Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PLEASE PRAY...Eliana is throwing up Again.

It's 3:30 AM and Lindsey just called me (Chris) to tell me that Eliana has been throwing up again and has congested breathing again. Please pray that God continues to show His mercy over her little life. Lindsey and Kay are watching over her all night.

The plan is to take her to a good pediatrician first thing in the morning, unless her condition worsens over night (she's asleep right now and seems stable).

We know people have mentioned them to us before but we can't remember who it was they said...so if you know of a great one please let us know.

Pray for wisdom
Pray for mercy
Pray that God leads Lindsey to the right doctor



~Issy said...

Chris, i just saw your message-i don't know of a specific ped, but there is someone that can't point Lindsey in the right direction. A friend of mine recently used him on her pickup trip for the Embassy appointment and they also needed a doctor for the little one. His name is Victor Estacuy Lopez. He speaks fantastic English, can provide transportation and can point Lindsey to a good doctor take her there and help with the pick up of any meds. Here is his phone number: 570 811 83

Hope this helps; know i'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Sig said...

When my baby was sick in Guatemala (14.8 fever, ack!) I called Dr. Francisco Montiel (there are 2 of them, this one is the good one) and he came to the Westin to check her out. He knew immediately what was wrong (UTI) and told me to have the foster mom bring her to him when she picked her up. I really liked him, his training was in the US.

Anonymous said...

Dr Francisco Montiel is a Ped neurologist. He sudied in England. Both of my children had him while in Guatemala. His office is close to most hotels in GC. I am sure the hotel can give you the number but if not email me.
I pray Eliana will be alright.

The Albertsons said...

YES- I used to help with Guat adoptions for the agency I work for and Dr. Montiel is the best.... I don't have any of his info at the moment but once the home office opens at 9 I can try to get that info... email me at rvzalbertson@gmail
so that I have your email... I worked in the office up until 4.5 years ago (and was in Guat 5 yrs ago), but I'm assuming they still use this doc...
becca albertson

demp5 said...

I just resent Lindsey an email with Dr. Sidney Hagen's contact info. He has been recommended by several families.

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Thank you for directing Lindsey to Your choice for Eliana's care! Thank you for keeping her spirit
out of fear and in faith so she is
walking in Your Peace hearing your
voice as YOU lead her step by step
into Eliana's complete healing and
restoration! Thank you for confirming Your leading to Kay as well!

We praise You for YOUR FAITHFULNESS!

We are standing with you in confident faith Chris,Lindsey and Kay,

Love, Mary Helen and John

Rachel said...

We used Dr. Montiel and he was wonderful. Praying...

Betsy said...



Madelyn's Mommy said...

I am praying!!!


Robyn said...

Sending up lots of prayers for Eliana!!


B said...

Chris -

I was recommended over and over again Dr. Montiel by so many people, incl. someone who worked with him for 11 years. Did not use him but here is his info:

He is a pediatric neurologist and his wife, Delmy, is a pediatrician. They have a small clinic not far from the US Embassy. Delmy speaks English well and he is absolutely fluent.

Francisco Jose Montiel Viesca
7 Avenida "A" 4-49, Zona 9
Ciudad de Guatemala 01009
Guatemala, C.A.
Tel: 502-2362-0252/-3
Email: fmontiel@intelnet.net.gt

Amanda said...

Chris and Lindsey,
I am praying for complete healing for Eliana's little body. I am also praying for comfort and rest for both of you and Lindsey's mom. Chris...I am especially praying for you since you are not able to be there with them.

ABBA FATHER - We pray for healing in Eliana. I pray the you would guide every step that Lindsey and Kay take. We also pray that you would be the doctor's hands. We not only pray for healing but also pray that you would give her body the rest and nutrition it needs.
Comfort Lindsey, Chris and Kay in this time...give them all peace and rest in YOU!!!
We ask for a quick healing and a quick return home to Nashville.
In The Name of Jesus - AMEN

Chris, Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you guys.
Love all of you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't have any contacts (but I think you're well taken care of here), but I do have prayers. Please keep us posted when you can.
Father, again we come to you on behalf of Eliana and her tired, frightened momma and daddy. We pray for your Holy Healing for this sweet baby girl, that you would restore her body to complete health. Direct Lindsey to the best doctor for Eliana today, and give him wisdom and knowledge. We pray for your peace for Lindsey and Chris, that they could rest in the knowledge of your power and strength.
We pray this with expectant hope~ Amen

Betsy said...

Dr. Hagen's phone number is 2335-3431 if you are calling in Guatemala. He is located in a set of buildings called Geminis, in Zone 10 near many of the hotels. For emergencies, the number is 5318-3838.
Betsy Emanuel

The Huffs said...

Absolutely! We're praying for all of you! Poor thing. She's just having a tough time right now. Things will get better. The Lord is watching out for her!


Anna said...

Praying for little Eliana and for you all that she will be ok and that whatever is causing this can be sorted out quickly.
Take care,

Cathie said...

I am praying for your sweet girl and for your family.
When we picked up our son his foster mother told us not to let him get too hot and when he got sick he would cough, breath hard and get sick. The same symptoms went on when he was home with us. Eventually he was diagnosed with Reactive airway diease. His ped. doctor told me he would labor so hard to breath that he would just get sick. He couldn't keep food down then. Our son was put on breathing treatments.
Please feel free to e-mail if you want more detailed info.
I know his ped. doctor in Guatemala hoped once our little guy got out of Guatemala city and in cleaner air things would clear up but they didn't at the time.
Hugs and prayers to all

Tamara said...

Chris and Lindsey,

Please keep us updated. It's horrible to hear that Eliana isn't feeling well. She looked great and super cute yesterday. I miss being at the hotel with you guys. It was fun and great to meet you all!!
My agency also suggested Dr. Montiel, because he will also email you.

Wish I was in GT!! We will continue to pray!

missing Dominic & Eliana :(

ManyBlessings said...

Sorry that sweetie is still having a rough time. And so glad Lindsay is there with her (how are YOU holding up Chris??).

My kids have had both Dr. Hagen and Dr. Montiel. Both are incredible.

Praying that baby girl home...


DJ Holly Rock said...

SYDNY HAGEN...definitely. When I lived in Guatemala City with my daughter, Gia, that is who I took her to. We visited our son when he was only 7 days old and he was very sick when we got to Guatemala so we took him to Dr. Hagan and he actually remembered me. He also got out son straightened out before we had to give him back and even called the next day to make sure he was OK.

Top notch doc!!!

Good Luck:)

The M. Herndon Family said...

Let me throw in my support for Dr. Hagan AND for Victor Estacuy Lopez. Dr. Hagan was Miranda's pediatrician, spoke English, and would talk with us on the phone about Miranda's check-ups.
Victor is AWESOME. He will do whatever you need---drive you somewhere, pick up something from the store, translate, etc AND he'll do it at any hour of the day. My husband and I totally trusted him and felt safe and comfortable with him. He drove us to Antigua and took us to Hiper Paiz on the way and was totally helpful with the kids and all the stuff.
Praying for you both and Eliana.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for little Eliana.

Dominic's Tia Becky

Kathi said...

I'm praying for Eliana as well. Again, I came over from Gwen Oatsvall's blog, so you don't think I'm a "hijacker"

Betsy said...

Chris, this is from a friend, Julie in AZ- sent to you --

Dr Hagen is located in the mall across from the Radisson. I kick myself for not remembering the name of it. BUT if she had a driver take her there. It is on the third floor in the left of the mall. Dr. Montie's info is: Tel 2362-0252 and his address is 7a. Ave. "A" 4-49 Zona 7. Hope she is able to get her little one help today... my thoughts and prayers are with her, please keep me posted

We both hope this helps Lindsey and the baby!

April said...

My daughter used Dr. Montiel while in Guatemala City, and someone else gave you the info, he was great!!! Praying for sweet Eliana and Lindsey and Kay as well that God lead them to the right doctor..praying for you all..

Dream Angel's Mommy said...

I've been reading your blog for a while. I'm sending up prayers for your baby girl.

The Heinrichs said...

I am praying for you all! Chris/Lindsey call my cell 724 664 4561 if you want me to get some meds from the US and take with me!

Love Deanna

McMurrays said...

We love Dr. Montiel. . . he is amazing!
Darcy McMurray

Ashley said...

Dr. Montiel... I have spoken to him personally while on a visit trip. He is kind (and he answered his phone) I have his office and cell phone number in front of me... e-mail me if you need them


Terry said...

Praying for Eliana and hoping for an update soon.

As many have said, Dr. Montiel was Tommy's GC ped. and was wonderful (and we even had to call in the middle of the night twice and he was VERY helpful).

There is also an English speaking doc in Antigua. Let me know if you need his name and number (although I'm sure you can get it from anyone that is currently fostering).

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Oh guys - I'm praying for you all! Lord - fill them with wisdom and peace.

Sending my love to you all!

Jerry and Stacie said...

My goodness! Poor girl! I am praying for sweet Eliana, for God's mighty wisdom and guidance to lead the doctors to get to the bottom of her illness and help her feel better, and for an abundance of love, peace and comfort for you and Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

Praying for all of you and that Eliana is feeling better soon. All God's blessings.

Hannah said...

Praying for your sweet baby.


Bobbi said...

Hope she is ok.

Wish I could recommend a DR.

I'll check back for updates.

Laurie said...

So sorry Eliana is still sick. Praying for you guys.

RJ and Rebecca Caswell said...

I found you from Terry's blog (Adoption-The Real Truth) last week and wanted to let you know we are praying for each of you and for immediate healing for Eliana.

Amanda said...

let me know if you still need a dr., and I'll write to intermissions and see if any missionaries in Guate have one they recommend.

Lisa & Madeline said...

Praying for your sweet girl,Eliana, and praying for you and Chris too... Hope she gets well soon.

begutierrez said...

Hey, how's Eliana now?! I keep you all in my prayers.

Tracey said...

Sounds like you are all set with doctors. I just hope and pray little one feels better QUICK!!

Anonymous said...

Praying that she gets to a good doctor and she gets better. I'm so glad that Lindsey is with her!

Laura said...

Just learned of Eliana's illness... haven't checked your blog in a couple of weeks. You don't know me... but I stalk you ;)
Praying, absolutely praying for you all!! Eliana is so beautiful, it's so wonderful to see you all with her during this hard time.
I would just add to all this, it sounds like most of her problems are when she's laying down? Reflux issues perhaps? I would recommend you use something to prop up her mattress so that she's not laying flat. That may help.. and maybe avoid giving her anything to eat or drink an hour or more before she will lay down. Just a thought... but it may really help! God bless you all... we're praying your girl gets OUT of PGN soon and is finally HOME!!!

redeemedintohope said...

okay so ive been checking and im worried!! please update

Betsy said...

According to the US Embassy website, here is the contact info:

Pediatricians (primarily for adoptions)
DR. SIDNEY HAGEN, (Contact for partnership)
Edificio GĂ©minis 10
12 Calle 1-25, Zona 10, Torre Norte Oficina 402
PBX: 2335-3431 Fax: 2335-3565
Email for group: ccpguate@intelnet.net.gt
Schedule: 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 3:00-7:00 p.m.

Also, there is another pediatrician listed:
Pediatrician (primarily for adoptions)
2 Calle 25-19, Zona 15; V.H.I
Edificio Multimédica, 14 Nivel, Of. 1405
Tel: 2385-7815/18, Fax: 2385-7819
Schedule: 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. and 3:30-5:

Good luck!

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suzanne mayernick said...

praise God for all of these connections!!!!Only our sweet Lord can weave a group of people together like this!!!Adoption is a wonderful thing!!


praying here ... sorry her little body keeps getting this ... keep us posted ...

Debbie said...

Chris, I am praying for your little girl!!!

Sorry no info on Guate Doctors!

God bless and be with Eliana and Lindsey!!


Amy said...

Praying for Eliana and for wisdom for her mom and dad.