Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Eliana will be four months old tomorrow......keep praying for our sweet little girl! Here are some of my favorite pictures of her. Isn't she the cutest??!!

My favorite thing.....her falling asleep in my arms!!

Check out her smile behind that bottle!!!

We heard about the "Bumbo" recall right before we boarded our plane to Guatemala. We still wanted to see what she looked like in it....of course, cute!

Eliana is giving a peace sign for the "RED" campaign at Gap....she is supporting Africa!

We will post more later!

Love you,


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

I just had some odd letters that somehow entered my first comment, so here goes again...

I said, 'she gets prettier every time I see her!'


Bill and Melodie said...

Wow, what a big girl!

Anonymous said...

Naturally, my favorite picture is the one where she's wearing the "If you think I'm cute, you should see my aunt" shirt. Pretty sure she's talking about me. I can't wait to hold that precious baby girl!!!

Gail said...

Yeah, she is one of the cutest, along with my Johanna Faith. I love the pictures!!

jlo said...

Great pics. We will continue to go to battle for you guys in prayer.

I still think the Bumbo is safe so long as you use it wisely! We have one too...don't tell anyone.

jajbs said...

She IS beautiful and I LOVE the smile for her Daddy and Mommy!!!

Keep those pics coming, please!!!


emily said...

Love these pictures of sweet Eliana.

Kristin said...

So precious!!! We've been following your journey for a few weeks now and are so full of praise of what the Lord is doing in your lives.

We, too, were called to adopt...crystal clear call...we brought our little girl home a few weeks ago after 16 long months in the "adoption desert" praising, praying and weeping. God WILL see this through...and He DOES have a plan bigger than we can fathom.

All praises to Him for this miracle of life!


Here's our blog: gregoryandkristin.blogspot.com

Our adoption testimony is on an entry in the archives of May, 2006.

Terry said...

She is ADORABLE!!!

I'm selfish...wanting more pictures!:)


Anonymous said...

I'm following your blog and praying for yall!

Do you say her name El-ay-nah or Ellie-ah-nah?

We have an Ellie-ah-nah (Elliana)! We call her Elli.

Keep believing God. He's GOOD! All the time.

Waiting for Elli

Erin said...

She is gorgeous! And ... there very well could be good news on the adoption front. Look at this post:


God is so good to us!

Sweet To Our Seoul said...

Such a cutie pie!!
LOVE the last pic of her in her little jeans and red shirt! Her little PEACE sign is tooo cute!!!


Amy said...

She's beautiful!

Katie said...

She really is the cutest !!!

David and Marianne said...

What a doll baby!! May the Lord bring her home SOON!!

Chanan, Rachael and Hope said...

Hi Chris and Lindsay,
Thank you for your comments on our baby site -- www.adoptingbabyhope.blogspot.com
Your site is a real blessing! God bless you and keep you all -- he truly is an amazing Father!

Chanan and Rachael

Chanan, Rachael and Hope said...

Your baby is just beautiful!

Chanan and Rachael

The Heinrichs said...

She is too precious! I can't even imagine how much you miss her after getting to spend those few wonderful days with her!!! Keep posting!


Anonymous said...

Happy 4 months Sweet Girl!!
- Erika