Tuesday, October 9, 2007


That is where we are today.....so confused. Please pray for strength....especially for Chris.


Kay said...

We are praying for you and are standing with you in faith.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey and Chris, I just talked to mom... I love you guys so so much and while I have no idea what the Lord's plan is in this, we have to have faith that it is for a reason. We have been through a lot and on the other side of things we can see God's hand through it all, and so we have to trust that He knows what is going on. I am praying for you guys, as well as many many of my friends. I am here for you day or night whenever you need anything- you guys are NOT alone, so many people write on your blog and that is just a glimpse at how many people are standing with you and praying for you daily. I love you!

Sydney & Tom said...

We are praying with you and are here if you need anything! It's hard to see what the Lord has in store...but it'll be powerful!
We love you!

Andrew & Alaina said...

Hi. I just came across your blog and want to let you know that I don't know you but I'm praying for you. We are parents of two through the miracle of adoption. I can't imagine how tough this must be. Praying that God will give you strength.

Natalie said...

Hi. My name is Natalie Storm and I was in Guatemala with a team from Illinois at the same time you were there. I didn't get much time to talk to the two of you but I did see just how much you loved Xiomara and I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling right now. I am praying for you and the lyrics to this song came to mind as I read your blog so I thought I'd share them with you.

Verse I:

Your back's against the wall and you don't know what you're going to do.
This trial you're facing is the worst thing that you've been through
You feel singled out in the battle, your will to fight is almost gone.
There's one in your corner whose never failed
Don't give up keep pressing on.


In the midst of the storm He spoke peace be still and the wind lay at His feet
With just five loaves of bread and two little fish, He watched five thousand eat.
He made the blind man to see, set the captive man free, to this world He was Heaven-sent
When you've done all you can, remember Jesus can do all that you can't

Verse II:

When we gather in Heaven and our battle with life is through.
Should we swap old war stories, I have one I'd like to share with you.
About that night at the crossroads where Satan vowed I would lose.
A hand out of nowhere picked me up, and I made it through.

Words and Music by Gerald Crabb

Again I am thinking of you, sharing your story, and praying for you daily!

Your friend in Christ,


Brooke B. said...

If it were simple and easy, I know you'd rush right down to Guatemala and "buy" little Xiomara from her birth mom!! I am praying for your hearts today and for God's continued protection over her life. I can so see you guys walking in the halls of the Learning Center with Xiomara in your arms. This is my prayer. That God would have his way and work mightily! I love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Chris & Lindsey,
God is so amazing!!! Chris, the other day you were on my heart and I just wondered what was going on, but not knowing where you were I just asked God to bless you in whatever way you needed. Then this morning I opened up M-Dub's email and she asked us to be praying for you and shared your blog. Anyway, now I know why you were on my heart last week. Know that Team Gumaer is praying for you and Baby Xio. As Doc Leland says, remember you are IN HIS GRIP!!
Lots of love and prayers,
Jenn Gumaer (formerly Jenn Muller)
P.S. Keep on making up your songs...I remember many happy times from the songs you sang for so many of us at FFI. Xio is so blessed to have a daddy that sings over her like the Lord sings over us in Zeph.