Thursday, September 17, 2009

Urgent Prayer Needed!!

Two INCREDIBLE families from Nashville are in a battle to bring home their precious kiddos from Uganda. Please check out their blogs, write notes of encouragement and PRAY!!!



Thanks friends,


Kenlie Posey said...

Thank you so much for posting this. A huge desire of mine is to one day be able to bring a child from overseas home to love unconditional and provide for. Blogs like yours, and others I have found through you have, only make my heart more compassionate to do it. I believe our soul purpose is to serve the Lord and reach to others in His endless love. Adopting a child that needs a home, food, love, and a family is one way I believe that can fulfill that purpose. Your blog has truly inspired me and I thank you for that. I pray for your little girl, for both of you as parents, and now for the families trying to bring their children home. May God continue to bless your family. He has given you a beautiful little girl, who is so fortunate to have such wonderful parents.

Mama Bear said...

Many many prayers for them and all famlies still struggling to bring home their children.......