Friday, January 9, 2009

Thursday Dance Party

Here's a little glimpse into the Thursday night dance party we had tonight! This girl LOVES to Dance. Any time she hears music with a beat she has to move to it. It's almost like she's obligated to shake her little head to the rhythm. If she's too tired to dance she'll just pat her knee and slowly nod. I especially love the serious faces she makes when she's dancing! She also makes every item she picks up into a phone (including a door stop at the church today)!

So far her words include:
No-no, Oh-No, Backpack, Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Yes-Maam (long and drawn out), Puppy, Kay-Kay, Yeah, Milk, and her name (which she pronounces "Ey-Yahna.") My favorite word though is when she says amen which sounds more like "Ah-mean" in a little whisper! She says it just at the right times too! Lindsey and I will be talking and then I'll sometimes just lead into a prayer. At the end she'll say amen right on cue though I wasn't even aware she knew we were praying at all! It's super cute!

I feel like she's getting bigger every time I turn around. I know every new Dad must say this but it's really wild! Though I feel like she's twice the size she was when we brought her home, the truth is she only just last week broke the 20 lbs. mark and her frame is still quite tiny!

Lately she's started hugging me with both arms wrapped around my neck! She squeezes tight and then gives me kisses! There's nothing like that in all the world!

The really weird part of it all might be that I can't imagine life now with out her! (I know every body says that but now I'm saying it too.) I don't even know what we did before her. I mean I can remember those days but they seem so long ago and so strange to me now! Lindsey and I just love when the three of us can just play together. We literally just laugh and laugh at all of her antics.

Eliana, I'm so proud to be your Daddy!


LC said...

I just made her a sweet mixed CD. she's really going to be able to bust a move come next week!!!

Kelsey Lantz said...

omg I miss that sooo much!!!!!!!!! her phone, her dancing, her serious face....and I cannot wait to hear her talk!!!!!! um get her practicing aunt kelsey cause Ill be there in three weeks ;)

Corby and Lauren said...

She will have quite the dance party next Thursday night with her Uncle Corby! She should probably get some extra rest between now and then!

Mindy said...

Cameron is dancing the whole time he is watching that. I think it is in their blood. It is cute to watch them dance.



Rhonda said...

Ahhh, that was so adorable. SHe is just sooo cute! Have a great weekend.

The Keierleber Family said...

HOW SWEET! I can't wait to bring our little one home!!!!!!

Katie said...

She is so cute...I just love her so much!!!!

This is actually Amanda...not Katie!!!!

Amanda said...

she would fit right in on A Night at the Roxbury!!! LOL!! Such a cutie!!

Terry said...

You are so right! There is nothing better than having those tiny arms wrapped around your neck for a hug or sweet toddler kisses. Parenthood isn't always easy, but it's the most rewarding adventure ever!

And the dance thing...I'm beginning to think all Guatetots can shake their butts like nobody's business. Adorable!

julie_joshb said...

okay I think we are living the same life. Maya is the same. Holds the phone. texts, does the dancing thing. have the same dog jumping up on the couch and we still havent met! hmmmm when is this going to happen. we must get the meeting on the calendar asap!

Steph said...

What a doll!! There is nothing better than those sweet hugs and kisses. What a sweet girl!

Courtney said...

I felt like I was watching Stella. She does the same thing. She walks around with the phone between her ear and resting on her neck and trys to play at the same time. yikes! She also busts a move everytime she hears music. IF she does not feel like dancing, it is a shake of the head back and forth and taps on her knee. So funny. Courtney

Bobbi said...

Reese loved watching her dance!!

She sounds like so much fun!! It is hard to remember the days before them.

Everthing a phone??? Oh, she is all girl

demp5 said...

I could just eat her up!
Happy weekend to you all~

Kelsey said...

It's me, the FRAer again. Chris, if you come back for Spiritual Emphasis week again this year, BRING YOUR DAUGHTER!! She is just too cute! -Kelsey