Monday, February 25, 2008

Some favorites from GOG!!!

Chris is a natural up on stage!! The Lord used him in mighty ways at the Girls of Grace conference. He was able to speak to the girls as a big brother....I was so proud of him. He was able to share the difference between boys and men....and to encourage the girls to wait until God sends them a was powerful! By the way, there were over 200 churches and 15,000 girls that were a part of this event (via satellite)!!!!

Fun times with mom and sisters!

Chris Sligh did an amazing job singing two songs off of his new album!

My sister Leah and Point of Grace....we love them!!

Look at my hubby's booth....HOW FUN!!! His face is HUGE on the banner. It was fun to get to show off pictures of Eliana. We met a ton of incredible people!

We got to meet an amazing girl named Jana! Her mom and her drove all the way from Louisiana to see the conference. What an encouragement they were to us! She was adopted...and her sweet mom kept telling us what a huge blessing adoption is...and that this is what we have to look forward to with Eliana. I could have just cried. Thank you for your prayers. It was so good to meet you both!!

Chris and I met working at a church in Cleburne, Texas....we were so surprised to see some of our friends from the church! We love y'all!!!

I had to show you a picture of Chris signing autographs! :-)

I'll write more soon. We are pretty tired....but so excited for what God has in store!

Love you all,


danellejoy said...

My daughters and I and the young girls Bible study from our church got to see you, Chris, and Eliana, via satellite...along with about 40 other girls from various churches! I have to say Chris was my favorite...I was so glad to see the girls paying such close attention to what he was saying! We will go over it again when we meet. We are also watching "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by Joshua Harris and I was so glad to see that it all fit together so well! Thank you so much for supporting him in this work. You guys are so cute and such a blessing! =)

PS We're adopting 2 4yo boys from Haiti..they're best buddies. So it is nice to come here and hear about your adoption too! We meet them for the first time the end of March!!!!!!

danellejoy said...

I meant Chris was my favorite part of the conference! NOt my favorite out of the 3 of you!! Goodness Sakes! =)

Scott Moore said...

BRP! Way to go WeeLA!

Anonymous said...

Man I wish I could have been there. I know it was amazing. I would have been first in line at the Chris Wheeler both. What a celeb!

Love y'all lots.
- erika w

Amanda said...

I am glad things went so well for you guys at GOG. My favorite picture is of Chris at his table...but I do love the picture of him signing autographs, that is so great.

Kirsten said...

As the mother of a young daughter I often struggle with even thinking about the "teen" years. It is so encouraging to know the work others are doing to protect, educate and encourage our little girls. I loved the sentence you wrote about waiting for a man as opposed to a boy - perfect! Thank you for your work and as always we continue to pray for you and both of your adoptions.

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Great pictures Lindsey!
You and Chris are a perfect team!
Love and hugs to you both!

Bill and Melodie said...

so jealous you got to meet Chris Sligh and Point of Grace!
We will be in the presence of royalty in Guate, we will have to get Chris's autograph too : )

Amanda said...

you guys crack me up!!! i can't wait for us all to be together in Guate!!!

Jami said...

Can you post a video of his talk? We'd (I'm sure our fellow bloggers would agree) love to see it! :)

How exciting!! :)

Debbie said...

My 16 yr old daughter has gone to a Girls of Grace conference!! They are great! I also love Point of Grace Music! I am proud of your hubby, that is a great thing to teach teenage girls and SOOOO needed!! And isn't it great how once you have adopted you meet all kinds of people who have adopted or who are adopted, I LOVE IT!!!


Greg Daniels said...

I am so thankful for how the Lord uses you two. I am also very thankful that the Lord brought you two together.

Anonymous said...

The GOG conf was AMAZING!
I got to see it via satellite & I had a great time!
Can't wait to hear more about Eliana's adoption!