Thursday, March 20, 2008

What to pack.....

This is our first time to have an 8 month old baby!!! I would love any suggestions of things that your 8 month old babies can't live without. Tomorrow is deemed packing scares me to think about it. Chris and I always manage to pack 200 pounds of stuff every time we go to Guatemala. WE WILL BE THERE IN FIVE DAYS!!!!!

Love y'all,


Bill and Melodie said...

I don't gotta clue, but can't wait to see the suggestions!

Oh, sorry, I do not have a clue but cannot wait to see the suggestions!

Paul and DeeDee said...

BUBBLES!!! You can never go wrong with bubbles. You should also bring a bucket with eggs in it so you can celebrate Easter with her. She will love dumping them out over and over again.

Adoption Blog Lurker:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey...long time lurker here and I am thrilled to read that you are heading to Guat. soon to see your little angel. My hubby and I adopted our little boy from Guat. back in October after 14 mo. of hell so I understand the stress you are enduring. Joey is doing so amazingly well though and is such a blessing to our family. We visited Joey five times so I am more than happy to let you know what we brought. If you want to forward me your email I can email you back the list that I made when we were packing (yes, I am that type-A that I would make that type of list). Happy to help!!! You are also welcome to check out my blog at I dont blog anymore (kids keep me too busy) but I do follow a few and miss it a lot. Take Care and enjoy every minute there!
Lee Anne

Ashley said...

I could make you a huge list and go on and on... but I have an adoption friend that made a great one and she never minds sharing. It is on-line, go check it out, REALLY!

Tricia said...

Bubbles!! :)

And musical stuffed animals!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH - I am so excited for you!!!

Tracey said...

Colorful squishy toys(the ones that make crinkly and other noises). Kade had not played much with those kinds of things, kept him intrigued for hours:) Baby bjorn, life saver! K was still small enough to carry around at 10 mos.

Have so much fun! Can't wait to see pics of your family together:)

BEGT said...

i am excited that you are almost there! counting the minutes, are we?!
i don't know what to tell you about packing... but dont forget the camera! i want to see pictures.

Amanda said...

just make sure you both take two arms each to hold her and hug her. :) Aaaaw! that's the sweetest thing i've ever heard!! lol!

The Heinrichs said...

Okay...I can't wait for Brent to read this post-- haha!!! I am not the only heavy packer! 8 months...I have no idea! The ball popper by playskols was a big hit on our last trip ...only thing it would prob keep you, Chris, your mom and sister very busy chasing the balls around!!!

veggiemom said...

Looks like you have plenty of resources for baby stuff now so I just want to say I can't wait to see pics of the happy family together. I'm so excited for you guys!
Kerri and Ruby

Anonymous said...

Anything that makes noise and can go in her mouth will be a hit I'm sure! I'm so excited that you all are geting to go to see your daughter! How very exciting! And I am praying that you get to see Xio too! Have so much fun!
God bless,
Christy Hutchins

Anonymous said...

Wow, I checked out that list that Ashley suggested and it was great! I really loved the idea of a molding kit for hands and feet!! Moo, Baa, and La La La is a great book too!!

Bethany said...

You totally need to buy one of those self feeders by Munchkin. You can get it at Target, WalMart, or Babies-R-Us. You can put fresh fruit in it and it helps prevent her from choking. My daughter loved hers! Would never leave home without it!

Courtney said...

Gerber Puffs !!!!!!!!!!! Courtney

Reba said...

Books. I took board books in Spanish to leave with the foster mom. We would lay down on the bed and read them. If you will have a laptop, we took a CD of Spanish lullabies. We left that with the foster mom too. Then we got another one for us and used it at pickup. Definitely toys she can chew. A small photo album (like the one Sassy makes) with pictures of you. Finger foods, like Cheerios and puffs (and my son loves Crunchers)...we couldn't find much of those there. A ball...balls can provide hours of entertainment. Maybe a soft doll you can leave with her? Swim diapers if you think you will get in the pool. We did use a carrier too rather than a stroller. Oh, and LOTS of bibs. They are really messy at that age. I am sure there are more...The things I would just buy there: diapers, wipes, formula.

Stephanie said...

I am in the same dilema?!?!? Nathan will be 10 months when we go back.. what will he want???
She will probably love anything you bring, but she will probably just want lots of good lovin' from mommy and daddy that I am sure she will get!
I am praying for you!

Jess said...

6 words:

Veggie Puffs

Veggie Puffs

Veggie Puffs

My sister calls them the miracle drug. That's the mommy slang term for them. They are the Gerber Graduates puffy things that are star shaped. The sweet potato kind are the best. Yes, I've tried them all.

When Jadon cried for 3 hours after his foster mother left, I could only calm him down with veggie puffs. Then, he ate them for 4 months straight.


The Milner Family said...

Gerber puffs are a must! Teething rings that she can hold. Tush Cream- Guatemalan babies seem to poop a lot. A blanket that you have slept with until you give it to her to sleep with (that way she has something to hold onto with your smell). Several disposable cameras to leave so that the care giver can take pictures when you are not there. You can develop them next time you see her. A photo album with your pictures to leave for baby girl. A snuggly so that you can carry her close to you-helps with bonding and well you know those streets are not stroller friendly. If you like jewelery take a necklace that she can safely chew on. Try not to wear ones that she could break. At this age every thing goes in their mouth and they love to reach for that jewelry. Hope this helps. One more thing- you should take teething tablets. It is a safe natural way to sooth teething. You can find them at Walmart in the baby section or Target in the pharmacy. Don't forget to take some kind of baby pain reliever. It is hard to find what you need (unless you can read Spanish) at the pharmacy there.

Gurskes said...

ohhh the excitment! Horray for you guys..I bet these days are just crawling by (don't remind you right!!! ahha).

Happy Easter to your family!

Sara said...

We're so excited for you guys!!! What a way to have a baby, huh? I'm unclear if this will be "Gotcha Day" or if it's another visit.

Either way, it's exciting!

Sara Olson

emily said...

I think mama and daddy are going to be her favorite things:) Can't wait for you to go!!!

Abe and Allison said...

Hi...I found out about your blog through Jordan and Mandy Eoff. I just bought a shirt from Elliedub and wanted to say how much I am encouraged by the strength you find in Christ. You may not realize how much of an example you are, but your perseverance is a huge example for others. I love the shirt and hope my friends will buy them, too! May God bless your trip to Guat!

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

John and I called Greg to wish him
a Happy Birthday today. I am sure he is as anxious as we are to see
and hold our baby girl you all are on your way to see! Uncle Bulldog will be here for Easter. We are sure Aunt Leah will need make-up
lap time too!

We love watching the commercial with the little girl in the ballerina tutu at her tea party
with her grandad...when she says
"Grandpa, ladies fust!...He wanly
replies..I knew that."John can't
wait to attend one of Eliana's
tea parties!

Have fun and make a memory and send
us all pictures!

Happy Easter with Love,

Mom and Dad Wheeler

Rebekah said...

I hope you guys have an amazing trip. I know you will enjoy every second with your little angel! We will be praying!

Mrs. Hany said...

board books or other books that do not have pages that can be torn. Bubbles supply endless fun, small "reactive" toys (you push a button, things light up, sing, or in general make a parent go crazy!) (there is a really cute and small drum that speaks english and spanish sold at Target and walmart. We will be praying for you!

Ashley said...

Checking back to see everyone's ideas... something I think not said that you might want to think about... baby food. You can get it all there and depending on where you are staying you can stash bananas and banana bread from breakfast for snacking on during the day for her... but you might want to think about a few containers of baby food

Stacie said...

I am so excited for you guys and can't wait to see you with sweet Eliana!!

Allie really loved chewing on the tags on any toy that had one, so we got her one of those Taggy blankets. It's like a square of fabric with ribbon loops all around it and she would go to town on that thing!

Praying for a safe and fun trip!

sillysmiths said...

I love all the suggestions you have received. I think they are all very helpful. However, you don't want to overwhelm her so i would just take a couple of the items people have suggested. Piper is a month older than Eliana. Below are some of the top things that I think would be helpful on your trip. You may check out craigslist to see if anyone has some of the items for sale that you may need. I guess I was thinking of a wrap or baby bjorn. I can't wait to see pictures of your family!!! Please call if you need any more suggestions.
.blanket or baby that smells like you guys
.picture book of you all
.board books
.a wrap or baby bjorn for carring her
.teething cookies (you can find these near the puffs at the store)

The gFamily said...

It looks like you got all the advice you needed!! I second everyone that said gerber puffs, cheerios, and small colorful teething rings! Those are all Gillian's favorites! I can't wait to see what your baby girl loves!!!

Unknown said...

Bubbles, stacking cups, cheerios or Gerber puffs, and a blankie of her very own. Possibly a pacifier if she is used to one.

Gwen Oatsvall said...

take an inflatable beach ball to push around ... it is super easy to pack and fun to play w/ ... will be praying for an amazing trip...

Rachel said...

Lots of love, hugs & kisses...the rest you can buy in Guate! He is Risen!

The Heinrichs said...

Don't forget the bottle/nipple brush!!! Of course I did along with the hair brush!!!

Just a few more days and you will all be here!
Love, Deanna