Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lindsey Wheeler equals One Amazing Momma!

To the world today I would like to say,
that Lindsey Wheeler is amazing in countless ways.
She invests in our girl with the greatest of ease,
she talks to God right on her knees.
Lindsey is a listener to all she finds,
she sees the whole world with compassionate eyes.
She's special-unique-in a class all her own,
the best parts of my days are the moments I'm home.
If you know her you know she knows how to love,
a gift to us all sent straight from above.
To my dear-my wife-my baby-my girl,
Happy Mother's Day to you I declare to the world!

Lindsey I'm so thankful for you! You truly are an amazing Momma. I want Eliana to grow up and be just like you! Thank you for loving her so well. Thank you for the time you spend just reading to her and teaching her words. You make time for the things that matter most. I love how you're always thinking about how we can help her grow and develop and become all that God intends for her! You also make life so fun at our house! You are the best Guatemama and I'm so proud of you!


Friday, May 7, 2010