.

Love you all so much,


Amanda said...

I am glad you had such a wonderful time...I know it was good for Chris and Eliana to have time to themselves also. Every Daddy and Daughter needs to experience some time to themselves.

I am glad that Chris is better but I hate to hear that Eliana is sick again!!!

Can't wait to hear that Harper has made her debut.

I love you & can we talk soon???

Pineapple Princess said...

What a fun weekend! I'm so glad you got to go! Congrats to your sister. God will use her in a mighty way. I'm praying sweet girl feels better soon. Looking forward to "meeting" your new niece through your blog. :)

Reba said...

Congrats to your sister! How exciting! And your trip sounds like so much fun. I have never been. Hope everyone starts to feel better quickly!

Bobbi said...

Glad that you got away. R&R is always good. Hope Eliana doesn't get too sick this time.

Congrats to your sister!! What a great job. And, to your other sister, I hope she and baby are healthy

Ferrick said...

I am so very happy to hear that you were able to do something for yourself! Absolutely necessary and long overdue...cant wait to see pics. Just remember that this is but a season and Spring is springing! Flu bugs are on their way out. Congrats to both your sisters, looking forward to meeting the newest member of the fam.