Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Drum roll please.....

We are so excited to tell you all that elliedub.com is officially up and running!!! YEAH!!! I feel so overwhelmed with a thousand emotions right now. I want to thank Scott and Amelia (our partners in this venture).....for working non-stop to make this happen. They are seriously two of the most creative, talented and humble people I know! Thank you Lord for crossing our paths with both of them. They took our vision and made it their own....and ran with it. We are so excited for our site to bring hope to families that are adopting....and to spread the plight of the orphan.

There will be many more t-shirts and new countries to come!!

A side note: The girl's t-shirts are so cute and fitted. A medium is like a small, a large is like a medium, etc... Soon we will be adding cute little kids t-shirts! Each t-shirt has a quote in Spanish.

Please pass this information on to others....spread the word!!!

Love you all,
Lindsey (and Chris)

P.S. There is a lot of updating to do about Eliana. But, would you please pray for a miracle with paperwork. We are fighting being discouraged and fearful!


The Heinrichs said...

The website is awesome! I may have to get a few extra Christmas gifts! As for the paper work if you need any assistance let us know...we made it through our paper work for Guatemala in only weeks as we became experts with the extensive amount we had to do for Kaz! Praying for you guys. Keep us updated!!!


Mama Bunny said...

I love the shirts (and the website!) :)

drew moser said...

i'd be the farm that bekah is placing an order right this very minute. nice work guys.

drew moser said...

one idea: design some website badges for all the blogging mamas to stick on their blog sidebar, and have the badges link right to your sight. free advertising...(sidenote: just got a paypal email. guess i was right about bekah placing an order!)

Bekah said...

Placed my order! LOVE the shirts! They are incredible. Can't wait for the kiddo's shirts to come out.

Chris and Lindsey, we are praying daily for you and for your paperwork. I so remember how hectic and crazy and never-ending that stage of this journey seemed and I pray that He gives you great peace and guides your hands as you work as fast as you can. Love to you guys, bekah

The Wilkens Family said...

Awesome shirts! Will you be adding more? I hope all gets smoothed out w/ your paperwork.

I plan to hopefully update my blog this week....would it be ok if I mentioned your t-shirt website on my blog?


Jami said...

Oh guys! I am praying right now!

And I am so excited about the tees!!

Jess said...

Placing my order!!! All the cool people in my family are getting one for Christmas!! BTW, some of them live in Nashville, so you'll see the shirts on people you don't know soon!!! This is a GREAT idea!!

Drew's idea of the badge is a great one! I'd definitely put one on my blog.

Looking forward to hearing how sales go!!

emily said...

Just placed my order-- Moody and I will be stylin!!!

demp5 said...

When I started this process, I would picture Jesus standing in front of me. In one of His hands, I would place our baby and in the other hand, I would put our paperwork. I am doing the same thing for y'all!

peachy perspective said...

awesome! is there any way we can avoid the shipping charge and pick it up from you at church or is that going to be a logistical nightmare?

i blogged about yall! check it out: http://peachyperspective.wordpress.com/ :)

Anonymous said...

just ordered a shirt. know my husband will love it!

see our adoption at:

Jenny said...

Love the EllieDub website! Beautiful shirts! I ordered one as a Christmas gift for myself. :)
Your story is truly an inspiration of faith and hope to our family as we are currently in the process of adopting from the Philippines.