Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We love our Harper Ann!!!

INTRODUCING: Harper Ann Pardue (born on March 11, 2009)

My sister, Corby and Harper.....aren't they the cutest family?!! Also, how in the world does my sister look that good after just a few days.....she is AMAZING!!!

Sweet little Harper Ann Pardue in her cardigan and jeans.....a lady at Target called her a "he"....does she not know that boys don't wear ruffle cardigans?!

I am a very proud AUNT!!! I love it.....I spent a lot of time whispering in Harper's ears that I will be her favorite aunt!! :-)

She is so precious when she is asleep.....but this little girl can scream!! She has the "Daniels" drama for sure.

Corby is the proud daddy!! It was so fun to watch him with her....he is so in love.

Someone who wasn't so sure about the entire thing was Eliana!! When I was holding Harper, she would say "no" and get really upset. She was a little bit jealous.....and she wasn't sure why her Aunt Laloy was in the hospital bed.

Papa G chased Eliana up and down the hospital halls and read to her. She did a great job!!

......Chris and I are so excited to now be an aunt and an uncle!! We will take this new role very seriously. We will send Harper singing chipmunks and feed her lots of candy!! Seriously, we love you sweet thing. Lauren and Corby, we are so proud of you!! My sis is an amazing mom.....such a natural (I knew you would be). I hate that we don't live closer.....we will have to skype all of the time. We are praying for the three of you.

Love you all,


Brent Riggs said...

By her all the noisy toys too... and every electronic singing and dancing toy... that's what aunts and uncles are for.

Brent (Abby's Dad)

Laurie said...

Congrats Tia Lindsey! She is just precious.

David and Marianne said...

Congrats... I noticed your brother-in-law's sweatshirt, I'm a Kanakuk counselor alum too!!!

Ashton said...

She is so sweet! Who could think a little girl that cute could be a boy!?! lol She is beautiful just like her aunt, mommy, and cousin!

Mama Bear said...

Ahh, what an absolute cutie patootie. She is truly just adorable and your sister looks awesome just afer giving birth@@@

Mary Ann said...

Congratulations to all you guys! She is precious!

Bobbi said...

She is beautiful, and it sounds as if you have the aunt and uncle thing down. That is what we did w/our nieces too. Just remember....payback!!