Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Tribute to Casa 36.....

What do I say about Casa 36?! So much has happened in the last two months. We all flew to Guatemala only to find out that our other house we were supposed to rent had been given away. After a few firm phone calls from my husband....we were given Casa 36. We have made so many memories. I will never forget our dinners....our walks around the city....our "wonderful" house cleaner....our cold showers....our microwaved baths....our Pops two times a day....our Diary of a Mad Black woman sayings....the trips to the Bodegona....the ants....the thousands of diapers....Hotel Antigua...."Mama don't play"....McDonald's....Domino's on double day....checking our e-mail obsessively....watching our kiddos grow....birthday parties (Auri's definitely wins the award)....the Baby Whisperer....tears....prayers....and cheering each other on as we get to go home. I love you Deanna, Kelsey, Melodie, and Staci.

Eliana wins the award for "Most likely to be bitten non-stop."

Fernanda wins the award for "Most mama's said by anyone in two months than most people say in a lifetime."

Andrew wins the award for "Most imaginative speaking abilities and best back-bends."

Auri wins the award for "Most likely to be best-dressed her senior year in high school."

Rosa wins the award for "Most likely to become the biter biscuit spokesperson for Gerber."

It is hard to believe that I will be starting a new chapter in Guatemala on Sunday when Auri and Deanna are gone. I am sad to say goodbye to this house....but I am really looking forward to Casa 5. Get ready....I am sure there will be lots of stories. That adventure begins Sept. the 4th!!

Love you all,
Lindsey and Eliana

P.S. No news on her case....we are hoping to hear good news soon!


Mary Helen Wheeler said...

What a beautiful tribute to the last 2 month's experiences! Sweet Lindsey, you absolutely take the cake at making the most of every
encounter! It is wonderful to watch you make lifetime friends in the midst of what is probably the most difficult season of your life
thus far. I am so proud of you!!!
Your courage and ability to celebrate the victory in approved
adoptions for your friends is beautiful. Esepcially in the face of one maddening delay after another with Eliana's case.

We are praying for you even more
during these difficult days of
transition as you pack up all of yours and Eliana's belongings for the move to Casa 5 for what we pray is a very short stay before
you two fly home to Nashville to stay!

We love and celebrate you!
Consider Yourself Hugged,
Mary Helen and John

Anna said...

Will be praying for you as you have to move to another house again soon. Praying it won't be long until its back home for good for you!!

This is certainly a time in your lives of much learning and growth in faith, patience and trust in the Lord. Hang in there!!

That sweet little girl of yours is SO worth it!!! I luv the pic with the sunglasses on!! SO cute!!

God Bless,

Debbie said...

What a neat post about your adventures in Casa 36. I hope you get good news soon and get to go home to be a family together at home!!!


Mary Ann said...

I pray for you and Elaina all the time! I pray you have good news soon so you can get home to your DH!

Amanda said...

Lindsey and Eliana,
I am praying for you guys as you close this chapter...I pray that the goodbyes not be too hard and that the transition into Casa 5 will be an easy and quick one. And I am trusting that your stay in Casa 5 will be so short term.

Believing to hear good news from you soon!!!!

Love you and hope you guys have a good time next week when Sharon and Bella are in Guate. That should be a great time!!!!

Twobows said...


I was given your blog by another adoptive mom. My husband and I are looking for a short term place and lang school in Antigua. We are finishing our 2nd adoption. Our daughter is 2 and we need to be able to communicate with her. We have taken some conversation spanish.
If you have any contacts for either one, we would be appreciative.

Rebekah said...

Lindsey you are amazing! What a wonderful mommy Eliana has- To stay with her in a foreign place and wait out the process with her! I know you both will be so glad to be home!!! I can only imagine how discouraged you have been at times over these last few months...actually way more than that.. We are praying for a speedy process!

Betsy said...

just know that prayers are going up for you as you make this move with your daughter. I hope the transition is not hard on her or on you, and that you will face no further delays or changes , and be able to join your family here again VERY soon!
keep us posted!
hugs, Betsy

The McBs said...

Wow! sounds amazing. Cherish the time and we are ready for you to come home! We love you and haven't forgotten about you up here! much love...

Bill and Melodie said...

you missed a few things...
walking slim, our spotless atrium, napping in the laundry room, the Olympics at 8:00, the water guy, the parties we could hear every night, the random people walking between our house and the neighbors, going to the bodegona in the rain, the chicken buses that started at 5am, mosquitos, black beans, foam tiles...
and the list goes on.

Miss you and hope you and Eliana are home soon!

Kay Daniels said...

What precious memories and enduring relationships were made in Casa 36.......the wonderful place God provided for you to bond with baby Eliana!! It will always be a very special part of your life. I am praying for your transition to Casa 5.......where I'm sure there will be many more memories and even more relationships formed (Wow....think how many bridesmaids you would have now!! :)).

Love, Mom

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

I love what Kay just said. I was thinking the very same thing as I read this blog last night! I thought 12 really close friends was a you must be close to at least 30!

You are a very special lady,Momma

You are the best!

Love, Mary Helen

Sharon said...

Oh, Lindsey, you're moving to my old home!!!! I lived at Casa Bella for one year while I was fostering... what room will you be in? You're definitely going to see me now because I will be coming by to see Virginia the housekeeper. She's amazing! See you in a week!

Kim & Dave said...

Continuing to pray for you guys!

Bobbi said...

What a great little post--poor Eliana!! You know, Reese can beat anyone on the MAMA game!

Let's hope for good news soon. Good luck in your new Casa

The Hollemans - Chloe's Journey said...

Those big sunglasses are too cute! I know the bonds I have already made with other adoptive families just via email and over the phone. I cannot imagine living together and then having to leave. We are still stuck in PGN! Praying we get out soon. We have been praying for you guys!
Love -
The Hollemans
PS We cannot wait to meet you when you get home!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

sorry bout your diaper bag ... love the clutch ... praying you home and love all those cute faces you are getting to know ... love ya !!!

Holli said...

looks like a ton of fun! and a house cleaner!!:) Praying you can be able to go home and start making the fun memories as a family!
(sorry about your diaper bag!)