Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eliana's 1st Day of "Promiseland"!!

Thanks to Aunt Ellen (who works with the kids at Fellowship)....we got these pics of Eliana at her first day of Mother's Day Out!! I love them. She had a great time. Her teacher said she was very quiet and pretty serious (I'm sure she won't be saying this at the end of the semester)! We are so proud of our little chica. We love her so much!!

Love y'all,


Corby and Lauren said...

She is just too precious for words! She does look awfully serious eating that snack... I can't wait until she shows her true colors!

Mary Virginia said...

Goodness, she is a doll! Maybe she would act herself if she thought you were watching her with the video monitor?

Bill and Melodie said...

so cute! The onnly thing Fern's teacher told me on her first day is that she ate all her lunch : )

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Oh my goodness! We are so proud of her for plugging into the schedule
so smoothly. Thank you so much for the great pictures!

Tell her GG and Granddaddy are so proud of her.

Love and Hugs,
Mary Helen and John

The Heinrichs said...

awh...how sweet!!! would you expect anything other than the best behavior from your little Guatemalan Diva?!

Amanda said...

how cute is she!??!