Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!!

It is hard for you to see our tree because my sweet husband put four times the normal amount of Christmas lights on it. I'm pretty sure our entire neighborhood can see the lights from miles away! But, we love it. This year we added some picture frames on the tree with Eliana's pictures.

Last night we went to a Christmas service at our church and a family sat in front of us with their four kiddos, one of them from Guatemala (they got him 6 months ago). All I could do was stare at him the entire time. It was another little blessing from the Lord. I want Eliana (and Xio) with us for Christmas....but it is fun to dream what it could like like next year.

We still have not received our approval. I am really trying so hard to trust the Lord....He knows when we will get it in the mail. It is not a surprise to Him. Keep praying! Your comments are the highlight of our day....thank you for being the most encouraging community of bloggers in the world!! Merry Christmas.

I love you all,

P.S. My favorite ornaments are from Erin...who made them in Guatemala!! It makes me miss Antigua so much. Thanks Erin!!


Amanda said...


melneyann said...

It was so good to see you last night. I'm glad you guys went to the Sun pm service. It was a sweet time. Noel! Everything is going to be alright!

Love you so much! Have a Merry Christmas!

demp5 said...

Your ears must have been burning yesterday because Mitzi and I talked about you and sweet Eliana at church! We are praying for your family daily. Merry Christmas!

Jami said...

So cute!!

Praying for you this Christmas Eve!


Amanda said...

I love your tree!! (or should I say your ornaments and lights, haha!!) You are so right when you say that God knows when you will get the approval! It will be no surprise to him, just trust in him that his timing is perfect... I'm right there with you!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Greta Jo said...

Last year all I did was dream and pray about Carson's homecoming. My adoption journey to Carson was not always straight and narrow. However 'our Lord' was ALWAYS the line leader even when I could not hear or see him. Keep the faith Lindsey!

Merry Christmas

Becca said...

What a beautiful tree.

It took us two years to bring our daughter home, and we were with another child for 18 months before we found out that we wouldn't be able to bring him home. I know what you mean about trusting the Lord. He does everything He can do to draw us closer to Him and put our focus on Him. He taught me patience and trust - and in the end how amazing His grace is! Hang in there, girl! You will come through this closer to Him and with your children coming home!!

TheOilHippie said...

I so wish there was something we could do to help!!! Praying that you get that approval this week. If you need to make another trip to Memphis, you guys are welcome to stay with us. My DH is a non- practicing attorney and I have him asking around to see if he knows anyone that can help you guys.
Merry Christmas!!!

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Eliana's Uncle John had a fit over
the blog pics when he saw them this afternoon. He keeps asking when will he Officially be an uncle....I told him that as soon as
Eliana is officially yours he will
be "Uncle-ized". Maybe we will have
a ceremony to "uncle-ize" him!

Merry Christmas!
Eliana's Grandmomma Wheeler

A Team said...

I was going to put a message on your blog about how I got one of those BEAUTIFUL ornaments from a boy in my class at the co-op and his mom has left a comment on your blog too. Do you know the Dempsters? they are adopting from Guatamala...

I talked to Mitzi about you... so fun! WHAT A SMALL WORLD RIGHT?


Jess said...

Merry Christmas Wheelers!

The Heinrichs said...

Awh! I love the ornaments!!! We made a handprint of Elvia for our tree while in Guatemala! We miss her so much... I can imagine how hard Christmas Eve was without her!

Still praying that your I171H comes soon!!! We are registered in PGN but still no first DNA. However we were told there is a big possibilty that pending cases will be pushed through the system and Elvia could be home as soon as Feb!!! Hope 2008 brings our girls home!!!

Love ya and Merry Christmas!
Deanna (& Brent)

Gwen Oatsvall said...

sweet holiday my friend ... God has so richly blessed us all ... can't wait to hear some news ... praying ...

Betsy said...

You don't know me but I was given your blog site by a friend from, and I even visited your chruch 2 weeks ago to try to say hello and connect. I have just returned from GT with a daughter and live just north of you. I wanted you to know we are praying with you for the apprvl. to arrive soon and on time. She is worth the fight...they all are! Let your Lord stand strong as your shield and your strength while you both wait upon Him.
hugs to you both, sorry I didn't find you at church, I had to stand in the lobby with my seats left. I loved the poem from the little boy, James...My Miserable life...I loved it!
Betsy Emanuel

Armstrong's said...

Hi Wheeler's!
Thanks for the comments and encouraging words. It is such a blessing to get to know others who are on the same journey. Your little girl is precious! Christmas in Guatemala has been wonderful so far. Just makes me ready to get down here longer term or to get Samuel home:). The Lord is faithful- I keep returning to Isaiah 45 and that chapter encourages me so much and reminds me Who is in control! Merry Christmas!