Saturday, May 31, 2008

My time with Mary Beth.....

I have been wanting to post about this incredible woman and what happened at sweet Maria's visitation. I am not a writer as you all know, so there is no way to convey what happened. Chris, Erika, and I went to the family visitation time. I just kept begging God to give me the words to say.....just anything that would bring comfort. Chris kept telling me that we just say "I am so sorry". So, I got to talk with Mary Beth first. We just hugged for a long time....and cried....and I kept saying "I am so sorry" and told her what an amazing mom she was. What she said next blew me away!!

Mary Beth kept hugging me and telling me over and over....."You fight for do what it takes. Go and get her.....let us know if we can help you do anything." There were a lot of other words.....but I just wept. Here is a woman that just lost her adopted daughter and she is talking to me about Eliana. She was very passionate about it. She just kept saying "fight for her"!!! Wow!!!! I walked away from that night so grateful that God has put them in our lives....thankful that she gets it. She was able to step away from her heartbreaking loss to comfort me. AMAZING!!!

Keep praying for the Chapman family.....for comfort....for hope....and for strength in the next few weeks!!!


Love y'all,

P.S. Kali's funeral is on Tuesday....Chris and I will be headed to LR! Be praying for my sister....she is trying to help make decisions and has to be worn out. I am so proud of her.

Also, PRAY FOR ELIANA'S "Birth Lady" interview. For some reason, it got rescheduled for next week. Pray that nothing is wrong with sweet girl's case!!


Bobbi said...

You all have so much right now. I am glad you could find comfort in her words. Keep fighting--that is all you can do. I have heard of a lot of re-scheduling, so I think it is just a time conflict. Everything is ok, you must have confidence.

Praying for your sister. She is suffering a tremendous loss at such a young age. Travel safe.

Lee Anne and John said...

Lindsey, Mary Beth is an amazing woman and I am sure that seeing you brought comfort to her too! She is absolutely right...all we can do is fight for our kids and that is exactly what you are doing. I pray for your birth mother interview and am sure that it will go well.

As for Kali, I am just at a loss for words. I don't know her ofcourse except through your blog, but I am so saddened by her passing. I think of her often and pray every day for her family and your brave sister. I hope that she is able to find some peace this week at her memorial service. I am sure it will be absolutely beautiful!
Lee Anne

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

Sweet Lindsey,

I am so glad you had that time with
Marybeth, what an encouraging blessing for her to focus on Eliana
and to offer their help if needed.

We are praying for Leah, Kay, you and Chris and the Sparks family.

We Love You,
Mary Helen and John

Amanda said...

I am so glad that Mary Beth was able to speak to you even in her time of sorrow. When we are the weakest that seems to be the time that God uses us the most.
I love you guys and let me know what I can do for you, Leah and your mom through this time!!!!

Becca said...

Lindsey - you and your family have so much grieving and worrying and heaviness in your lives right now. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. There is nothing more that I can say, except that I am praying for you...

Peace and Hugs,

Mary Ann said...

Wow Lindsey! That is awesome that Mary Beth can still be so encouraging in this horrible time! She is one amazing women! She keep fighting for Elaina!! When things got the absolute worse with Lilee's case (which took us 17 months to bring her home) I or my DH would go to Guatmala and kick some butt! We almost handles Lilee's case ourselves. We did hire our own lawyer the 2nd time around and we did make many trip to finish everything up. I think if you eventually go to foster you can do more then you thinK!! You can personally go to PGN! You can personally so alot! So keep fighting girl! Thats what Jesus wants up to do!Fight for our children so they will not be orphans. I am soooooo sorry about Kali! Praying for Strength. OF course I pray for the Chapman family! If it were not for them , Lilee would have never came home!

Mary Ann

ideasmack said...

Wow. What a story!

I can't wait to meet you and Chris. Thanks for posting on the Guat. trip blog! Hopefully we'll get everyone talking more soon...if you have any ideas let Melissa or me know!

Reba said...

I have been thinking about you all through all of this. I will continue to pray for the Chapmans, for Kali's family, and for your adoption, especially the interview.

Kim & Dave said...

Such heaviness/sorrow of heart fot you & yours!!!

And, of course, heaviness/sorrow for the Chapman family!

How neat that she took that time with you, though!

I know you will continue to fight...& the news from Guatemala has been a bit more encouraging the last few days, PTL!!

I think it would be so cool if you could go & foster, too....if God wants you to. I know He'll provide the means!!!

Our Mission: said...

Just last night, after reading your blog, I had time with the Lord and this is the verse and quote I read. It was like the Lord was giving it to me to pass to you, sweet Leah, and about beautiful Maria. Here is what it said:

" You will come to the grave in full vigor, like sheaves gathered in season." Job 5:26.
" When the sun finally drops below the horizon in the early evening, evidence of its work remains for some time. The skies continue to glow for a full hour after its departure. In the same way, when a good or great person's life comes to its final sunset, the skies of their world are illuminated until long after he is out of view. Such a person does not die from this world, for when he departs he leaves much of himself behind- and being dead, he still speaks. Henry Ward Beecher."
We love you and are praying for Leah, Kalis family, and for you as you fight for your sweet daughter. Put on the full armor of Christ. We love you all.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey-I just wanted to thank you for your kind words on our blog. I appreciate you passing on your email address and have sent you an email. Reading your blog has been such an encouragement to me as we continue to seek God's direction in our journey. I have been praying for you and your husband your sweet little baby girl and will continue too. Also, I am praying for your sister during this time of loss.

Debbie said...

Wow what MaryBeth said to you was awesome and she is so right!! Whatever time you get with Eliana will be so worht all the fighting for her!!! I will be praying for your birthlady interview this week!! I will also be praying for your family this week with the funeral!! Especially your sister!

God be with your travels!!


Betsy said...

Wow Lindsey, God just sent you a strong message from one mother to another! I am so glad you were there to lend her comfort in this time of untold heartache, but I am slo glad God gave her the strength to keep your spirit renewed in the fight for your girl. As I sit here today holding Emily Belle, I KNOW, I just KNOW that God had his hand on this child as she made her way to our family through SO much termoil and more than 2 years of struggle in the process. It was hard and I almost quit...almost walked away stopped fighting for her... and now I cry as I see her here, and think how close I came to loosing my strength, my faith in God and HIS PERFECT PLAN for us. He has renewed my faith, through the face of this child. I am praying for your sweet little girl every morning. That last picture of her just cries out that she needs her parents and soon. I KNOW that God's hand is on her though. I hope that gives you peace. I am praying God brings her home to you very soon.
hugs, Betsy

The gFamily said...

That is incredible! Mary Beth was able to encourage you in the middle of her grief! That just speaks of the strength that God is giving her!! I know you guys will fight for Eliana!! You are amazing parents of a beautiful little guat tot!!

We are praying for you and Leah, as well as Kali's family! Sending you all hugs!! Again, I am so sorry!!

Praying for the birth lady interview to be over with this week! I pray that it goes smoothly!

Vanessa said...

You and your family as well as your sister, Kali's family and friends, and the Chapman's are in my prayers!! It's such a tragedy to lose someone so young. I'm also keeping you and all the other in process fmailies in my prayers!!
(Book drive for Guatemala school)

Terry said...


I have been in prayer many times each day for the Curtis family. My heart is broken for them. I've never met Mary Beth, but from all I've heard, she is truly an amazing woman and it's proven in her words of encouragement to you.

I'm also incredibly sorry about Kali and am praying for her family and your sister.

This has been a difficult couple of weeks for you. Praying that some good news comes your way soon.


Aileen said...

We will be praying for the Chapmans, for your sister, and for you and little Eliana.