Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Chris!!

Chris, there is no way to tell you how much you mean to Eliana and me!! I literally am amazed watching you love, play and teach Eliana every single day. You are the MOST FUN!! She loves loves loves getting chased and tickled by dada. She loves jumping on the trampoline with you. She loves going outside with you...and taking walks. She loves eating a huge bowl of popcorn with you. Even this morning when I got her up from bed, she said "Hey hey hey, where dada go?" She would love it if she could be with you all day long.

Thank you for so many things. I cry thinking about the way you fought for her....she will never have any idea. I will never forget the time you drove 3 hours to the Memphis immigration office to beg them to approve our form in sat there ALL DAY....and FOUGHT for her!! You allowed me to live in Guatemala with her....even though it ripped your heart out to be away from us. You would do anything for both of us....and I am SO GRATEFUL!! Thank you for being so intentional with both of us. You serve pray for us all of the time...and you love us so well. I love you so much.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Show Hope Tote Bags!!!

The Show Hope totes are finally here!! I am so excited for all of the new things that have just been added to our store site. Click here to order a bag (or look through the site for other cute merchandise)! SPREAD THE WORD....

Love you all,

P.S. Eliana was a perfect little Show Hope model!! Check out her picture under the "Youth" section.