Wednesday, July 9, 2008

14 Days

There are 14 days until I get to go see my girls again! It's been a week and 3 days and I feel like it's been a month and two weeks. When people ask how I'm doing I usually just tell them "I miss my best friend." I know that sounds cheesy, but I'd truly rather be with Lindsey doing nothing, than with any other person doing any other thing (this includes fishing, kayaking, ultimate Frisbee and eating candy)!

Lately I've been cleaning out closets and listening to a lot of Matt Chandler sermons. (Matt is the pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, TX and is my favorite preacher to listen to. You really should check out or listen to the podcast.) Any way, I made hamburger helper last night and cleaned out's that for an exciting Tuesday night!

I miss my girls, but on the flip side...I can't tell you how proud I am of my wife. She is amazing. I love life with's shocking and every day is different! There aren't too many women in the world who are willing to pack up and live in another country way outside the comfort zone. Lindsey is living out the life of Faith for us all to see! She's sacrificing being clean, sleeping comfortably, watching good TV, being with her friends and family, eating American food (and all the other nice things about living in Franklin, TN) so she can be with our baby girl! Every time she tells me another cute thing Eliana is in to it makes me so happy all over again that she's there. It makes me so happy that Eliana won't have to be torn away from another person in her life! Cool how God weaves your story...we never would have guessed we end up here, but we'd never change it either.

Thanks to all who are praying and walking this road with us! We are so grateful for the cool community of bloggers God has developed around us...we feel so blessed by you all.

Much Love,


Tricia said...

Hooray - only 2 weeks until you get to be reunited with your girls, Chris

And I had to laugh - a Tuesday night cleaning out closets & eating Hamburger Helper - what a wild life without them, right?!

Praying Eliana HOME,

Betsy said...

Please just KNOW in your heart, that there are SO many, many of us out here praying for your GIRLS! Glad they are doing well. Thanks for sharing your walk of faith with all of us.

Suzanne and Jayme said...

Chris, You have such a beautiful family. You are all very lucky to have one another. I pray that Lindsey and Eliana will be home soon. My thoughts and prayers are always with you guys.


begutierrez said...

I'm so glad that you're about to be with them again! I hope soon all three of you are together for good.. livin' the good life in TN.

Jami said...

Chris - I'm praying for you and Lindsey as you have to spend this time apart. I can't imagine how hard it would be.

We'll keep praying blessings over you all!

Amanda said...

I am so proud of Lindsey and you is not every day that a man is willing to be away from his wife!!! It shows how much love there truly is there with you guys.

I am excited that you are getting to go back so quickly.

Love ya'll

Laurie said...

I am so excited you are going again in 2 weeks! How awesome! Praying for you and your girls!

Bobbi said...

BOY, you are living the high life without them. You know how to have fun.

Hope the next two weeks goes by quickly!!

Bobbi said...

BOY, you are living the high life without them. You know how to have fun.

Hope the next two weeks goes by quickly!!

A Team said...

So funny... I am from the DFW area and several of my greatest friends go to Matt's church.

I bet you can't wait to see your girls.. they are precious.

We are over here at your sister church in K-Town.


Emily said...

Praying for you guys in Texas. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Very the closets.

Kim & Dave said...

I am SO glad for both her & Eliana that she is there, too!

Ashley said...

We have loved keeping up with your growing family through the blog and truly hope that this side of heaven we will get to see you again and your girls sometime...ya visitin' Okla anytime soon?
Chris & Ashley Campbell

Erin said...

ahhhh... that picture is so priceless. It says, "Shhh... don't tell anybody, but I'm just going to climb into daddy's suitcase and go home." I canNOT wait to meet that sweet little girl!

Katie Mohr said...

Tell your sweet best friend that if she's truly missing good television then reruns of 90210, Dawson's Creek, Melrose Place and Everwood are on between 6-8 in the morning. Then it's all about "Prime-time Warner Channel". Ya Volvemos con...

and tell her I'll see her in a week!

Anna said...

What a precious family you are!!!

Really praying that you will all be together at home soon!

God Bless,

melneyann said...

Lindsey is a rock star in my book too! Both of you are. I'm so blessed to be able to watch you guys walk through this. I know that it's definitely been tough, but my's so worth it!

I was in Dallas at the end of May and I visited the Village Church. Incredible teacher!

Thanks for sharing your family's story with all of us! Some day Eliana will be able to look back and read about this journey of faith.

Love you guys!

Debbie said...

Chris, I think you and Lindsey show great faith in God!! I think it's great that she is in Guatemala, taking care of Eliana!! It is great that you all are sacrificing for your daughter!!

God bless and be with you!

Johnson Family said...

Chris, Nick and I are praying that sweet Eliana comes home quickly. We are so proud of you and Lindsey (even though we have yet to meet her!). We have been following your journey through this process. Thank you for being so open and posting this journey online for us all to be encouraged and blessed by. Take care friend, Jen (Hoge) Johnson

RJ and Rebecca Caswell said...

I have only posted once before but I had to post on this one. What a JOY to read about your relationship with Lindsay and your love for sweet Eliana. It is amazing how the Lord weaves our lives! Beautiful!
We'll be continuing to pray!

Christy said...

beautiful words! We are so happy for ya'll!

Brian and Christy Hutchins

The Hollemans - Chloe's Journey said...

Chris, I love reading your posts about your wife and daughter. You are a precious family. Hope we can meet sometime! (not too far from Hendersonville.. I was actually in Franklin yesterday for some music meetings.)
Praying for the girls! God has GOOD plans for your family.

The Hollemans

Holly said...

So glad to read that everything is going well for you, Lindsey and Eliana. I am sure it is hard for all of you to be separated. But, how great for Eliana that she is with her family finally.

Holly Zabka


always love to read the words you say about your women ... especially the tall one ... hee hee ... still walking w/ you and will till you are all home and then some ... love ya!

terris213 said...

What a sweet family you are. I love reading your blog and seeing this adoption story unfold. I so wish I could have fostered my two gurlz during their adoption processes, however, I am a single mom and someone had to work to pay for those adoptions. Money well spent! Lindsey is very brave, and so are you for keeping the home fires burning, and coming along side Lindsey with her passion for Guatemala. I continue to pray for all the cases that need to move, move, move and get those babies home.
Hamburger Helper? There are worse bachelor dinners. Ya did good! :~)
terri in virginia

The Hollemans - Chloe's Journey said...

I keep looking every morning to see if there are any updates! I feel like you are my family. Just thinking about you guys this morning.
Numbers 23:19
The Hollemans