Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday GG!!

We love you so much GG!! You are an amazing momma and grandmomma!! Thanks so much for all of the many ways your encourage each of us. We always know that you have our backs. Thank you for the hours that you spend in prayer for each of us. You are a Godly example....and so much fun!! Eliana loves her GG so much!! We just wish that you lived a lot closer to us. We can't wait for our trip in will be a blast. I hope you feel so loved today. You deserve every bit of it!!

Chris, Lindsey & Eliana


Corby and Lauren said...

Happy birthday, Mary Helen!!! You are such an encouragement to everyone in our family!!! And of course... such a FABULOUS GG!!!

Kay Daniels said...

GG......precious picture of you with your son and granddaughter! Hope you had a wonderful deserve it!!

Love you! K-K

Unknown said...

Wish u a wonderful Birthday with your family !!

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