Monday, July 21, 2008

A heavy heart....

Today has been so full....but I couldn't go to sleep without sharing a few of my thoughts. My heart has been so heavy for the people in Guatemala. I walk by so many people each day whether I am walking to McDonald's or to the grocery store. They each have a story. There are so many that are holding out bowls asking for money. My heart breaks. There is so much need....and I want to connect with all of them. Two little girls in particular have stolen my heart. They literally sit hunched over outside of the McDonald's singing for everyone to hear to get money. Who are they? What is their story? All I can think is...Lord, please protect them. Give me wisdom. Show me how to love them. Some of my dearest friends Kelsey and Melissa tried asking them questions....and the answers were hard to hear. These precious girls are children of God....he loves them the exact same that He loves me or Eliana.

It can be so easy to fall into what I don't have or the things I am missing from home, but on nights like tonight....I am humbled. I have been given so much. Please be praying for me to make the most of every minute I have in Antigua. I am beyond grateful for my time here.

I love you all,

P.S. Thanks for celebrating with us about PGN! We are so excited!!!

*Also, for the person wanting to know what PGN is.....I really wish I totally knew what it is. It is one of the last stages of a Guatemalan adoption. All of your paperwork goes to PGN and it is reviewed by different people. A lot of people call it the "black hole". It goes through different will either be kicked out or let out. Once you are signed out of PGN, your child is legally yours in Guatemala. Hope this helps!! You could google it to find out more info.


Anonymous said...

Again, can you please take some time to blog about what PGN is and how it works. I pray when you ask for prayers, I hope you will return the favor...

Christy said...

mmmm hearing you describe all that reminds me of my trips to Haiti. It is so hard not to scoup up each child/person you see and help them in any way you can. God does hear our prayers though! We'll be praying for you, and the people you come in contact with.
Much love,
PS. Pray for us...we are on the beginning of starting domestic adoption. We haven't found an agency yet and that seems to be harder than we thought.

Amanda said...

I love your heart for those people. Everytime I talk to you on the phone and everytime I read your words (on blog or by email) I can totally hear that passion God put inside you!!!

I have started to have a passion for these people just because of talking to you, Chris, Katie and Russ...your love for the Guatemalan people is so infectious...I can't wait to be able to go there for myself sometime.

Love you and can't wait to see you and meet Eliana...Katie told me that she is the most beautiful baby girl.

About Us said...

Wow, so much has changed since I last read your blog. Praise the Lord for His blessings and for the beautiful story He is preparing for you and your family. You have been a great encouragement for me especially as we have ended our adoption and are seeking God's direction. All the best.

Courtney said...

If we could only help everyone ... and take all the little children home with us..... Thanks for a touching story. Courtney

Anonymous said...

Linds & Chris-- we love ya'll SO MUCH and are celebrating the END OF PGN!!! PRAYING,
Mer and Hunter

Hannah said...

I read Kelsey's post and it broke my heart. I don't know how Melissa finds the strength to put herself out there over and over again but I respect it more than I could ever say. I believe that some of the greatest gifts we receive from the Lord are sometimes the journey down the hardest path.

Our family will continue to pray for you during your journey (as well as Melissa who I LOVE and Kelsey)

We are so happy that your journey in PGN came to an end, I cried like it was my own!!

God Bless.

Tracey said...

We felt the same way during our stay in Guat! We helped when we could. We gave Kade's toys to children on the street and gave money to the needy, but my heart ached everyday!!

I hope that you are enjoying all the yummies in Antigua. Dona Louisa has the best banana bread. And Queso Ci Vino is yummy Italian food.

Can't wait to hear you have PINK!!

Laurie said...

So true! I wish I could fix the problems of so many people in Guatemala. I just have to believe the Lord can do much better than I!

The title of your post scared me! :) I am so glad things are OK with you guys!

Holli said...

Here's something I pulled off of an adoption website. I've also heard PGN compared to the equivalent of the attorney general's office in the U.S.
PGN in Guatemala

The official adoption office is the PGN in Guatemala. PGN stands for Procuradoria General de la Nacion. Procuradoria is a Spanish term that is used in Central America. Its relative to jurisprudence in Guatemala. The PGN in Guatemala is made up of lawyers, judges, counselors and administrators as a combination of the US Immigration Service and elements of the Justice Department. The Procurador is the person who manage and administers laws on behalf of people adopting through the PGN in Guatemala.

In order to comply with The Hague Convention, the PGN in Guatemala was set up to act as the central department with authority over adoption in Guatemala. In addition to standardizing the adoption process, the Hague Convention is also an effort to stop the trafficking of children.

The PGN in Guatemala is the group that receives the paperwork prepared by prospective parent(s). The PGN reviews the paperwork and analyzes it against the adoption requirements required by Guatemala and the guidelines of The Hague Convention.

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Lindsey, I love your heart! God is using you, my friend!!

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Precious Linds,

Your beautiful heart and compassion
are a wonderful gift to those little girls. God will show you how
He wants to use you and His leading
will come with peace. We love you and Eliana and pray for you daily!
Enjoy your time with Chris there
to the max! Have you learned which
region is Eliana's birthplace so you can buy some fabric from her native region for her? We will be praying for a delicious visit for
the 3 of you!

With Love and Hugs, Mary Helen and John

Kim & Dave said...

I know EXACTLY what you heart just breaks for the people there. Mostly, because they need Jesus....& my Spanish is so lacking, I couldn't tell them no matter how hard I tried!!!!

So much to say about this....but words fail me!

We do pray for those missionaries we know there & the Believers that they would be able to share Christ effectively.

But, Praise God, our 7 year old wants to grow up to be a missionary in Guatemala! I pray she never looses that desire, & that the Lord fulfills it in her life!!!

cindy lou-who said...

i thought PGN standed for Praise God Now! just kidding. i know it's not. but i'm so happy you're out of it. that is awesome and made my day. love you, friend. there's purpose for each day you are there.


i am sure you are seeing things that will change you forever ... it will change how you see everyday life .. it will change how you pray ... it will change the way your family does everything ... as hard as it is sometimes you are so blessed to have experienced GOD'S PEOPLE ...

love ya ... will be waiting at the airport when you come home !!!

The gFamily said...

This post has been on my mind for days! I can't stop thinking of those little girls and the terror they have to go through everyday! Lord, please protect those babies from the evil of the world!!

Briana said...

There are so many stories there. Antigua is such a beautiful town but there is just too many sad faces. :( It breaks my heart.