Sunday, October 14, 2007


Chris and I have had an incredibly restful weekend...full of peace. Thank you for praying for us....we feel it in EVERY way! We ALSO feel that we are to press keep keep our eyes and ears open to God's possibilities. Our last home study was so good. We have the best home study lady ever (We love you Lisa!)......we got to look through her album of all the sweet kids that have been adopted through her ministry of Adoption Assistance!! I could have cried my eyes out (Chris kind of did). I can't shake their faces....their joy. Chris and I walked out of her house with a new heart.....we are ready to be parents. We are ready to love a child (or two)! We are ready to start this phase of life.

So, we are moving forward.....the battle continues. This is the easiest part of the fight to me because the Lord knows how much all of the costs will be. But, we need ya'll to partner with us to bring our child or children home to us!!

An account has been set-up at our church called the "I Choose You" fund. It is 100% tax-deductible!! You can send a check (write it to Fellowship Bible Church and write in the memo line...."I Choose You"- Wheeler) to:

Fellowship Bible Church
"I Choose You"-Wheeler fund
1210 Franklin Road
Brentwood, TN 37027

Thank you in advance for partnering with us!! We can't wait to see God work through this!!!

We love you all, Lindsey


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey and Chris,
I am still praying for you guys (and Xio) and will continue indefinitely. You guys are an amazing couple and baby Xio is so fortunate to have you fighting for her. If there is anything I can do here other than pray let me know. I am a soldier fighting right beside you for baby Xio. I love you guys.
Nicole Eaton


I have known Lisa for years ... Her heart for adoption is amazing ... She has such a great understanding and knowledge of how all this works and she brings such peace. Still praying daily for you and look forward to the miracles God has in store for all of us on this journey !!!

Kristy said...

I found your blog through a friend's blog. We have three little girls all adopted from Guatemala. Our website is (if you're interested). I just cried as I read your story. From your stories and others' comments, I can tell you guys are "strong" believers. So, I'm praying for this to all work out and for that "peace that passes all understanding" while you "wait"! I will continue to read your blog (hope you don't mind) and PRAY!! We, too, were matched with a little girl (from GUA) for about 3 months before her birth mother changed her, even though we had not held her yet, I can relate a little. However, now I look back and see God's hand in our process...and know how God had a plan for us and for our oldest daughter, Kenna (who was meant to be ours). So, know that God is at work...nothing is a surprise to Him! He's got a GREAT plan for you.

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Chris and Lindsey,

Yea God! I love the new picture you posted for the "I Choose You"
campaign! I plan to print it out and send it to your Grandad who is
also praying for and with you!

I just love how God has invited you
to join Him in His passion of drawing the fatherless into his loving family! Xio is so blessed
to be on her way into your arms for life!

Love, Mom/Mary Helen

melneyann said...

I had lunch with Jamie and Aaron Ivey yesterday.

She said that you guys have emailed. And then she mentioned Lisa's name. I've known Lisa and her husband Eddie for YEARS!! Beautiful, wonderful family!

It continues to amaze me at how connected we all are. I'm so thankful to be a part of the Family of God. Over the last couple of weeks, I've seen God provide for some many people in so many ways!

I'm just so thankful today!

Love you both!

Virginia said...

Praying for you guys!

Stacy said...

I saw your blog through a friends site. You have been on my heart for days and I have been praying at every thought of you. I'd love to share the story of our newest daughter with you...the amazing miracle that God performed to bring her home when China said we had to return her file. I would love it to be an amazing encouragement to continue the fight but also an encouragement to hang on tightly to our Lord and anticipate what He is about to do. If you are interested, please feel free to email me and I'll give you the link to our website. We journaled all that happened. Blessings and I will continue to pray! Stacy

Brittany said...

Hey Wheelers-
Leah had sent me a link to your blog. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am praying for both of you. I spent part of my summer in Belize, and have seen first hand the hundreds of children who are orphaned in that country alone. The problem is that the Belizean government makes it nearly impossible for any one from the states to adopt these children. All that to say, you have hundreds of soldiers fighting with you in this battle... not to mention, the most powerful GENERAL leading the way. The Lord is using you guys to accomplish a great work, and I am so excited as I watch it all unfold. Know that I will continue to pray for you! "Be strong and take heart all you who hope in the Lord" Psalm 31:24....

God is good all the time,
Brittany Binns

Carla said...

Just wanted to say that your baby girl is absolutely precious! I found your blog via baby Bella's. I read that you will be in PGN shortly. Congrats on PA! We just entered PGN on Monday. I admire your passion for Guatemala. You are truly blessed.