Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome home "Osoito".....we love you!

Yesterday was so much fun!!!! We got to meet our friends, the Moore's, at the airport to welcome home the newest addition to their family.....Elliot!!!! HE IS AMAZING!!! He is the cutest, most beautiful little boy (so is their other precioso Micah)....and boy is he strong!!!!! He is going to be a muscle man. We are so excited that he is home. We keep joking that he might someday date Eliana. We love you Scott and Amelia! We are so grateful to have y'all in our lives. We are praying for you in this new transition. Go tell them congrats at their blog!

Love y'all,


Kristin & Greg said...

What a cutie!!! And, yes I think he and Eliana would make a GREAT couple!!

Many blessings!

Becca said...

What terrific pictures!


jajbs said...

He is a CUTIE! I, too, think hea nd Eliana would be precious together! :)

I have been praying for you guys. My new blog should be up soon.... Krisin is designing it for me.


Auntie G said...

Thanks for sharing this. Every child coming home is a blessing.

Amanda said...

LOVE IT!!! Hope to meet this Elliot Moore soon!!! I will have to bring plenty of pictures of my Eliot Mohr.

Whitney said...

Praise God for another little one home!

Scott Moore said...

Thanks for making our homecoming SO SPECIAL! We love you guys!

Amanda said...

it's official. Guatemalans are the cutest babies in the world. period.