Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My little sunshine during a hard day!

Today has been a really hard day! I drove back from my mom's house yesterday and could barely make it home. My legs were in so much pain driving home that I had to stop in Memphis for an hour and a half to rest. What should have taken 5 hours to get home took 8 hours. I am in a LOT of pain today. I haven't gotten out of the bed. To distract myself, I have been looking through old pictures and found this one of Eliana. This was taken on her first camping trip with Chris! Is she not the cutest thing?!! Her smile and laugh brightens my day. Keep praying....and thank you for your support. Love you all.



Jami said...

oh lindsey, i'm praying right now.

Aileen said...

She certainly is a ray of sunshine with that beautiful smile! I hope the specialist is able to give you some help soon.

Tricia Keierleber said...

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis! Will be praying for you!

We "talked" years ago about adoption. We had boys in our home that were foster, but there was like a 98% chance they would be adoptable. Well, they are home now, and we are praying that they may return to us. When I was dealing with it all, it made me remember your first little girl before E.

Anyway, praying!!