Wednesday, October 3, 2007

She's a T.V. star!

Well, today started out as one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days (a book my mom read to me when I was little). Chris and I have each experienced major spiritual attacks from the enemy, especially in the last two weeks. We have felt so exhausted emotionally and mentally. But, the Lord continues to give us little glimmers of hope. He is still good and always trustworthy. It is amazing what you learn about the Lord in times of waiting. It is never easy but always worth it.

So, I walk in tonight at 10 pm for the first time all day.....and finally sit down! I turn on the t.v. because our friends at Amor del Nino were interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN concerning the adoption crisis in Guatemala. I missed most of the interview, but happened to catch the last 15 minutes. WHO DO I SEE ON THE T.V???!!!! XIOMARA!!!!!!!! I literally screamed at the top of my lungs (and I was totally by myself).....then, I started crying and immediately called my mom.....and she saw it and was doing the same thing. She is beautiful. Just getting to see her precious face for 1 second made everything about my bad day just disappear. She was sitting in the little pink Boppy with her little pigtails, drinking her bottle.....and her eyes were as big and gorgeous as ever! Oh, I miss her.

Thank you Lord,

Here is part of the CNN story (look closely for the cutest baby in the world):


Sydney said...

Again...she is beautiful!
I pray this attention on CNN will spark a response to get things done! I wish Anderson Cooper could interview you and Chris about your love for Xiomara and the life you'll provide her!

Brooke B. said...

I'm so thankful Chris has been faithful to share your journey with us at the Foundry. I've been so encouraged by his passion for little Xio and will commit to praying for you guys on this journey of waiting. Lindsey, I know you're not pregnant but I think this quote is so real and true for you in this time, "As a pregnant woman is enlarged in her waiting, so are our hearts."
I almost started crying when I read your TV Star blog!! Thank you GOD for the glimmer of beauty you gave Chris and Lindsey last night!
We love you guys!
Brooke Byers

Lauren said...

Annalise and I just watched the video on! She's just so precious! It made my day seeing there, just sipping on her bottle. I sure hope to meet her someday... not to mention be the best aunt ever!!!

Melodie said...

I thought that was your precious little girl...
There was a part in the clip last night that I didn't see in this one that looked like Fernanda... Probably just wishful thinking.


this is going to sound crazy, but i was the YMCA today on the elliptical and the treadmill beside me had their TV on CNN and I caught a glimpse of it and i thought i saw her, so now i know i did ... what a sweet little gift ... praying for you all daily ...

suzanne is going to host a sip-n-see for Maggie when she comes home and I would like all the gifts to be donations to Xio orphanage if that is ok with you (Maggie needs nothing)... will you be going back anytime soon or can we send the items to them ??

Amanda Tomlin said...

I just wrote you and asked if you saw it, but I didn't realize that she was in the clip!! I went back and saw her! How sweet!! Flor lives at the other house now, so she wouldn't have been there. :(

Amelia Moore said...

I prayed for you all this morning: that Xiomara's court date would be successful (mother's definite decision made, needed information would be gained and that she would be adoptable); I prayed that your 1-600A from the USCIS would be approved and that you would receive communication from Steve and Shyrel concerning her court today. Xio is heavy on my heart and I pray that the Lord KNOCKS down the walls in front of you to SHOW HIS GLORY and HIS PLAN for Xio's life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey,
I just wanted to let you know I have been praying for you guys. I have been praying for baby Xio to be adoptable as well as your papers to move through the process faster than normal. Thank you for all your updates and please let me know if there is anything I can do.
Nicole Eaton

Brent said...

That gave me chills when I read it. It's the small things like this that let you know that God is in control... She's beautiful!

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Thank you so much for calling us at midnight to see Xio on CNN! We
shrieked with joy when we saw our
precious Xio on the screen! We recorded her it so we could see her again.

Dearest Chris and Lindsey the Lord
brought Xio into your lives for His
purpose and the battle is the Lord's!