Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project Lyme-Aid

Check out my new blog dedicated to blogging about my journey with Lyme disease!! I will be selling some of my things to raise money for some of my medical expenses....thanks so much for praying!!

Love y'all,

Friday, September 10, 2010

2nd day of school and the NEW backpack!

....oh, and she went to the principal's office for hitting (the sweet principal said a lot of 3 year olds were in the office today)! Hopefully, I won't be getting a phone call every Tuesday and Thursday. :-)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1st day of Mustard Seed!!

We are so proud of Eliana...she made it through her first day of preschool! She only goes for a few hours on Tuesday and Thursday, but it still was a big deal for us! Her teacher said she was amazing....which was surprising because the morning didn't start out too great. She did not like carrying a backpack and had fallen out of bed at 4:00 am and hadn't gone back to sleep. So, 5 hours of sleep on her first day of school and she still did great....way to go sweet girl. We love you and are so proud of you!!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day(s)!

That pretty much sums up every single day over the last few weeks! Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for every day that I am alive....but each day has been one hard thing after the other. One of the awful parts of Lyme disease is that it attacks different parts of your body at any given time. So, one day I feel like my feet have been hit with a baseball bat....and then one day I can't move my neck because of the pain. The last week has been some of the most intense nausea/throwing up that I have ever experienced in my life....not sure if it's the TONS of meds or if it is a Herx reaction. That does NOT make for a fun day! I have been desperately trying to be positive....but it is so hard. I have tried reading....but my mind can't focus on anything other than the pain and nausea. We have been so blessed by people loving us and keeping Eliana....but I miss her SO MUCH! It is so hard staying in bed knowing that she isn't with me. Please keep praying for healing!! I know that I still have a pretty long road ahead.....

Love ya'll,