Monday, June 16, 2008

Rewind: Pictures from Bulldog's 40th B-day

I love, love, love this picture!!! He was so excited to pose in the "Deep Victory" t-shirt that Leah made for his birthday. He loves my sisters!

This was our picture of Bulldog for over 3 hours. Chris would swipe the card to start the game....and then he went to town on the skee ball game. He was hilarious!! We all tried it at least once, and he was the best by far!

We stopped skee ball for literally a few minutes to try and play a round of mini-golf....but it just didn't satisfy him. So, BACK TO SKEE BALL!!

Bulldog's biggest request was to eat an entire lobster at "Red Lobster" it is! He loved it.

This is the only way I beat him at Connect Four....he fell asleep while we were playing! I still told him that I won.

WE LOVE YOU BULLDOG!!!! Eliana is going to love you!


P.S. I haven't had time to work on the blog...but I am going to try and use some of your suggestions!!


The Heinrichs said...

Looks like he had an awesome birthday!!! Of course he would... skee ball and Red Lobster my absolute favorites!!!

Lauren said...

Stop it! That picture of John in his Deep V is SO cute!!!! I'm sure he wears it proudly around his house!!! Love you!

Rachel said...

What an awesome birthday! Lobster...YUM!

A Team said...


He reminds me of my Uncle Sam. He was my mom's brother and he was a huge part of our lives...

Happy Birthday Bulldog!

April said...

Glad he had a great birthday, he looked like he was having a blast!!! Thanks for the prayers it really means a lot to know your praying for us, we continue to pray for Marissa and me if you need the PGN number at know you mentioned on my blog you wanted it, so not sure if you got it yet or not..

Jerry and Stacie said...

What a fun birthday!! I know you guys had a blast! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BULLDOG!

WE ARE SO COMPLETELY EXCITED FOR YOU GOING TO FOSTER!!!!! I am just now getting caught up on things from vacation and I am just ECSTATIC that you will be with sweet girl in just a matter of weeks!!! AND YOU NEVER HAVE TO GIVE HER BACK!!!!!!! Praise the Lord for this AMAZING opportunity! I am praying for His strength, His safety, and love to follow you wherever you go. I CAN'T WAIT to see you 2 together! I am also praying it won't be long AT ALL until Chris is down there with you to bring that little miracle home!


Harris Family said...

I have heard about Bulldog's love for connect four from Lauren!

Lainie said...

I love it! That was so much fun!

I like your new picture with the Guatemalan fabric background.

Love you guys,
(Aunt) Lainie

The Huffs said...

AN ENTIRE LOBSTER? Sounds like a perfect birthday to me! The pictures were great! What a wonderful youg man he must be!