Sunday, January 3, 2010

Are any of you on!! I just started and would LOVE accountability. Let me know!! You could send me a quick e-mail.



Cathie said...

I just joined today. Hoping it gets me going. I didn't buy the meals I will use their shopping list and go from there. I only no of two who have done it and they did lose weight.
Have you found a group or board that seems to have alot of poster?

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Cathie, I am not buying the meals either....I am doing the Glycemic Impact diet. I just got my food for the week at Harris Teeter. It is a little overwhelming, but it will be a lot cheaper than a food delivery program. My name on ediets is 817lindsey. I have found a few that posts a lot for the GI program. E-mail to let me know what your name is...I would love to have some accountability!!

lindseyewheeler at

Mama Bear said...

I may check it out. Had to get back on my low carb diet so wonder if they have diet plans for that. Will check it out. How do you like it so far?