Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Okay, I need help.....what do I NEED to take??? I have to fit everything in 2, 50 pound suitcases....this is going to be a HUGE challenge. Also, does anyone have a good suggestion for a jogging stroller. I have been looking at the Jeep strollers.

Love y'all,


Courtney said...

Congrats on moving to Antigua !!! So exciting. What type of baby carrier do you have ? I got the Ergo and love it. I have the BOB jogger and it is wonderful. Can't you bring a 3rd suitcase and pay for it if you need to ???? I would buy diapers etc there. Will you be able to wash your clothes ? Hmmm...What about talking to other moms who fostered ? Good Luck. Courtney

EJ Williams said...

Hey Lindsey!
I also have the Bob Jogging Stroller (not sure what model) but I just flew with it and they'll let you gate check it, etc. So if you need to take it through airport terminals for easy transporting. I LOVE it and can't imagine life without it (ha).
Congratulations--you are amazing! ejw

T.R. said...

I would consider the BOB Revolution, it has a 3" suspension system so it can handle all different types of terrain. It also has a swivel wheel that can be locked into place to give you more stability on rough terrain. You know you're going to need it on the cobble-stoned streets in Antigua! I wish I had it there! Here is the link.
It also has a converter for infant car carriers.

As for the rest, you can pretty much buy everything in Guatemala. I took developmental toys and an activity mat which was my lifesaver. I would have a pediatrician on hand in the States that you can contact(I wish I had that before we went). Our Guatemalan pediatrician was fabulous, made house calls and always answered her cell phone. It was really nice especially since our daughter had some problems when we first got her. BUT she was MUCH more liberal with medication than our Pediatrician here and we didn't know any better until we got back to the States. I can also try to dig up the name and number of the doctors the US Embassy uses in Guatemala City if you want. The doctors speak English and all of the kids I saw in there were either American citizens living in Guate or were the kids about to be adopted by parents in the U.S. Hope this helps! I am so excited for you!

Stephanie said...

Hi Lindsey,

Love your blog and congratulations! I had the privelage of fostering my two little Guat beauties in Antigua and am SO glad I did! You've been to Antigua, so you know the general necessities, but I would recommend.. ear plugs (for ALL of the fireworks during the night...), mosquito net for pack & play, ant traps, Orajel (could not find that anywhere in Antigua), Gerber Puffs and more Gerber Puffs. Most everything else you can find there, but those are definitely things you may want to squeeze in those two bags. Good luck!!! So happy for you and all the fun you have ahead of you...

Stephanie McAuley

David and Marianne said...

No great suggestions other than don't forget toys for your sweetpea and worship music for you(I miss that the most when I'm out of the country)! Praying for you : )

Anonymous said...


You should talk to my wife Emily about it...I am sure she would have a lot of insight. It is funny to read about the BOB stroller...I complained about how expensive that thing was but Emily loves it - especially with the cobble stone streets in Antigua. She even got the bright neon yellow rain cover (since it is currently in rainy season) - which I think has been quite the scene in Antigua:) You might see if they have a toned down color:)

On top of mosquito might get a bug zapper...whatever that thing is called. Emily and LeeAnne have had problems with lots of bug bites and we are sending down a zapper with the next person that goes down

Maybe also the bullet mixer thing - very useful to make baby food with.

Jimmy Armstrong

Anonymous said...

The Jeep strollers are great!! I've also used the Bob stroller some and it's awesome as well!

Anonymous said...

exciting times for you guys!! We have the Phil and Ted' is an awesome jogging stroller that has the double seat you can use or store for later and you won't have to get another stroller if you are blessed with another anytime soon...folds easily...really durable...we like it a lot...but the Bob is great too. We also have the Phil and Ted's pack n play called the traveller.. no joke, it's 6 lbs and folds up into a bag the size of a lawn chair bag...great for travel...and we have the p&t's high chair that clips onto most any table so that when you are in a restaurant or someone's home you can use it...ours fits really well in our diaper bag for easy transport! My kids are always soothed by praise baby cds/dvds. That's all I can think of right now...I'm so excited for you and I'll be thinking of you and Chris as well...the separation won't be easy...but it's totally doable with the Lord's provision and support!!!!

Kristi said...

LINDSEY --- I HAVE A JOGGING STROLLER THAT HAS NEVER BEEN USED ---- YOU CAN HAVE IT!!! IT's an instep....I can send you pics if you want it. I'm about 90 minutes from N'ville......I can meet you at Shady Lane or the Tennessean Truckstops to give it to you.

Carrie S said...

Jeep® Liberty® Limited 3 Wheel Stroller
by: Kolcraft
The Jeep® Liberty® Limited stroller includes 12" inflatable tires for a smooth ride and a tire air pump. The steerable front wheel can be locked for bumpy surfaces. The music-on-the-move parent tray allows parents and baby to...(read more) (this didn't paste like I thought, but you can find more details on the Babys-r-us website.
We have the above stroller and absolutely love it!
Good luck on your move, what a wonderful thing to be able to foster your daughter until she can come back to her forever home!

Amanda said...

Russ and Katie have a JEEP jogging got a lot of use in Antigua and is still getting used.

Other things that they used alot:

-alphabet activity mat (fits in the bottom of your suitcase without a problem)

-mosquito net

-gerber puff and also the gerber dried fruit

-taggie blanket and/or ball

Kim & Dave said...

I was so excited to hear this news!!!

Your baby needs her mama!

We haven't ever fostered....but we have been in GT for extended periods of time. I would say......

Take disposable

changing pads
plenty of bottles/nipples

You don't need to buy diapers & wipes until you're down there, but the other things that can easily fall out someplace nasty, you might want to just throw away when you're done with it. Or, it might be more convenient than washing.

Also: take a couple of different cariers, or just one & buy a Maya wrap down there.

Something easy/safe to carry money in.

Comfy shoes....

NICE lotion. The water is VERY hard on hands & so is all the ANTIBACTERIAL Lotion.

I have a Jeep stroller & I LOVE it! Stears well, although I'm not sure how it would do on those cobblestones!!!

Oh, one other thing. Take bug spray of you're at all prone to being bit!


CONGRATS & continuing to pray!

Kim & Dave said...

Oh....& one other thing....disposable gloves for cleaning.

Never know when they might come in handy!

Courtney said...

Lindsey, Just thought of something else. Gerber now makes Yogurt Melts. Stella loves them. She also loves Baby Mum Mum - rice rusks (plain and veg. flavor) The are sold at Walmart in the baby food isle. They are the best snack because they are not messy at all. No bib is needed when eatting them. Walmart also has their brand called little puffs like gerber puffs (cheaper). The are a life saver. I also brought a sound machine with us to sleep at night. Also, our baby carrier Ergo also has a backpack and fanny pack that you can get that attaches to the carrier which was so nice. (check ebay for used one). You can use it on your hip and back also. And, only forward facing outward. Love it. I also have the Phil and Ted's portable highchair but it is sort of heavy and won't hook to all tables or counters. If you go to and look up the on the go booster... love it. it is so lightweight and will hook to any chair and comes in its own carrier case. If I think of anything else I will post again. Courtney

gracie :) said...

Since no one has recommended the Mountain Buggy yet, let me be the first! I have the Urban one which can have a swivel or locked front wheel. It workes so well on our long gravel driveway and also on grass. Those cobblestone streets are killer, but I would imagine this would do well. But then, you've had an offer for a free stroller too, so don't be too quick to pass that up! :)

And, if you girls plan on making any chocolate chip might want to pack a few bags of chocolate chips. It's been several years since I was there, but that was one of the hardest things to find even in the City! A chocolate fix is always good, especially in a house full of mamas and babies. :)

Kay-Kay said...

I love the Praise Baby collection and take it everywhere with me. It's so soothing and really captures the baby's attention, and I love that the praise music is feeding her little spirit while she is still so young. I would definitely recommend taking one or more with you. We have all of the DVD's, but Willow Grace likes Born to Worship the best.

We are praying for you, your preparations, your time in Guatemala with your sweet girl, and your swift return with her to Chris.

Katie Mohr said...

L O V E my jeep stroller!! Couldn't be happier with it. I also have the Ergo and love it. It's easier on your back than the cute slings. I may send you a list of must-have's over email soon. Remind me if you need more help!

Lee Anne and John said...

Lindsey, what awesome suggestions everyone is giving you!!! I am just so thrilled and excited for you.
lee Anne

Christfollower13 said...

Dont forget that you also get a CARRY ON and a Back Pack! That will help you a lot. Pack your bath stuff and make up in the suit cases. Possibly Eliana's stuff in the carry on suitcase. Its small and light. Good luck, so excited for you.
p.s. Buy diapers, wipes and food there. But I would bring a little lunch box full of baby meds like, decongestant, cough meds, saline spray, thermometer, little tummys constipation, baby tylenol and motrin, etc.

the Hansels said...

BOB Revolution or the Chariot Cougar!

Jess said...

I have the jeep stroller and I really like it. But it doesn't fold up small at all. It's really clunky, that's my complaint. I did just go on an airplane trip with it and it is totally doable.

I am SO glad your birthmother interview went well and that you are going to foster!!! You'll be SO blessed by this time with her and in Guatemala!!!!!

Courtney said...

One more item....phil and teds traveller (crib/playpen) it is like 6lbs and fast and easy set up. Courtney

Jami said...

Wow - Lindsey!! This is all so exciting! I'm so glad for you! :)

Kim said...

I haven't the slightest clue what to bring. The only thing you really need is Love, right?

Amanda said...

Hey Lindsey, one thing that I mentioned to Melodie was tampons. You can buy pads left and right, but tampons are hard to come by in Antigua, and their expensive at Hyper Paiz. As for the other stuff, you can buy most everything there. Call me sometime!!

Alleen said...

I'm just catching up on your blog. How exciting that you're going to be with your girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So sorry about your sister's dear friend. I will pray for the friends and families.

Bethany said...

I would also suggest the Gerber puffs! You CAN'T find them down there! The baby Mum-Mum's at Wal-Mart are GREAT! You can buy teether biscuits at Deliciosa, they are called Hero cookies. Also, bring meds to put on mosquito/bug bites and LOTS of it! I lived off of mac and cheese (the microwave kind) but La Bodegona has great ramen noodles!! ;) If you aren't picky about the bottles you use, the store sells Gerber bottles for $2. Most of the foster moms use them and they worked fine for Caroline. Bring baby meds such as tylenol, motrin, oragel and teething tablets. Caroline also loved her munchkin self feeder (you can put fresh fruit in it). It is also a MUST for little ones! I am SO happy for you!!
~Bethany and Caroline

Cheri (prounounced like the tree, like the fruit, as in Cherry Pie) said...

Lindsey....Good Grief! You got lots of GREAT advice! I will tell you, Malaena-Sloan was sick the last 2 times I went, so I would have a thermometer and Baby Tylenol, Motrin and Baby Benadryl. I went to Wal-Mart in GC and they had a few bibs, but I needed a lot more. I also needed more burp cloths. On all three trips, I took too many clothes for Malae and not enough for ME! It's easier to buy has new stuff than you! You are a tough chick, so no matter what you forget, YOU WILL SURVIVE! You'll have your daughter in your arms and NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER! Call if you have any questions (573/270-0310). God bless your packing! Cheri

Bobbi said...

You need an ergo baby pack. It is so versatile, and easy to pack. It is for up to 40 lbs, and goes in the front, back, and hip. It is so worth the investment. I just bought one, and use it almost every day. It would be great for bonding and in Antigua.

I have a friend who fostered, let me know if you want me to put you in touch with her.

The Milner Family said...

I just wanted to say that I agree on taking baby medicines. Our little guy was sick when we arrived in Guatemala to pick him up. We went to the local pharmacy to get medicine. It was difficult to tell them what we needed and then later found out that it contained a large amount of alcohol. He was a very good sleeper while we were down there-no wonder!

Remember once you have an address Chris, or family, or readers could send care packages. It is no that outrageous if it is something that will help your stay or if it will help make life a little easier. Also I think that you will find that most "baby stuff" are really luxury items and not necessary. The thing that helped us was when someone reminded us that babies are raised there every day without items for the US.

One last thing. I would take a picture of Chris and maybe a recording of his voice if possible. Also try to take an animal or blanket that has Chris's smell on it. These things will help with bonding when Chris visits or when she is home for good.

Either way if you forget and you really need it some one can ship it.


Anonymous said...

I'm delurking to tell you how incredibly excited I am for you to be going to Antigua!! (And also that I LOVED my Jeep stroller when I had one!) I'll be keeping you in my prayers and looking forward to your blog posts! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Use those space bags that you can vacuum or squish the air out of. Big Lots has an off brand that is cheaper and works just as well. It might not take out much wieght, but it will give you more room in your suitcase!
God Bless!
Don't forget your camera!

Anonymous said...

I know what you should pack ...
- Erika

*Overflowing* said...

I highly recommend using rolling duffle bags. Suitcases weigh a ton. Duffle bags are super light. Also, use air compression will help with space. Blessings and happy packing!

Debbie said...

I have a single jogging stoller that is a Schwinn with a swivel front wheel. That is an important thing I think. The double on is an Instep with a swivel wheel too.
I think a carrier would be good too.
I wish I had had the privilege of fostering our daughter, but had other kids too at home. It is such a blessing that you are able to do this.

My daughter is pregnant that got married last summer and is very sick, so tomorrow I am flying to Florida to take care of her for 10 days!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey,

I fostered my little one for two months right around the same time you are going and the thing I underestimated for both of us was FLEECE! Morning walks in Antigua were chilly and so were evening strolls.

June (Mama to Graciela and ELIANA!)

The Greene Family said...

SOOOO excited for you! We have a baby jogger stroller called the Twinner II. We love it. Besides all of the "normal" baby items, I would HIGHLY suggest a product by Medela that are sterilizing bags that you use in a microwave. I don't know how much of a germaphobe you are, but these are a lifesaver. We still use them for Ellie to steam clean her bottle nipples and pacifiers. Small toys also fit in them. I know Eliana is well adjusted to her own water system down there, but these are great if you just want to KNOW that something is clean. It takes about 11/2 minutes to steam sterilize. They are available at Target and they are cheap. As far as toys go, I would definitely suggest board books for her age so you can point to objects and introduce language to her. Babies her age love to fill containers with toys and dump them out. Depending on where she is at gross motor skill wise, she may enjoy a jumper that you can hang in a doorway. This packs very small and we have one you can take. Would love to share more, just call me!


Lainie said...

I'm sending you (email) the latest Consumer Reports info. on jogging strollers.

Love you,

Sharon said...

I was in Antigua last June and July and it was the most wonderful experience EVER! My shoes (hard to clean tile floors), good tennis shoes and walking socks, backpack, something like a passport necklace for money, toys (virtually none to buy there), video cam for the computer to IM with family at home, anything you can't live without from home (most things are available, but not the same quality/flavor etc as home). We donated a lot of things when it was time to come home and used the luggage space for our purchases.

I rented a jogging stroller from Juan Jose at Santa Rosa Apt. Also bought the Ergo when I got home and love it. Do carry on essentials; our luggage was lost for two days.

Foster_Parents_Of_Antigua_Guatemala is a very helpful Yahoo chat group.

You might want to ask your driver to stop at Hiper Piaz (Wal-mart of Guate) in Guate City for diapers, food, etc. Easier to shop there than La Bodegona in Antigua. I can recommend a great English speaking driver, Spanish/English church, etc. Email if you want more info. Sorry for being so long here.

cindy lou-who said...

Cindy and I have a BOB stroller and like it. I think there are several good ones as suggested above. We got ours off of Craigslist. I rec. you type in BOB stroller in google and see what cities come up. If you have a friend in one, get them to get it for you. We bought ours for around $125 I think. Good luck


Rachel said...

Congratulations! I will be praying for you as you return to Guatemala to take care of your baby. I do not know much about strollers, but when I travel to the Philippines...I bring lots of clothes for the kids in vaccuum seal space bags--but then you do have to weigh them because this makes lots more fit in the suitcase.

Sharon, Isabella's Mommy said...

I had an InStep and LOVED it! It was very light and easily navigated the crazy sidewalks and cobblestones.

Mandy Eoff said...

we have the bob revolution (double) and love it. a bit heavy but considering all it does it's great.
i also recently got a new baby carrier that's great...the beco butterfly carrier...i thought about the ergo but some friends of ours got the beco for their 1 year old for traveling to Thailand and they love it. i like it b/c the straps aren't too bulky and there is some funky designs so you can choose from a variety.
hopefully we can see you while we're in Nashville next week-
happy packing!!!

The M. Herndon Family said...

I also stopped at Hiper Paiz on the way to Antigua. It was nice to get started with a lot of supplies. You get get pretty much everything there.
I bought sturdy slip on shoes from Land's End that were very comfortable and durable on the cobblestone streets.
Meds--check with your doctor...mine wrote me a prescription for Cipro incase I got the "Guat Poo Flu" (which I didn't, but it was good to have just in case.)
Hats for Eliana (and yourself if you like them). The sun can be pretty severe during the day.
So excited for you!!

Laurie said...

I wish I had words wisdom from experience, but I do have a Baby Bjorn I used 3 times maybe you are welcome to use. It's the one that is suppose to give you more back support. Also love the idea of taking a noise machine or I have played Baby Einstein Lullabys 24/7 since Bella came home. Filters our the noise and gives a sense of familiarity when you travel, cuz I take my cd player with me! I'm so excited for you. LMK if you want the Baby Bjorn carrier! Big hugs!