Thursday, December 20, 2007

Worth the fight!!

I wish you I could hug every single one of you. Chris and I are blown away by your encouragement, prayers, and comments!! They mean so much to us. Each comment was exactly what we needed. Well, the Lord heard your prayers and sent us the best gift last night through our amazing Lisa at our agency....some new pics of our sweet girl! Is she not beautiful??!!! Chris and I just prayed thanking God for giving us these...and he said, "Lord thank you for creating Eliana...she is just so beautiful." We love her so much. Chris went and bought her the cutest monkey stuffed animal on his way home from Memphis yesterday, so that it would remind her of the day her daddy fought for her. Keep praying!! We are trusting God for a miracle.

We love you all,


Amanda said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! That smile would catch anyones heart.
Love you!!

Jenn said...

What great pictures to get! She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful.


LouLou said...

Email me at ASAP!

Sara said...

Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous, folks! Eliana. The superlative baby!

Hey, Lindsey, while we were held up in the SARS wait and I felt like my heart could not bear being broken another little bit, I went to paint pottery with some friends on my birthday, and painted the most precious cereal bowl for Grace that you can even imagine! It had ladybugs all over (ladybugs are considered "good luck" for Chinese adoptions), and the Chinese character for grace in the bottom. Now all these years later I get to see my little Grace her eat her cereal out of that bowl born from a broken heart! Just a thought... it felt so good to do something... anything~!

Still praying! And you're right! She's definitely worth the fight!!!


Suzanne said...

She is so beautiful. I find that when I'm at my breaking point and need something, anything about my daughter, the Lord provides. The Lord is always with you. We are so blessed

The gFamily said...

She is beautiful and so worth fighting for!! Those eyes of hers are so gorgeous! Hang in there! I know God is hearing our prayers!

I got my shirt today and love it!


keelstar said...

What an amazing gift to receive after such a long, hard day!! Eliana is absolutely beautiful! It's almost as if God sent those pics to you last night to remind you of His faithfulness...that He has an ultimate plan in mind to bring Eliana home! On another note, I am so excited to receive our t-shirts in the mail! I'm not even going to open them until Christmas! I'll just wrap the package up and it will be our "mystery" gift (since my husband won't know anything about it!). I can't wait! Take care, Keely

The Heinrichs said...

Oh the power of prayer!!! Someone up there is watchin over you girl!!! Such a cutie!


Stephanie said...


emily said...

I love that about you two- you just get back up and keep fighting for sweet little Eliana (and Xio)! She is blessed to have you guys to love her and to fight for her.

Precious picture of her:)

Matthew Ruley said...

She is beautiful. I pray that God allows you to bring her home, and soon.

Rachel said...

She is so precious! I am praying for your family!

Greta Jo said...

She is beautiful. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

Have faith and trust in the Lord. I too like so many other people had a very painful few year (you can read about it on my blog subject 'how you and I became a family' however, God was leading my path all the way... Keep trusting.

jajbs said...

She is breathtakingly GORGEOUS!!!!

What a GREAT man you have! Please know that we are fighting with you in the spirit for both baby girls and believing God for GREAT things for your family!!!


A Team said...

Hey... Just got your message on my blog.
SHE IS ADORABLE. I am trying to piece your story together...

Mitzi is PRECIOUS! I enjoyed my time with her last week...

NO WAY on the SLING...POO!!!
oh well :-) I ordered it today on line.

So fun getting to know you.
my e-mail is
send me an e-mail and I'll e-mail you a picture of my son ;-)
Tracie in TN

obligato said...

I just cant! I think she is just the most beautiful thing. Listen i have a crazy day tomorrow and then i am going to Fl to visit Joshs fam and i will be in the car for 16 hours...that should be enough for us to catch up no? i will call u tomorrow night good? I am so happy you got that pic!!

Terry said...

She is beautiful!

Pictures always seem to come at the exact time we need them most, don't they?


Becca said...

She is truly gorgeous - and looks to be very, very happy!

Jami said...

I am trusting God for your miracle too! Lord, SHOW US YOUR POWER!! We love you, Jesus!!

I love you guys...she is beautiful!

demp5 said...

Oh those eyes . . .melt my heart!! I love when I get new pictures; I just stare and stare throughout the day. You got a little kiss from the Lord when you received those. Lifting y'all up in prayer ~

Kristen Borland said...

pictures are the best!! she's so precious! what a happy girl!!!

here's my email, lindsey, to hear Xio's full story. Thanks! (But could you delete this comment so my email doesn't stay up on the web?)

JuJu - said...

we are fighting this fight with you and you are not alone - ever:)

I ordered you shirts for my four oldest:)

You guys are amazing and you inspire more people than you know:)

Love to you guys and know that he holds the four of you gently in his hands:)


Tricia said...

Chris & Lindsey, she is an angel!! I remember the THRILL of getting new pictures of our sweet Sofia. I would literally study them for hours! And I slept with them at night, every night, while we were apart.

Last Christmas was a hard one for us - my heart was broken wide open and I missed Sofia with every fiber of my being. I want you to know that YOU BOTH are in our thoughts & prayers during this time that we celebrate the birth of our Lord & Savior. May you sense His peace & presence & comfort & love & hope in a miraculous way.

Remember, God always gives His Best to those that leave the choice to Him.

May you fully REST in HIM today,

Sweet To Our Seoul said...

Oh, she is just beautiful!! We are so praying for you guys!!!
I remember when we went through the process with our Mia....every time I thought I just couldn't take any more.....God would show up....time and time again....even if just through a picture!!! Enjoy your holidays and know God has 2 of the best presents waiting for you in Guatemala.....I BELIEVE...if he brings you to it....HE WILL BRING YOU THROUGH IT!!!!
PS: We would love to get together with you guys sometime. We live close to yall!! :)

mbl said...

My heart aches every time I read your story about the journey God has you on. I know the pain of desperately wanting your baby to come home. The pain of feeling like your hearts not complete until your kid is home. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this, but it is not in vain. The Lord is truly MIGHTY in battle. Hang in there. Love and prayers from TX. Marla

Nicole said...

See, there are good times through all this and you are so is worth it. As he takes away he gives. Love to you both have a great holiday. Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

Look at that smile...truly that of an angel!
May God wrap his arms around your sweet family. Praying for the next time you can hold your little angel!!!!
Love you,
Sydney & Tom

Erin said...

i keep coming back to your page just to look at that smile. Now even the selfish part of me wants you to have her in your family so I can play with her. She is just perfect!

Katie said...

What a dolly !!! I will continue to pray !!

Katie said...

There is nothing like getting a new little piece of your baby that you didn't have before, especially when all seems grim. Praise God for the little things that aren't so little! Cherish the Lord binding your hearts together to each other, to her and to Him through this fight!

Anonymous said...

we're thinking of you guys, and keeping up to date on everything. our prayers and hearts are with you!! we love you guys.
amy and matt ;)

Robyn said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl. I can't imagine how your heart must feel.

Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything. (phil.4)

May God give you peace and hope.

{B} said...

Hi Lindsey! Thank you so much for 21giving me your blog info...your little girl is so beautiful!

obligato said...

Lindsey I am so sorry i havent called! I am finally in florida after a VERY long car ride! I will call u right when i get a chance! Hope u are good!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

she is adorable !!! we are praying for you and the girls !!! keep your spirits up and know the Lord hears us all and He will watch over the girls!

Anonymous said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!I have a sister from China. Remember this "They never said the wait would be easy just worth it!"
Also I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
God bless!

Guatmama said...

They are all worth the fight. Especially this beauty - I love those eyes! Keep on fighting...

Jocelyn said...

She is so adorable!! I can't wait until you have her home in your arms. I know it is going to happen!! Have a Merry Christmas.

Gurskes said...

We don't doubt God, as much as it hurts.

I know you know this.

Our pain has a reason.

We are trying our hardest...emotionally through our soul to bring Gods children into our homes.

I pray my heart out for your family to be together.

I know words can't heal the pain...but we send you our thoughts, prayers, and love.

And YES she is SOOO beautiful.....may god Bless you both with her arrival soon!

Jess said...

She IS worth every moment you've fought for her and every moment you will fight for her!!

The new picture is great! Please post more when you can!

This morning the service at Southern Hills was alot about adoption and we prayed a lot for you!

Have a very Merry Christmas! We pray you'll be able to spend next Christmas with Xio and Eliana!


Becca said...

What an awesome picture.

I am praying that next Christmas will be a wacky, wild one filled with kiddos!

Give Him thanks for one another this year and know that next Christmas you will be running after your daughter, be completely exhausted, look like crap, have a dirty house, but feel so happy that you just don't care.

This is my prayer for you - In Faith!!!

LaLa said...

Prayers sent up for you!!!! Your daughter is so beautiful!!

The Frugal Countess said...

I'm a good friend of Amanda's (Bella's mama) and I've been following your journey - I am praying for you guys and for this process. I am believing for a miracle for you - as are many, many other people it appears! :)

Your daughter is just beautiful. :) :)

P.S. We got the t-shirt - it is awesome!

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

We are so looking forward to kissing those sweet little cheeks!
I am looking forward to using a ton
of personalized pet names for our
sweet Eliana, especially since her
Dad has banned me from calling him
anything but Chris! I can't wait to talk to her in person as I do her blog pic now!
Merry Christmas baby Eliana!
Grandmommma Wheeler