Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A big day for a little girl!

I'm sitting at a coffee shop working on upcoming talks I'll be giving and right now all I can think about is the Birthday Girl! (So I had to make a quick shout out) Today is her 7 Month "Bir-Day." Happy Day to ya baby girl! I miss you and I can't wait till you can read how much has already been written about your precious little life! You've got no idea how many people are praying for you! And get ready...because when you come home the paparazzi are going to be on high alert! You thought America went crazy when the Beckhams came ain't seen nothing yet!

I love you Eliana- Happy 7 Month Birthday!


Jerry and Stacie said...

Happy 7 Months Sweet Girl! You are so loved!


Brian and Kim said...

Yay! I have been following your blog--love how you trust in HIM to bring her home!!! Where are you in process? We just brought home our 2nd child from Guatemala- our son in 2004 and our daughter in Jan of this year-completely a God thing. Please let us know where you are in process so we can pray specifically.
Brian and Kim Hanna
South Carolina

Lainie said...

Happy 7 Months to our baby Eliana! You two are going to be such brilliant, dedicated parents. You're right about the paparazzi! I'm there among them!

Darcy said...

Happy 7 months. Praying she is HOME SOON!
Darcy McMurray

Jess said...

Happy 7 Months Eliana!

Becca said...

I was just thinking about you guys the other day. We had a lot of family and friends that welcomed us home, but I'll bet that you guys have TONS! Happy birthday to your girl!

PS - tell your friend Melissa that I am coming in September and that I want to meet her! And that I'm scared - a rookie - I need a veteran like her to show me around!

Peace and Hugs,


happy 7 months sweet girl ... what a blessing you are to all of us here in the states and what an amazing testimony you will have to share one day ... can't wait to greet and meet you at the airport when you come home!

Jami said...

That little note to Eliana is going to mean so much to her Chris!

You guys are great! :)

Happy 7 months sweet Eliana!!

Bobbi said...

Happy 7 months!! Let's hope that you are home to celebrate with Mom and Dad soon.

Amanda said...

HAPPY 7 MONTHS Eliana!!! Like your Daddy are loved and prayed for by more people that anyone can imagine!!! Can't wait to meet you!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 7 months to Eliana!

Chris, I am so glad you are safe after the wreck. Thank you, Lord, for your protection.

... Rejoicing with you over the good news about the central authority. Exciting!

Love you so much, friends!
- erika

jajbs said...

What a GREAT Daddy you are!!
Happy 7 months, precious Gilr!! Praying you home!!!!