Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thoughts about Xiomara

Today has been raining like is one of those days that make you feel very contemplative. So, I have been thinking about precious Xio. This is what we know...she should have her last and final court day sometime this month. I really don't have a lot of information...I am trying to find out. But, this court date will determine if she is handed back to the biological mom. My prayer is pretty consistent these days....I am praying that the TRUTH will come out. The court system does not always make decisions based on the best interest of the child. I have a pretty intuitive spirit....and I don't feel good about part of this. If she does go back to the mom, I am begging the Lord to protect her and change the mom's heart to have a genuine love for this precious baby. Of course, Chris and I would absolutely LOVE to be her parents. The Lord knows that too! So, His will be done.

I would love it if you could pray for her precious little life (if you want to write it in the comments.....I would love it)! Someday, I want to show Eliana and maybe Xio how much everyone loves them.

Love you all,


Erin Miller said...

I pray for you all everyday. And somedays Xiomara is especially heavy on my heart. I, too, pray that the system will have compassion and find the truth in the midst of it all. Please God, find Xiomara a safe and happy home with people who love her desperately.


Kristen Borland said...

Lord, I pray You put Your hand of protection on little Xio. I know she is precious to You and You have a specific purpose for her life. Thank you for placing Chris and Lindsey in her life to be her prayer warriors. If it is Your will, please bring her home to them so they can raise her to know, love, and serve You. Most of all, I pray the truth would be known and Your Will would be done. Give the judge and authorities working on her case wisdom and compassion. And please work in the heart and life of Xio's mother, that she may come to know You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

begutierrez said...

SeƱor, gracias por darle la oportunidad a esta familia de toparse en el camino de Xiomara, gracias porque atraves de este encuentro Xiomara ha tenido muchas almas guerreras orando por ella, por su seguridad y por tu voluntad en su vida.
Gracias por poner tanto amor en los corazones de Chris y Lindsey. Gracias porque los estas usando para tocar corazones, y para bendecir las vidas de dos babies tuyos.
Te pedimos al hacerse tu voluntad, porque siempre se hace, nuestros corazones esten preparados para entender tus decisiones. Te pido que lo que quieras para Xiomara sea de bendicion para esta familia tuya, ya sea que ella se venga con ellos o que se quede en El Salvador. Tambien te pedimos que toques la vida de la madre de Xiomara, transforma su corazon a traves de la vida de Xiomara, de Lindsey y de Chris. Dejala ver tu amor a traves de ellos, asi como yo lo he visto aun sin conocerlos en persona.

Gracias por esta familia. Bendicelos y sana sus corazones. Llenalos de amor y de paciencia, y que las bendiciones que tienes preparadas para ellos sirvan de luz a muchos otros.

Gracias Padre.

Schroders said...

Lord, I lift Xiomara up to you. I know that you know what the outcome will be and you know the hearts of all involved. Please Lord, protect Xiomara. I know you have great things in store for her. Thank you for putting her on the hearts of Chris and Lindsey and letting all of us have the privilege of praying for her. Thank you for the love Chris and Lindsey have for her, no matter what happens.
I ask you to be with the judge that will be making a determination on her case soon. Please let him be a believer and guide his decision.
Please be with her birthmother.
Above all else, please let truth prevail.

Expecting great things!

kristin said...

i just found your blog today and i am so inspired by your hearts for orphans and your willingness to put yourself out there despite the pain you may endure... thank you for bringing me so much encouragement through living your lives so passionately in pursuit of God's will. we are in the process of a adopting a child from vietnam. it has been a long road so far and i have been feeling discouraged. your story has been so refreshing to read... thank you. i look forward to following along with your journey. you and your girls will be in my prayers.

Becca said...

Xio and Eliana - You're loved and prayed for daily. I pray the Lord's will be done and resolution comes quickly and brings peace to all. Most of all I pray that you both come to know the Lord and feel the peace that comes with that. He loves you more than all of us combined, and you're His children first and foremost - I pray His protection over both of you, His daughters.

Momma to Ella

David and Marianne said...

Father, it is no accident that this precious child encountered this precious family...if for no other reason than for prayers over her life. We pray for your perfect judgement and sovereign plan for Xio. May her life be covered by your all-sufficient grace and may her life bring you amazing glory to Your Name! Please grant overwhelming peace to the Wheeler family as you tenderly hold them in your hands.

Loraena said...

Just found your blog today when I read the post on Hope to Reality about your T-shirts.

Your little video interview really spoke to my heart since you have the same attitude my husband and I had going into our adoption. The Lord graciously answered our prayer when we were able to adopt our first child in October - her name is Eliana, too. =)

Amanda said...

Father God right now I pray for Xio...I ask you to place your hand upon her right now as she is sleeping. I ask that you would hold her in the palm of your hand as she rests.

We pray as the court date comes closer that the judges will make the right decisions for this precious baby. Regardless of where Xio gets placed we ask that You would be the desire of her heart and that she would follow hard after you.

Lord, I also pray for my precious friends, Lindsey and Chris. I ask that you would strengthen them through this time. Please give them a peace that passes all understanding. We ask that you would give them favor with all men! Please help them to stand strong on Your WORD!!!

I also pray for Eliana...we pray that You would work on her behalf. Keep her safe and healthy. We ask for a MIRACLE in her case. Please let things move along so that she can come home to be with the family that loves her so much.

In Jesus Name ~ AMEN.

Linds & Chris, Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys. I love you both!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you that you are the sweetest father and that you have your mighty and protective hands over this baby girl's spirit even when lindsey and chris dont.
we pray for truth, your truth to be seen here. we pray that your angels would cover this precious heart and life right now. in the name of jesus christ we claim your power and your hope over this situation, over the judges heart, his office, his house, over the mother, her heart, her life. that demons would have to flee in the name of the Lord and that your glory alone would reign. that your clarity would be seen and that light would shine in every corner of darkness throughout this whole situation.
we ask that if iti s your will that you would bring it to be that the wheelers raise this child up in your name but above all else we pray that her life would lead her to you, would glorify you in all ways, and would lead those that are apart of her community to you.

B said...

You are in my prayers, as are the girls. I have visited your site several times and am so inspired by your faith, so I want to thank you for that. I am in the process of adopting a little girl who is 9 mos. now. It is a long journey, but faith and God's love always ease it for me.
p.s. feel free to stop by and visit my site!

Jess said...

Father, PLEASE bless Xio with Chris and Lindsey as her parents and Eliana as her sister. PLEASE give the judge examining her case compassion and vision for this little girl's life. If her birth mother would not be the best mother for her and does not have Xio's best interest at heart, PLEASE allow the judge to see that and PLEASE give him the courage to act on what he sees.

Lord I beg you to encourage Chris and Lindsey. I pray that this season of pain will one day be balanced with a season of joy and happiness.

AbbasChildren said...

Abba Father, We praise you that we can cry out "Daddy" to you, for ourselves and for Xio. We know your heart is to raise up your children to care for the fatherless. I thank you for the passion you have placed in Chris and Linds. Lord, from the first time I saw Xio with Chris and Lindsey I knew you brought their lives together for a purpose. And now, hundreds of people know Xio and pray for her future! You are AMAZING! Lord, we do not know the outcome, but we know that you are a just God and that you can reveal truth. You are righteous, and we pray that your righteouness be seen in Xios story. I pray for her caretakers currently, that they would seek your wisdom and heart for her best interest. I pray for the birthmother, that she be either overcomed with love and ability to care for Xio, or that she be able to sacrifically give Xio the best future through Chris and Linds. Comfort the birthmother, Lord. I pray for the judge, that compassion and wisdom fill his ruling. Above all, I know that you are a God who uses all our circumstances for your Glory, and I pray that you do this in the lives of Chris, Lindsey, and Ximoara. Thank you for loving us all as your children.

Maria said...

I raise your two little girls in prayer today. May the Lord hold them in His arms until you can. Please know that you and Chris are always in my prayers. God is indeed very good and He will see you guys through - no matter what.


rest assured that nothing will stand in the way of God's will ... these sweet children are showered with the peace & love of Christ each day ...we pray for answers to these prayers and we pray for patience as they wait !!

love you !!!

Jami said...

Dear Lord - please hold this entire family close! Be with sweet Xiomara...protect her and do what is best for her. Thanks for Chris and Lindsey...for their hearts for you and their love for these 2 most precious girls. We love you Jesus and we trust You.

In Your Name - Amen.

Rachel said...

I am praying for your family and for Eliana and Xiomara.

Anonymous said...

Hey--we're friends of Scott & Amelia & just wanted to let you know we're praying for you/following your "trials & tribulations." Terminating parental rights can be so hard to do...but I believe in my heart of hearts it's necessary a lot of the time for the well-being of the child, especially in the case of precious baby Xio. (this was the case in my history, too, & I thank God that I got to live w/ rockin' awesome adoptive parents) We pray for you almost every day as well as the Moores, of course! Blessings to you, The Austins

Jason and Sabrina said...

Thank you for allowing us to be part of this process. I have been a silent lurker until now...I am touched by your unselfish approach to this situation--it's obvious that you have HER interests in mind, not your own.


Father, you know every detail of Xio's situation, and we pray that you will take the circumstances and work them for her good and your glory. Let her have safe, loving home and parents who vow to raise her to know you. Keep her in your hands.

In Jesus' name,

Laura said...

Praying hard!!!!! That sweet little Xio has been on my heart & mind so much since I've learned about you guys. The Lord has great plans for her that He would see fit to connect her to you in any way!!
Keep looking up!!!!!

JuJu - said...

Xio - you stole the hearts of God's people everywhere. You are on the refrigertors of people that you will never meet. YOU dear child are so important to God that he has spread the word of your story across this nation. We are all standing in the Gap for you little girl. We have joined hearts and Hands with the MOMMY and DADDY that love you and value your life so very much to pray of you daily. We ask God to surround your with Great Big Guardian Angels to keep you safe as his say he will do in his word. We pray that a hand can never be raised to hurt you and that a word can never be raised to hurt your spirit. We pray that you will never know hunger or rejection and that you will KNow LOVE and know your heavenly father. We pray that God will reunite you with the people that have so bravely fought for you and your life. We send you our love and big hugs and we are believing for your miracle little girl:)

All of our love

The JuJu CREW:)

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TedTracie said...

This seems shallow but
I did Guatemala at your request :-)

Tell me what you think :-)

Praying for you

Sarah said...

Praying for your sweet Xiomara!! I have been checking in on your blog often and always praying for both of your beautiful girls!

emily said...

Thought that I posted a comment already....hmm..

Praying for you, for all of you. Know that. Trusting in a sovereign King, a merciful Lord and faithful God. You, Chris, Xio, and Eliana are all in His perfect keeping.

You guys certainly aren't alone in this journey- thankful to be walking with you guys.

The Heinrichs said...

Hey Lindsey! Wondering if you got my email the other would have came from deannabrestensky not heinrich! We want to go to Guatemala in March over Easter...but since our case has yet to be submitted to the Embassy we may have to hire Adoption Supervisors sad I want to see our sweet girl again! Email me! Do you think you will visit if Feb?

Adoption Wear said...

lindsey i cant find your phone number

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

John and I pray for Xio and Eliana
every morning. We were so thrilled to hear that Ruth Lee approved your
application! Yea God for answered

We pray also for the 2 of you as well as John every morning!

Love, Mary Helen

the albertsons said...

Hi there...
Continuing to read through your blog and learn about your struggles. And what a journey you've had so far... your faith, though, is an example for us all, and God is being glorified. It's hard to swallow, but if that is the reason for all of this... it's worth it. But in my humanness, I can't believe that you've had to suffer like you have, and I'm just heartbroken for you. I used to coordinate Guatemalan adoptions, so I know how screwy the system is there. Prayer is the power you have now, and God's will be done here... Please God... help these babies in Guatemala come home!
with love-
becca albertson

Greg & Brandi said...

Father, Lord, Protector, I rejoice knowing that You love Xiomara and Eliana more than any of us could. I rejoice knowing that You are in control. Father thank You for parents like Chris and Lindsey who put their hearts, finances and emotions on the line to come to the aid of such precious babies. Lord I boldly ask for Your intercession in the lives of these young girls, while searching for contentment in Your perfect will. For Xiomara's mother, Lord, help us to remember that this is one for whom Your Son died. I pray that she will come to know You through Your Son. Father give Chris and Lindsey a "peace that surpasses all understanding" - a peace that comes from resting in You. In the name of Your precious Son, Jesus, I pray, Amen.