Monday, November 8, 2010

Another hard night...

To say we feel under attack tonight is an understatement! I just ran downstairs to write this blog because we are so desperate for prayers. I have had a rough day, Chris is beyond exhausted in every way, and Eliana is feeling ALL of this. Lord, have mercy! I feel so much guilt right now. I feel like such a failure as a mom and as a wife. She has been screaming bloody murder for over 2 hours. I have rocked her...I have sung every song I know...we have prayed over her...Chris is now trying to calm her little body down. She is beside herself. I know she's exhausted. I know she's tired of being passed around. I know she doesn't understand why I'm in bed and sick. Lord, how much longer?? I hate watching her hurt. She throws herself on the floor in hysterics and really seems like she's trying to hurt herself. I love her so much. Chris loves her so much. She is hurting! Please pray. Please pray for Chris. Please pray for me and my body. I just can't take much more.

Love y'all,


The Redman's said...

Praying now!!!!

Jennifer J said...


I am praying is suffering of your family is almost over. Can you give us some details about your course of action? Have you tried other remedies that bloggers have left you? I now some of us want to do some research to try and help.

Please, please, please let Lindsey finally be free from all the pain!


Kristen Borland said...

Psalm 73:26--"My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."

Lindsey, if you remember me, then you might remember I can talk from experience. I have been sick for over twenty years and have been struggling with a relapse since my daughter was born. We have three kids. I know the pain you are feeling and the pain you are feeling for your sweet daughter. My flesh does fail and quite often so does my heart, but God doesn't leave us alone in this. What I can say is this: God has perfectly ordained this season of your life, as He has everything in your life. He has ordained this for Eliana too. It is awful, and frightening, and frustrating for all of you, but it is His will for today. We do pray that will change very, very soon, but know that while it is this way He is going to enable you all to get through it. He is working beautiful things through each one of you, including Eliana. Do not feel guilty about what this is doing to her because it was God's decision to bring this into your lives for His good purposes, and He knows what He is doing. It wasn't an accident. Continue to seek Him as you are doing, and love on that sweet girl, and trust that He will work this for His glory. Try not to think about the future or how you will be able to make everything right once you are well. Think about today and how God is in every detail of it. Don't worry about Eliana tomorrow. Just look at her today and help her to see how God is with her and what He is doing in your lives. Yes, you should keep looking for treatments, keep taking the next step forward, but ultimately rest in His capable plans and know that today you are exactly where He wants you to be. He doesn't want you to struggle in this. He wants you to rely on Him. I pray all of you will find His peace and joy and comfort in the midst of this.

He has taught (and continues to teach!) me amazing things through my diseases, and I see what He is teaching my husband and kids and am blessed by that. It's not easy, and sometimes it's very messy, but ultimately it will bring God glory.

You are already victorious in Christ.

Staci said...

I'm so sorry you and your family are suffering so much. You all are in my thought and prayers.

Chanan, Rachael and Hope said...

Lindsay, I mentioned to you before to try the Aerobic o7 liguid oxygen. It is an internal peroxide and kills bacteria which is what lyme is. Also you need to be on the celtic salt. Lyme hates sodium. Please try this and then write about your results.
My toxic liver pain goes away in "YES" 5 minutes after I take it. No doctor was able to help me. BUT if GOD had not showed up I would not be here. I knew about these drops only from a friend who was just pushing another health food store find. I was all for it. Then, back then, I realized that the tender place in my liver area was gone, but made no connections with it being because of the drops. Then a couple of years later the tenderness came back and I did not have anymore drops, but still did not put it all together. I bought more drops later and noticed that the pain went away. A few years later it came back and it seemed like the tenderness was more pronounced. I finally had insurance, so I thought I would go get a scan. The scan did not reveal anything, but yet I could not live in that discomfort everyday.( what was I going to DO???) That is when I reflected back on the drops and made a conscious connection that when I took those drops that tenderness went away. SO I bought more and in 5 minutes the pain was gone. I contacted the company about my results and added my screaming need for them to continue making this and that I would volunteer for trial testing. That I believed baste on my own experience that this product could cure HIV and cancer. That is when the lady at the Aerobic 07 company said to me, "that makes sense because it is an "Internal Peroxide"!.... Now it all made sense to me...., I had no idea, I just knew it was called "liquid oxygen".
Later I told the health food store worker my story and she took me to the shelf where they keep a hazmat supply of the L. O. for doctors who proscribe it in a concentrated form to HIV and cancer patients. I was shocked that I was right. I am blessed to know about, it has saved my life!!!
That is my story and I hope that you will research this and try it. GOD bless you. Jeremiah 29:11. GOD Knows!

Mandy said...

praying--for you and sweet family
love to you

Isylla-Beth said...

Praying for your Family. Keep strong in Faith!

Emma said...

You may not remember me, but my husband, Ryan and I met you at the adoption conference in Louisville a few years back. I just want you to know we've been praying for you, your husband, and your sweet little girl.

Love your sister,

Oracle said...

Ohh... really feeling too bad for you & your family
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