Monday, September 24, 2007

Man I Miss Her...

I think about Xiomara literally all day long. I wonder what she's doing and how she's eating. Whether she's in a swing or a bouncy seat or on the play mats right now. Each night we pray that she has a good night's sleep with good dreams. We pray that angels watch over her crib at night. Mostly we pray that God does whatever it takes to allow us to adopt this precious baby girl.

It's so wild to have someone you love so much be so far away and so out of your control or ability to affect. It very much feels like we are holding our breath, and have been for months now. Holding your breath for a long time is draining. I do know this, there will never be a celebration in the history of man to rival the celebration we will throw the day we find out that she is deemed "adoptable." Yes, we will throw an epic hoopla for the ages!

Please pray with me today. Pray that God protects this little warrior. Pray that God allows her to be my daughter, our baby girl. Pray Pray Pray and when you finish Pray a bit more!



Katie said...

I'm praying!

Scott & Melissa Davis said...

One of the best ways I have heard this feeling described is your heart now belongs in two is miraculous and heartrending the same time! I so know that feeling and I am praying we have good news soon and trusting the Lord to be mighty to bring your daughter home!

Cindy Lofton said...

hey friend! soooo glad y'all got a blog going, this will be a joy to read & keep up with. xio is breathtaking. i feel deep excitement & hope for you and chris in this journey. stand firm & press on.

hi russ & katie! miss you guys!