Friday, July 11, 2008

Eliana got kicked out of PGN AGAIN!!!

This is how Eliana and I both feel. Yesterday was so discouraging in so many ways. We were kicked out of PGN for the second time! I just wanted to cry and cry. It is now taking at least 6 weeks from getting out of PGN until you can go home. We aren't even out. It is so hard to think about being here until September or later. Really, it is just beyond overwhelming. I am trying to think of the positive things.....the biggest is how thankful I am that I AM HERE WITH HER!!! I love getting to experience everything with her. Eliana is blowing kisses like crazy....waving to everyone.....kissing me about 30 times a day....and talking up a storm. I can't imagine missing this. So, today I am choosing to be thankful I am here with my little girl. I love Antigua.....I just miss Chris more and more every single day.

PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR ELIANA TO GET OUT OF PGN SO SOON!!!!!! Pray for my heart in this process. I know that the Lord has us here for a very specific reason. I love you all so much and cherish your comments.



Lee Anne and John said...

Oh Lindsey, I am SO sorry about the kickout! PGN just stinks! We received 7 previos (all for the same problem) so I feel your pain. I hope that your attorney is able to correct the problem quickly and get you back in on Monday. I cannot even imagine how much you must miss Chris and your family, but you are doing such a wonderful thing for Eliana. I wish I could have fostered Joey. I cannot wait to hear more about your experiences in Antigua and I pray to hear soon that you are OUT of PGN.
Lee Anne

Gabriela Marie and Family said...

I know how you feel. We have had some problems with PGN too. I wish that they would just hurry it up because all they are doing is spending their time and being way too picky when we are just here missing more and more of our babies. You are so blessed to be able to be there with Eliana. I wish I could live with Ella. The adoption process, especially all the new stuff, is very frustrating and really teaches us about God's perfect timing. Hang in there and I will continue to pray that Eliana, Ella and all the other babies that are waiting, will come home VERY soon.

Kim said...

I'm so sorry you got kicked out again. I hope it gets fixed quickly and that you get back in and back out for good as soon as possible.

Amanda said...

I am so sorry that you guys got kicked out again. I cannot imagine what your heart is going through...but one day all of this will be more than worth it.
I am praying that God would move this along!!! I pray that every persons desk that Eliana's file goes across would see through the eyes of GOD and sign off quickly!!! I am praying for FAVOR with the Guatemalan government.
I love you and can't wait for the day to be sitting face to face with you, Chris and Eliana!!! I so wish that I could sneak into Katie's luggage to be there with you all next week!!!! Know that I am there in spirit!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine how difficult it is to be there without Chris for so long but just enjoy being with Eliana. The bonding time for you and Eliana is priceless!

I am praying for a speedy fix and return to PGN.

Dominic's Tia Becky

kristin said...

oh gosh... i am so sorry... the process is so discouraging. i'm so glad you're with her, but i'm so sorry you're homesick. you're in my prayers.

JuJu - said...

Oh Lindsey -
I know this is beyond hard -
I know that God has you and Eliana (and Chris) in the hollow of his hands. Ilse wants to hear from you -drop her a line -give her a call - maybe she can help-
it is worth a try -

you have lots of people here praying for you -
hug that sweet baby girl for us

ps- send me an email - if you have time

Kim said...

I've been following your journey for a while and my heart breaks with this news. I will keep you all in my prayers that God will move some more mountains for your family. That God will help you with your pain of missing Chris. That you will get to come home sooner than anyone could had imagine. Remember, our GOD is big!
Praying for you,

Tamara said...

Stay strong Lindsey!! I wish I was there with you and Eliana. I think Andrew needs some company. I have been in PGN for 18 days and just waiting for that dreaded information. I know we will get at least one kick-out.

Give Eliana a big hug and just look forward to the day that Chris comes.. It will be here before you know it!

missing Dominic! :(

Anonymous said...

Lindsey--I have been following your amazing story and have been so encouraged by your faith and trust in God. May He continue to give you strength to face TODAY alone, knowing He will also be faithful tomorrow and every day after that. YOu are in my prayers.
Love, Rachelle

Carrie S said...

Oh no; so sorry to hear this, but you are right on being thankful for the moments you are having with her now. I pray things happen quickly in PGN for you. It is amazing how quickly time goes by once you are out!
Praying for your precious family.

Jerry and Stacie said...

Awwww Man!! I am SO SORRY you guys got kicked out again! That just stinks BIG TIME! God has such an AWESOME plan for you guys though. NEVER let go of that! He is working hard to bring you guys back together and HOME very soon! The Lord IS Mighty in battle!! Hold fast in knowing that you are being lifted up daily by SO MANY!!

We love you girls!

Suzanne and Jayme said...

Lindsey, I am so sorry to hear about the kickout. Just know that this time you spend with Eliana is so precious. I will pray for no more previos.

Farrah and Jed said...

OH NO, Any word when you will get back in?

I hope soon and then out for good!

You are lucky you can be there with her but I couldn't imagine being that far away from home.

Katie Mohr said...

Keep in mind that with each previo, you get funnier, skinnier and tanner. Just a few things to focus on. =)

Christy said...

Oh Lindsey and Chris I'm so sorry that she got kicked out again. We will continue to pray that God would bring you both home quickly and safely! May the Lord wrap His arms around all of you and may you feel His presence in such real ways!

Christy Hutchins

The Hollemans - Chloe's Journey said...

Lindsey and Chris,
My heart is broken for you. I did a quick check when I got back from lunch to see if there were any new updates and was crying as a read your news. I know it must be hard, but I keep being reminded of Romans 8:28 for you guys. Know that we are here in North Nashville praying for you guys so much.
The Hollemans

Hannah said...

I am so sorry. I this journey is a hard one but the end pay off is sweet. Let yourself have one day to really just be down and then get on with and keep marching. Just start counting down the days until your hubby is back...should be less than 2 weeks away now right??

Keeping you in our prayers.


Rachel said... you guys know the Mummau's story? If not tell Chris to call me. r

B said...

Lindsey -

Praying for you, Chris and Eliana! I still remember very well the heartache and intense sadness PGN can cause. Izzie's file was kicked out three times, making our stay in PGN five long tortuous months. Just hold onto your faith, and that sweet little girl of yours. I will pray for those PGN officials to get busy and APPROVE. I will pray for them to think and work first with their hearts. I will pray for God to lift you all up. I will pray for a sweet and QUICK reunion for you all.

Sarah said...

I am so sorry about your KO... UGH!! I hope that you are in and out again in no time! I am so glad that you are there with Eliana for forever though... this is a time you will remember and look back on with such glory someday. Hang in there... sending you big cyber hugs!

Jess said...

I am so sorry Lindsey. It's so hard!!!

I am praying for you!!!

Reba said...

I am so sorry about your previo. I know you are enjoying your time with Eliana, but I know I would want to be home experiencing those things (though if you have to be somewhere, Antigua is the place to be :). I hope that your next PGN stay is very short.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about another kickout! I know exactly how you feel. I lived in Guatemala with our two daughters and our oldest was kicked out several times before finally coming home. It was so hard to hear about the kickout each time. I missed my husband so much! Yet, now that we are all home together I can reflect on my 6 months (I hope it won't be that long for you!) spent with my daughters in their beautiful country. Unlike now I had no other distractions but to be with them. God is so good and he knew my girls and I needed that time together. I know it is hard to be away from your husband and all the comforts of home but honestly once you are home forever you remember this time with Eliana as the most Special time! Your faith is such an encouragement to others! I will continue to pray for you and your family!
Kim in South Carolina

Greg & Brandi said...

Sorry to hear that Lindsey. I'm glad you're enjoying your daughter! In the meanwhile I would love to hear more about your experiences there... where you're getting groceries, do you have a translator, how much do you get out, how your roommates are, etc.

Debbie said...

I have a friend in Antigua this weekend too!!! I am a little jealous of you both!!

I am praying for you to get back in and out of PGN in a hurry!!

Maybe God wants you to be His Missionary while you are there...


Bobbi said...

That just isn't right!!! Oh, how i am praying and praying for your case to get through!!!

You are so good to look at the good. It is hard to see the good in these times. 13 more days until Chris comes.....look at the good.

That picture is just precious.

Tichenor Family said...

i haven't commented in a while... but just wanted you to know that i am praying for your sweet family.

The Huffs said...

UGH!!! I know that is so frustrating, but just hang in there! Hopefully you will get back in quickly and then be out for good! AND just because others are taking about 6 weeks, doesn't mean yours will. Things could pick up and it may not be as long. Maybe... God will get her home. I promise. :)


Lainie said...

Bless your precious heart! You are so wise to choose to be totally in those moments with Eliana. Remember, too, that Chris will be with you in less than two weeks!! Right?

Still praying.

Love you,

Kathi said...

I'm praying for you here in San Diego, CA. I hope Eliana can pick up on some English while you're there

nikki said...

So sorry to hear about the KO!!!!
That is just so unfair!!!
Hope it is a quick fix, and you are back in and out!!!
Sending out hugs and prayers to you!!

Tracey said...

Stinky PGN! I hope they pull their heads out of you know where soon! I am so sorry! Remember, this is the most important time you will ever spend with the little lady! Enjoy her and that beautiful city you are in:) You will get out SOON! I just know it!

Mamita J said...

Awww, Lindsey and Chris,

I am so sorry. I know how awful that 2nd kick-out feels. I remember the day like it was yesterday. God used a song to give me tremendous peace. "Everlasting God". The first line is "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord." I pray that He gives you the strength you need for each day and that he refreshes your heart with hope.

Praying for you, friend.


Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Oh Lindsey - I feel terrible for you guys! Please know that I am here praying for you and Chris!

Amy said...

Was so sorry to hear about your second KO. Praying that the problem is corrected quickly and that the file speeds through from there. We serve a Lord who is capable of ANYTHING! Praying that He carries your file through PGN to the end.

demp5 said...

Dear Lindsey,
I am so sorry about your kick-out. I know how hard it is to be down there with no end in sight away from your husband. So, many times I felt like I had blisters on my heart. I was so grateful to be with my baby, but I physically ached for my husband and home. You have the best attitude - you just have to choose to be positive. And, I PROMISE you that when you get home, all the pain and hard times will fade (never go away). Praying for all the Wheelers!

Madelyn's Mommy said...

Praying for Angels of peace, comfort, and strength to surround you Chris and Eliana! Also praying angels around your file in PGN!!!!!


Natalie Fournet said...

Following your journey and praying for you! Hopeful that your family will be together, forever soon!

Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

I am so sorry to hear of your kickout...I know how frustrating and mindless this can seem. I too, am glad you are there with your angel and soaking all this in....she is so lucky to have you there and trust me...down the road this will all be worth it...take it all in while you are there and have the chance. I am praying for your heart, guidance, reassurance and safety while you are there...and that your hearts grow fonder each day you are away. I cannot imagine that in itself, I know it must be overwhelming and hard. Hang in there and just love on your precious angel every moment of every day! When you look into those eyes and see that smile you know you are doing the most wonderful thing in the world right now.
~~ Misty

Mommy said...

Praying for strength, encouragement and understanding in this current struggle. There is a reason you are there. I am sure God is using you in many ways.

Enjoy every moment with your precious angel. I am praying for the time to pass quickly so you all can be together again soon.


Anna said...

SO sorry to hear this news Lindsey and Chris. Will be continuing to pray that things will get resolved quickly and move ahead without delays.
Its so great you are trying to focus on the positives and keep your eyes on Jesus through this time.
Take care and God Bless,

Chanan and Rachael said...

This you know will pass and sometimes we are more driven by what we don't have in our sights.Elizabeth Elliot said it so well one day when I was so very overwhelmed. SHe said that "God has you right where he wants you...right now" I just happen to catch her on radio during my work break...that was so God and his loving reminder that he is always in control. He reminds me to rest in him and know that he is God. It is one of those SFGTD "something for God to Do"..You have to leave it with him and he will take care of it. Our cares and concerns can't move those mountains like our rest in him can while we wait on him. Rest and enjoy your specific mother Mission! Praise God for he is Good All the time!

April said...

Praying for Eliana and her case..I know how difficult it is, I was going through the same thing this week, and just waiting to hear what is going on now...It breaks your heart, but like you said you are there with her and God will see this through to the end!! I will continue to pray and lift this up to the Lord for a quick OUT and you and Eliana to be home...sending you hugs too..


comama said...

Praying for peace for both you and your precious hubby. You are an amazingly strong woman, don't ever doubt that. It is obvious that you have a strong faith and our Father is watching over you and your situation. Give it all up to Him and leave it in His hands. Then you can fully enjoy the journey while you are on it. You have an adorable little girl there who is very lucky to have a mama willing and able to give up everything so that she can have the peace of knowing that her mama is there to stay. What a gift! And of course, we all know that you are just as fortunate to be able to be there with your baby girl so as to not miss any more of those precious everyday moments. You are truly blessed, no matter how long it takes. So hang in there and call on the strength of the Lord to carry you through. He doesn't expect us to endure hardships alone, He's always there with us! I've been following your story and just had to let you know that my family is praying for you. Can't wait to see you ALL home!

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

I am so sorry that she got KO'd again. You are being so brave though. Staying in a foreign country by yourself is really scary and lonely. I pray that you find some friends while you're there to help pass the time. But how cool is it that you were able to do this for your little girl. I think it's great. And like you said you aren't missing all the new things she's doing and experiencing. Awesome.

Terry said...

Oh girl..I am SO SORRY! I hope the problem is corrected quickly and you are resubmitted soon. Praying that this will be it and you'll be out soon.

Keep holding on! I think about you so much because I missed Danny like a mad woman while I was there and know you're feeling the same way. Hugs!

Katie said...

I am so sorry .... I know how it feels. When we got put into investigation while fostering I was devastated and cried for days. But you have the right attitude and that is also what kept me going . Knowing that it is worth every minute to be with your child/ren. I just always told myself that it would be harder to be at home ..... missing them so terribly. Hang in there and know we are all praying 4 you .

emily said...

So sorry Lindsey. This roller coaster ride just continues huh? God is faithful my friend- rest in His goodness today!

Maria said...

I am so sorry to hear this news, Lindsey! :( My heart hurts for you and Chris. Hopefully you will be back in PGN very, very soon! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad for you guys! hang in there, I'm praying for you guys and checking the blog everyday!
Much love,
Bek King Phelan

Andrea said...

Getting kicked out sucks-no two ways about it But, God has a plan, and we're all anxiously waiting to see what the rewards will be! I pray that it's a fast fix, and your out and HOME soon!

The gFamily said...

Lindsay, I am so sorry! My heart is hurting for you, but yet rejoicing for you that you are with your sweet Eliana! I am praying for a very fast out now!! I am also praying for your BC to be a fast one after your out!

I am so glad that Chris will be there soon!! I know you miss him like crazy!!

You have so much support, and I know God is hearing our prayers!! He can do ANYTHING!!

Holli said...

praying for you to be in pgn and then OUT FOREVER! I love that your husband wrote that we could see you living through FAITH! - it is so true! Praying for you all!