Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shout Out Numero Uno...could I be more in love?

Looks to me like Eliana has Momma's hair! When we received Eliana this afternoon she was in the middle of her nap! Eliana immediately felt safe in Lindsey's arms and just kept right on snoozing.

By the way, we spent our first night in Antigua, which we absolutely love! It's a gorgeous little town just west of Guatemala City full of culture!

We were so excited to get to see our friends Melissa and Madi! We had dinner last night with her in Antigua at Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo!

We picked up Lauren today at the airport just before checking into the hotel in Guatemala City! We are so glad she's with us! She's already been a great Aunt...she had the magic touch that put Eliana back to sleep this evening for her next nap! (Leah we miss you and so badly wish Eliana's other Aunt could be here too!)

The girls (Lindsey, Lauren & Kay) just headed down to the lobby to check out the hotel while Daddy and daughter get some hang time! She's actually still working on that nap...which is how I had a moment to give ya'll the update!

So far everything has felt are we really in Guatemala right now? It's crazy after staring at pictures for so long to get to hold her! I'm a proud Daddy!

Thank you all for the prayers...we feel it!
Much love,

P.S. Eliana has a cold/cough right now which makes her not feel pray for that sweet thang that the medicine works & she feels better soon!

Guess who we ran into in Antigua? Our friends at was SO GOOD to finally meet you all in person!!


JuJu - said...


so happy for you:):)

Hug that precious angel baby girl for us:)

Bobbi said...

Enjoy her, and hope she feels better soon.

You all look so happy!!!

Tracey said...

Hooray! I got goose bumps! Brings a smile to my face when I see mommys and daddys with their little ones:)

veggiemom said...

Yay! So glad to see you have your sweet girl in your arms. Hope she's feeling better soon.
Kerri and Ruby

Jess said...

I am so very excited for you guys!! The pictures are wonderful!

Jami (livelaughlove5) and I were talking today about how much we miss Guatemala and how we wish we could be there too!!

Take LOTS of pictures of that sweet girl for us!!!

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Thank you for the pictures! We can't wait for more. It is so good
to see our baby girl with her head on Lindsey's shoulder. It is amazing how much their hair does
match! We are praying for the cold to go away as she sleeps.

We love you!
Mom and Dad Wheeler

Jami said...

YAY!! I will be stalking for more pics and updates! :)

Praying blessings for you guys!

Love ya!

The Heinrichs said...

YEAH -- finally pictures! Don't think we are going to get to close! Maybe we can coordinate our next trips!!! If I knew how to get around we would call a taxi and come visit! We have a small gift for Eliana..but it did not arrive in the mail before we left so email me your address and I will send it out!
Love ya, Deanna

The gFamily said...

Oh look at the those beautiful eyelashes! I am so glad that you are there and holding your precious girl! Have such a great time in beautiful Guatemala!

Dawn said... happy to see that peanut in your arms!!! :)

The McBs said...

beautiful! we love you all so much and are feeling the excitement for you! YEAH Wheeler family!

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing. I am so excited for you all and pray that time would slow down so that this week feels like a month. Embrace it all with love and joy. BRP!

LouLou said...

Have a wonderful time with your daughter! It is FABULOUS seeing you all together!

Amelia Moore said...

SHe looks so sweet napping... I want to see more photos! We love you guys and are thinking and praying for you all. The boys can't wait to meet little elliedub. - Amelia

Jocelyn said...

I am so happy you are finally there!! I hope your angel gets to feeling better...have a wonderful trip!!

Reba said...

Oh, Antigua...that was our first "home" in Guatemala for our two visit trips and part of our pick up trip(our daughter's hogar was there), so it just felt at home for us. I am so glad things are going well. I understand about the surreal feeling. Enjoy each and every moment!

Anonymous said...

so amazing! we are so stoked for you guys and love getting to read the updates!
-brad and allison

Kristin said...

It is so good to see you guys in Guatemala!!!! How I wish I could turn back the clock and be there again...we LOVE that place! Soak up all the beautiful sun while basking in the Son. We're praying for you guys...and that the nasty cold bug will leave TONIGHT!

Love and hugs,
Kristin, Greg and Madalyn

Stephanie said...

so glad to see her in your arms...

Jessica said...

I have been watching your blog since last year. I am sorry that I did not post earlier. I have been praying for you and your sweet beautiful baby girl. God bless you and enjoy your time in Guatemala!

terri s said...

how wonderful! thanks for sharing the pics of your lovely girl.

I am like some of the other stalkers, I miss Guatemala. I lov eseein gpictures of Miss E and her sweet family, but second best is seeing pics of that beautiful country.

take care,
terri in virginia

Amanda said...

Lindsey and Chris,

I know it will not surprise either of you that as I finally got to see Eliana in Lindsey's arms again I began to cry. Yes, sitting here at work and crying!!!

I could not be more happy for you (that is until you actually bring her home).

I love you all so much and can't wait for more pictures and info.

Talk to one or both of you when you get back home.

Emily T said...

Yeah! So exciting! I'm so glad you get to be there and hold her in your arms. I'm praying this week is full of encouragement for all of you. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Very excited for you guys! It's been a blessing following your journey through your blog. God's continued grace and blessings be with you!


emily said...

Yay!!! So much fun to see you with her again.

Good stuff. Soak it all in:)

Dena said...

Have soooo much fun! Antigua is beautiful! the whole country is beautiful especially the people - big hug to the baby! enjoy it!

nikki said...

The first picture if just precious!!
Enjoy every second!!
Hope that little sweetie feels better soon!

Erin said...

these pictures warm my heart. I'm so excited for you!!